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- What is the Human condition before the alleged manipulation of our DNA done by the Nephelim?

- If the human being posses an incredible ability before the DNA manipulation, why they let the Nephelim to manipulated our DNA?

-Do human being has done anything to prevent the manipulation?

-Do they fight the Nephelim using their incredible ability?

-What Happen then?

- Planet Nibiru which was known as the home world of the Nephelims and base on some video footages on YouTube, it is visible nowadays in our sky. Are they still existing on that planet?

- Will they come to us for the second time to do the manipulation proccess?
- Are we prepared???

Just Asking....


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About the diff races on earth, chinese,black white etc etc.
seems when they manipulated us they were not alone, i can not recal where
i read this but, they mixed us with diferent races from diferent galaxies.
I also think that those mythical beings in greek mythology might of been real because of early manipulations that went wrong, like half man/horse etc etc.
I believe the "old" consciousness is not real, and is being induced by the NET "Nibiru Electrostatic Transduction field" But this quantum frequency is being over ridden by core truth now coming through in the abundance of living light energy via the opening stargates.

We are talking about ET-developed vast global networks that connect with the "NET" by utilizing crystalline 'microchip' scalar technologies. They are referred to as PIN systems---Pylon Implant Networks. There is the APIN (Atlantis Pylon Implant Network) and the LPIN (Lemuria Pylon Implant Network).

Lots of information on the old conscious Transduction field, can be found at

I really like what you said on your last paragraph, and take that a core truth! Thank you.
Hi Ann

followed the link you posted. My "head" started to spin and things were going "Creak" and it all sounded familiar and then I skipped to the bottom to trace the source.

It appears like Ashyana Deanne. I read her "Voyagers 2" which is an incredibly complex pot of word soup with a few hunks of Truth shining thru--just enough to keep me interested until the end but I certainly wouldn't recommend the book to anyone.

What you wrote "obviously there is a battle with consciousness with old and new" I heartily agree with.

It's like a stuggle between those who wish us to awaken using our own free wills and power of choice and those who wish to control us, for our own good, of course (#*!+*%!!!)

It's going on on a vibratory level and what we experience on 3D is an edited time delay rerun.

Here is a quote from Eric Hoffer:
"in time of change the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists"

So keep learning and if it feels right it probably is.

I dunno about Revelations--to me it's more like Exodus time without Moses. This time we gotta do it ourselves,

Love, B
Yeah and pretty soon we'll be back struggling with the King James version of the Old Testament which is a translation of a translation of an opinion but with a few bits of Truth.

Love, B
hello there my fellow beings!!!

i've been away for three days and i do not have time to open my page.
i was suprised on your comments and indeed most of them are beyond my comprehension.
but i do appreciated all of the informations that you've shared on my discussion.
Very interesting and a mind twisting one!! very amazing!
so what can say about this? i remembered that this question of mine about the alleged manipulation was came up and based on the articles that i've red from our ac members but i just cant recall the particular book or links. but i do have a have a printed copy of it.
thank you all for sharing your knowledeged....
Welcome to the club.

Love, B
"Its not an old Indian saying, I got it on the Internet"

The moral story about the bull the crow and the hunter, feels all wrong...

The bull went into it with the best intentions of helping the crow. The bulls feces were nourishing for the crow.

Where was the real "bull" in the s***? The only bull s*** was symbolically in the hunter, but all the attention to the b******* in the hunter, that should have been directed towards the hunter, was directed towards the crow for the nourishment he used to get to the top.

If the crow died fell on the hunter and killed him, that might work because the moral could be "Dont kill that what looks to be b*******, because you might be shooting at uhh something on the top" :-)

Great video though.
Ermit, I just came accross your blog, funny enough after just listening to a interview with Jelaila Star whom I've been receiving her info for a couple of years > here is her site

I am sharing the interview link so you can listen and maybe work out some of your question..I am unbiased to ALL information that comes my way as choose to stay out of judgement, but allow myself to be well informed from Many avenues of information..> Always remember to be discerning to YOUR Highest Truth..

Many Blessings Upon Your Heart
hiya! i think we had a more intricate body system with a much higher vibration than today
this fits with me, it just makes sense ya know...
thats all i know!! good luck finding the answers you seek.
love n light baby YEAH!!XX



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