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Just a comment and a suggestion, seeing what you all think.

I have noticed a lot lately there have been a lot of political stuff, intel stuff, conspiracies and stuff of the mundane and dualistic world we live in posted in Spirituality in General.  It is my suggestion that it might be nice to have a category called "Politics around the World, Published Questionable Postings from Questionable Sources, and Just Plain Bullcrap, Down and Dirty".  It seems that a lot of stuff about world leaders and presidents and leaders and Pope's misdoings etc. and there is a lot of scuttlebutt and back and forth between strongly opinioned members with political views etc.  It does not seem very spiritual at all...That is why I am thinking if we had a category where members could go at each other's throats and all posts that cause division and strife be contained in a particular category, that would be helpful for all those who do not want to listen to the name callling and character besmirching and assignation of each other and all the hate and discontent rhetoric.  We could all just skip that category if we do not feel like hearing it or reading it. Just a suggestion.....I am not being sarcastic I just thought that it would not interfere with people's right to post anything that they want, it would just contain the hatefulness factor to one place in particular and  not have it in the Spirituality in General, which I feel should be containing spiritual stuff and not inhouse free for alls and mudslinging.

What do you think members? Ben?  Comment anyone?

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I think the best fix for this would be to just bookmark the categories you frequent and just go straight there. Then you can just bypass the stuff you're not interested in without notice.

Actually I am interested in pretty much all the topics but the point of this post is that I wish people would not battle and s*** on each other and there are certain topics that seem to precipitate that behavior, and wish that the posts that incite heated arguments would be located together by topic instead of lumped into Spirituality...But when all is said and done guess it does not really matter what I think, I was just voicing frustration at all the inhouse fighting and crapping on each other that everyone was doing...But it seems that everyone thinks that that is ok, so I kind of quit worrying...was just making a suggestion.

Marique you are great ... ;) lots of people care what you think, its just this is 'no win win situation' ... maybe one day when we're finally get tired of this kind of 'behavior' - everyone will have a 'civilized conversation' - too many people with too many points of view ... ;)) - it's like talking about the weather, we can talk about as much as we want (good or bad) but it won't change a thing ... ;) the weather will take its time as much as it's needed ...  so we would have to adjust to it, not the other way around ... ;))

Thank you Ara, I agree, and accept that that is how it is for now, but hope sometime in the future that people can at least treat other's a little better.

Feather, they do not post in the conspiracy category because they believe all of them to be true. LOL

NOT TRUE. A conspiracy is defined as an individual or group opinion with a lack of facts to base such an opinion. When verifiable facts are presented, especially by non-mainstream media sources (and such facts affect the political or religious beliefs of people whose only news source is from the mainstream media), the term "conspiracy" is null and void due to the presence of such presented verifiable facts (but it sure is a great way to sway others to have belief in one's mainstream media "facts" if one tries to convince others that the "conspiracy theorist" is full of caca or in need of psychiatric counseling).

Conspiracy Definition
n. noun
  1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.

  2. A group of conspirators.

  3. An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action.

Michele Obama is a man

Obama had the children of the Sandy Hook shooting murdered so he can take away your guns

The Sandy Hook shootings never happened, Obama staged it

Obama staged the Aurora shootings

Malcolm X is Obama's father

Obama's mother is not his real mother

Obama teleported to Mars

Obama is Satanist President

Hugo Chavez was the mastermind behind Obama getting elected

Obama had Breibart murdered

Obama is the antichrist

Obama and re-education camps

Bin Laden is not dead

Obama's selective service registration is fake

Obama has 39 social security numbers

I could go on and on but everyone of these "facts" can be proven false and easily disputed. Now you can claim to have plenty of facts for these conspiracies but most of the so-called facts have been distorted or are out and out lies so it just goes round and round.

Non-mainstream media is absolutely no different or better than the mainstream media except the non hurts a lot of people unnecessarily and is intentionally divisive.

I have a friend who made a bet with some Rush Limpaugh listeners [who believed every word he said] that he could prove what he says is nothing more than made up mumbo jumbo. He won the bet. I'm not sure but I'd be willing to bet he could do the same thing with Alex Jones.

As Feather said conspiracy theories are nothing more than divisive actions used to destroy. Now if you want to associate yourself with that it's strictly up to's part of the 3D fear porn that most self respecting people want nothing to do with.

What and where is your source?

Conspiracy Theory

(also known as: canceling hypothesis, cover-ups)

Description: Explaining that your claim cannot be proven or verified because the truth is being hidden and/or evidence destroyed by a group of two or more people. When that reason is challenged as not being true or accurate, the challenge is often presented as just another attempt to cover up the truth, and presented as further evidence that the original claim is true.

Logical Form:

A is true.

B is why the truth cannot be proven.

Therefore, A is true.

Example #1:

Noah’s ark has been found by the Russian government a long time ago, but because of their hate for religion, they have been covering it up ever since.

Example #2:

Geologists and scientists all over the world are discovering strong evidence for a 6000 year-old earth, yet because of the threat of ruining their reputation, they are suppressing the evidence and keeping quiet.

Explanation: The psychology behind conspiracy theories is quite complex and involves many different cognitive biases and fallacies discussed in this book. In general, people tend to overlook the incredible improbabilities involved in a large-scale conspiracy, as well as the potential risks for all involved in the alleged cover up. In the above examples, those who stick with a literal interpretation of the Bible often experience cognitive dissonance, or the mental struggle involved when one’s beliefs contradict factual claims. This cognitive dissidence causes people to create conspiracy theories, like the ones above, to change facts to match their beliefs, rather than changing their beliefs to match facts.

Exception: Sometimes, there really are conspiracies and cover ups. The more evidence one can present for a cover-up, the better, but we must remember that possibility does not equal probability.

Tip: Take time to question any conspiracy theories in which you believe are true. Do the research with an open mind.

Gosh I love Eckhart, he really gets his message across well and always makes so much sense to me and gets to the core.  Thanks for sharing this, this is a perfect discussion for his wisdom.

You titles are a little long. How about just naming 2 new subforums "Mad Politics" and "Mad Science"? :)

Haha, AO. Mad Politics and Mad Science are good.  I agree mine are a bit wordy...But then again I AM the end of the day I am realizing that rotten treatment and dumping on others in a hostile way and name calling is pretty much acceptable here and I know I cannot change it any more than I can change the weather.  Such is life and I am just going to turn a blind eye to it, was just trying to point maybe there were nicer ways of dealing with people...Glad I started the discussion anyway, it has been interesting hearing what everyone thinks.



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