Hey all,


I am in contact with a being who says her name is Mira, a High Councilwoman of the Pleiades. If you have not read my introductory post, I have met her when during my astral trip to the Pleiades. When I speak with her, she mainly speaks in an inspirational way, reminding humanity that everything is going to be okay, and that the Golden Age approaches. I have channeled many beings, channelings that I have not written down or recorded, so I have forgotten them. My brother, whom I usually channel for, is having trouble giving up his purely left-brain oriented life, even though he is really trying.


I communicate mainly using telepathy, other times I astral project myself and we speak that way, but sometimes it feels like a dream and it just floats out of my head. I really need to write this stuff down. Haha :P


I have recently been compelled to write a book containing everything I have learned, via reading various energy libraries (such as Ra-Ta's Hall of Records, and the Pleiadian Library) and from communicating with higher beings...


What do you guys think?


Love and Light,


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  • Awsome! I would really start to learn deeper language, expressions, Alphabets...


    Instinctually, I have the ability to create words and feel like I have many Languages in my throat but not would need to be decorticated between all the Earth's and Space ones! That would be well appreciated!!!


    I send you Peace Love Light and Prosperity


    In Lak'ech Ala K'in

  • those energies in 4D that vibrate at lower frequencie flee when I turn to them with love n light...fear cages...love is frees us to soar n create beauty in the astral 4D...
  • The astral plane is not free of dark energy. The lower astral plane is inhabited by negative entities and if you emit a negative vibration, do not be surprised if you attract them and that you can't go to the higher positive astral plane. Try to emit positive energy so that you can bypass the lower astral plane and not meet the negative entities there.
  • I am able to astrally travel, and I have had a few remarkable encounters that were so vivid I’ll never forget, mostly all are positive, and the most intense one i always remember was bad.  And I thought my frequency was quite high, I would wake up humming or vibrating, and never had a bad encounter, until..... One day I had a conversation, with a friend about negative energies, and how she was afraid for me to encounter negative energies, and she said one line that I have never forgotten...


    “not believe in the devil or negative energies, doesn’t mean the devil or negative energies don’t exists.”


    Now, i do believe that my actions are my own choice, and i take responsibility for them, and I was thinking that if I don’t believe any negative energies influence me, they don’t have a place, space, or time, in my brain or my ‘higher self’.  I do believe that thinking negatively will attract you more negative energies on astral plane, or if you are stressed out from waking reality life and go there at night, your ‘state” might be unsafe.


    BUT, aside from all this, I have been attacked once. Only once, And I won, with all the ‘choosing to be ''of light and love!''


    @John Jancar  and @Reiz

    But it still doesn’t mean occasionally you may run into something that you might want to avoid. So you both are right, and no one should be attacking each other.


    In my mind, the stronger you are in “choosing to be ''of light and love”, this may make you a target, that negative energies may want to take out. Just snuff you out like a candle so they can progress in their negativity and there won’t be as many loving and lighting beings around to combat them.


    I had an actual fight, where some light bodied being with a goats head tried to burn me in my chest, and I was fighting back, only mentally, i couldn’t move or do anything while he was ‘singing me”.


    I said the words “I can only be used for light” - (where the hell I learned this ill never know, as at this point I didn’t know I was travelling or anything about it whatsoever, and I knew nothing about positive energy, love and light being something to strive for)...


    and the evil being said to me ‘just because you think your great and cocky in your plane travels, doesn’t mean I don’t exist, you just cant see me on the lower plane, because you don’t visit there, but I am also cocky, and that’s how I was banished into the lower plane, so don’t be cocky to me, with your “I'm going to win with love” because I'm the king of cockiness and ego, and even though I may not win our fight, I'm still available to challenge you once in awhile and I have some ways to enter the higher plane, loopholes my dear”


    and it was over!

    • I always knew there was darker beings, but there is no Satan...


      You always win with love and light, kill with kindness as they say :P I have never encountered any dark beings, probably because I am always in the highest frequency astral planes... But, Xδςђiquεtzαl, as you said, that being had loopholes.... My rule of thumb, don't trust any random being unless you know their intentions and heart are pure, like Mira...

    • I think you should explain this experience to Reiz, and Rae, and the others in that clique, they need to hear it lol The love and light always wins! Very neat experience, thank you for sharing this!
      • I didnt read (in this thread that is) that he was saying love and light dont win, he was just saying there are all kinds of beings i thought, and letting everyone know before they go in, if you arent prepared, you might encounter many random things>>i think he was just warning that its out there.....





  • Keep up the good work Chris as it resonates well with me. I also have a Spirit Guide called Myra

    whom I was informed was from Andromeda back in 1993 and so I have always loved the name.

    Could be the same lady in a multi dimensional persona. Light Love Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

  • how do you do astral trip and what preparations did you make?  (any protection chants?)
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