The Council of Great Holiness Ante Creation informs: 

Permanently wipe out the leadership system of Cabal from above; authorize autonomy to mankind and change the role of Freemasons Society.

Recently, Buddha King (Maitreya/Messiah God) has destroyed all politics of the planets and the stars joining in leading Dark Cabal in Milky Galaxy including the stars Sirius B, Pleiades, Sirius A, Zeta, Draco, and the groups which follow Lucifer (Satan) - simultaneously regulated all Ashtar groups.  All of these stars were under the commander of  Sirian. The Ashtar groups initially were under the commander of Galactic Council but then they have become arrogant and separately competed for the dominion and occupied some areas of the world. However, their actions were prevented; other groups under Cabal like Annunaki have also been destroyed. We ask you to leave Ashtar – Be careful of him.

Under the leadership of Maitreya, the Light Stars along with Galactic Federation have attacked and destroyed the dark stars changing the leadership & the government of them, bringing new personnel to replace, and simultaneously destroyed many their flying saucers, weapons, military bases hidden on Earth or under the sea - particularly in the Bermuda Triangle, the center of Cabal power on Earth under the commander of Satan Lucifer.

Previously, God empowered Cabal the leadership of the Earth in hundreds of years in order to transform humanity. However, within a few decades, they have been discouraged and joined the group of Lucifer and then Lucifer assumed leadership of Cabal, eradicated the communist countries and founded Satanism which maintained filthy informal ceremonies with his accomplices - the leaders of the capitalist countries; they secretly involved filthy sexual rites of Satan at the center of Bermuda where has a tunnel to a place near White House; members of Freemasons Society regularly come here to have meetings , to do group sexual activities and implement strategies to lead the world.

They have gone astray of Galactic Council’s commander of causing wars on the Galaxies and on Earth.

Under the commander of the Galactic Council, the Group of advanced planets has sustained impact on Earth due to the requirement of saving this planet because it was led astray by dark entities/ stars causing the situation of fierce competition for influence on Earth and political turmoil in the world. Humans need to know Freemason Society is under the commander of Cabal; the governments participating in it includes the US, Russia, China, Australia, France, Germany ... all are under the leadership of Freemasons Society, a society led by Cabal from above through their base system on Earth and the source power of weapon, UFOs, etc.

If the leaders of governments do not follow them, they will kill and replace by clones; they can do that to all government officials from the president to ministers, etc.  This is a high technology of the Universe from above, which will then be known by humans.

Cabal did not follow the way given by God. At the same time, they were against Portal Shift  in 2012, but all of them failed because Galaxy Council, Divine Spirits fought to bring the Earth to 5D - a new energy density in late 2012.

Many fierce battles took place in the spiritual realms and on the stars to protect the Earth and to prevent World War III led by the US and Russia.

Currently, all the dark stars from above have lost leadership of Cabal and simultaneously, Maitreya has delegated the leadership of the world to Global Great Holiness Society. The Council of Great Holiness Ante Creation with the help of Buddha King has dominated all areas of time and space of the Earth and then assigned to Mother Earth Council to lead. Simultaneously, areas of countries are now under the management of Local Saints and Divine Spirits who are also members of Mother Earth Council according to Global Great Holiness Society’s Laws.

Great Holiness Society also informs Freemason Society and relevant governments that: 'You have to be completely independent in the political and economic policy; prohibit following the old ones. You must be proactive and must not have any contact with the spiritual forces related to the old Cabal. Global Great Holiness Society will protect you in invisible world; you should not fear of such stars anymore. The leaders of all countries which have policies that go against future Great Unity and the Laws of Great Holiness Society will be replaced. We also warn you about a fierce screening if there happens a nuclear war. Maitreya may wipe out the country which causes war.’

Gradually, the governments will be under the leadership of Global Great Holiness Society in the next long-term future of mankind. All entities against including countries will also be punished and regulated thoroughly.

Currently, Galactic Council and Mother Earth Council will contact directly to the governments and eliminate governing mechanisms of Freemasons Society. Therefore, we would like to warn Freemasons Society to respect the decision, the independence and sovereignty of the countries, especially the Communists.

Mother Earth Council will empower local Divine Spirits to directly govern the countries and contact leaders of the countries whose divine eyes may be activated so as to communicate; those who are against shall be destroyed.

About the world’s politics, Messiah God temporarily allows current political and economic regime to be stable in about next 50 years. Then it must go to Great Unity according to Great Unity Doctrine of Global Great Holiness Society. If the situation has not been changed at that moment, there will have been a fierce screening to transform the humanity.

Recently, Great Holiness Society has required Mother Earth Council to assign Freemason Society itself to resolve problem of IS from the root, and then the issue of Palestinian sovereignty and transformation of the dark political force in Africa.

 The East Sea (South China Sea) issue must be terminated; otherwise souls of Chinese officials will be replaced. Catholic Church and all the governments are not allowed interfering the politics of Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, China, Russia and Venezuela; although some of these countries are led by Freemasons Society, we notify them to stay away from the old Freemason Society and should be completely independent in politics. They should also ensure the security and peace in the world; after that, we will delegate the following missions.

Gradually, Global Great Holiness Society will publicly lead mankind to progress. All the forces which try to maintain the dark perversion towards humanity will be destroyed in the future.

Please translate this announcement into different languages and share to inform the world.


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  • Sorry for that. Yesterday I faced a massive frequency wave, probably from a family member. Frequency manipulators, most of them.

    This led me to further investigate my family archives, and do some rational thinking regarding my grandfather's belongings.

    Involvement with corrupted cells, both legal and politic. Although, I doubt most of their acquaintances knew anything about this partnership's implications.

    Later I discovered some registries, animal trade, with no specified purpose. They were shielding themselves with animal life, unwilling animal sacrifices. Cleaning themselves with innocent life.

    Which is why my grandfather was holding, up to one hundred birds. All of them suffered from degenerative death.

    Also, I found out the intrusion of religious dogmas, making people within my family give away their energy and will voluntarily. Since my roots are native american.

    They didn't have something into account, though. Anyway.

    Most of them were actually killing people subtlety, by frequency manipulation. This explains all the degenerated animal corpses. All human victims suddenly developed cancer, despite having no previous clinical history, real estate changed hands.

    The blood lines go back to the times of colonization, by which I mean the period in which part of my native roots were... stolen. When wisdom met manipulation, by manipulation I mean my european lineage.

    Found a picture, stored with an old revolver, showing my mother's grand, grand, grand... father and her love, a native american woman.

    My european roots, noble heritage from spain and france, do link with the jesuitic movements, which were commonly known for spreading their "truth" by subtle force.
    Rewriting the star heritage from my native amarican family. Knowledge from the ancient civilizations was replaced with ignorance.

    All is related, all of them have relationships with this movement from Rome. Yes, christian religión, the age of the martyr, thereby spreading self-shame, manipulation and disempowerment. Since then, all women within this family started developing cancer at middle age, due to dogmatic conditioning involving their restrained sexual energy.

    Strange coincidence, really.

    Everything is making sense now. I'm starting to undesrtand why I was born within this corrupted family, and the reason why they can't shield themselves anymore. No reason to be afraid of looking a child into the eyes.

    All the coven within this family, afraid of the kid.

    Massive celular decay. The forensic team results, regarding my grandfather's autopsy, were speechless. Same symptoms as the animals. Decaying tissue, massive tumorous clusters. And internal lacerations, which I assume is just skin folding damage, due to null cellular regeneration. Something they disregarded.

    Now, I believe what's happening at a global level. God has been deceived to give divinity away. By god I mean all life, people. This corruption...

    I can't quite prove my origin, yet. But the explanation might involve those triangular ships, coming by. And even her intervention, my otherworldly queen X) which I call Sister. Personal, up close.

    And to some degree, the old man with dead eyes, on the streets.

    Time of revelation. Human life, deprived from their divine heritage.

    This is just, so unbelievably stupid. At least, I can prove I'm not deluding myself out of a misserable life now.

    Still, I would like my life back, Lord. Oh, wait, it's me.

    The beast is raging inside the cage of ignorance. Well, this is getting interesting all of the sudden.

  • Delirious, as most awakening related information.

    Kind of like when I say "I'm an indigo children and my conscience shifts back and forth" Even though deep down I know I'm just an immature adult, which suffers from bipolar syndrome and its related chemical disorder, meaning mood swings. Regarding past traumatic experiences and dysfunctional parenting.

    Or even a Starseed, which is just another glorified term for "alienated people" Yeah, margination. Weird that most healthy people I know, knows absolutely nothing about it, yet they enjoy life with no mental health issue.

    Sure, they need "help" and I'm "special" Self-delusion for misery I suppose. Sad.

    Probably another self-appeasement campaign for broken people. Who knows, though, they've been taught to do it themselves nowadays.

    Time is running out, my angels and guides X)

  • Not a very high frequency on this.  I would say it is astral..dark/light, good/bad, we will do it all for you....kind of info and not correct..

This reply was deleted.

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