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Hello all. I have been on a great learning curve. Everything that I have been through has helped me evolve 10 fold. I had to go through the new age spirituality religion to move on with my evolution. Holy s*** this has been a crazy ride. Our journey home. Where is home? How do we get there? Are we home? Are we infinite? Through out my years of truth seeking I have always been able to keep an open mind. As the saying goes your mind only works when its open. This is going to sound very offensive to many of you but truth is truth and must be spoken. We live by example. First off I want to say that I am sorry. I am sorry for falsely leading many of you further into the pit of dark energies. False gods, deities. After years of research into truth I never stopped looking for answers. Even when I though that I was 100% correct in my religious aspects I still kept on searching. I was quite shocked when I learned that people such as AA Michael, Saint Germain, Azna, kali etc are dark energies. Why is it that we give power to these so called ascended masters? We have no need to do this at all!! These deities feed off your loving energy. HELLO. The dark agenda has been in place for a very very very long time. Is it so hard to imagine that these entities planned the new age enlightenment agenda to go along with this time period of ascension. Ascension is real too. Is it so hard to believe that this new age enlightenment system is a system that feeds the negative energies that feed off of your love that you give to them all while your just trying to help humanity and yourselves? Why is it that we need to open our so called 3rd eye and chakras to ascend into a higher demension. Going through mind enlightenment will only get you through the great arena. You are an organic soul. All the answers you need are heart based. Not your heart chakra either...Delete that program that you have downloaded through false beliefs. The only thing that you need is you. Live through your heart, be YOU, be the organic soul cosmic you. It is so easy and we make truth so confusing. Reading the answers to the BIG question that all of us search for on the daily is quite mind boggling. Again I want to say that I am very sorry for misleading people into believing false gods. Ascended masters are of the dark forces. When you figure out our dream state, paradigm, galaxy, universe, cosmic universe, GOD and learn the BIG picture, not the GFL picture or just our galaxy picture. The picture is soo much bigger than what we on a mass believe it to be or should I say told to believe by many false gods. We are very special organic souls. Keep doing your research people!!! I am going to lose many many friends because of this post and I am ok with that. TRUTH OMG TRUTH the thing that I have been looking for for what feels like forever. Happy evolutions everyone.....The picture just gets bigger and bigger and QUESTION EVERYTHING...for real....Much Love everyone and keep your heads up...KEEP SEARCHING AND NEVER GIVE UP........We are far greater than this new age program that we have been lead to believe will free us from fear and ego...etc....Maybe this will be a bit of a shock and you will turn your shoulder and tell me that I am wrong/incorrect but that is ok. You are being guided every day by your higher self. You will come across the truth when your soul is truly ready. I am happy I met all of you!!! Feel free to delete me if you want, I will not be affected. Be you, Your Organic soul that needs NOTHING ELSE for your evolution. Question question question, I cant say that enough. Dont be fooled any longer....Much Love....

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haha Contract 2013 ROFL Time to change that :)

Copydat!   LOL

Well we never would heard of ascension, or ascended masters, if it wasn't for people like Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, different new age channelings and books....channeling that info from higher dimensions. We didn't just dream up the idea of ascension, it was given to us. Higher dimensional beings, channeled that info through people, and channeled alot of higher wisdom and knowledge....because I guess they felt, at that time, we were ready to take that next step.

I mean, really...I don't think any world achieves ascension, on their own. No world just does it by themselves, they always have help from someone. They always have some higher beings, who when the time is right, contact them and give out information. How else would it work. I mean that's their very purpose, these good higher dimensional beings, and angels, and all that....their job is to help lower worlds evolve. And clearly, over the last 2 centuries...we were ready for that next step, and they did their thing....clearly there was a plan to help us.

But what you guys are saying, is it has been dark beings, who apparently routed the light beings, and took over the ascension process, to enslave our souls. Well first of all, how would they do that exactly would they capture our souls, using this method. And second of you really believe that would even happen. That the dark forces could route the light beings, angelic beings...God himself...and take over this and enslave us, and they can't do anything about it. You honestly think that.

I think the dark forces have tricked souls into giving their light over to the dark agenda.  It has been planned this way for a long time.  They have this period planned quite well.  Even the elites of earth are being dupped in my opinion.  It is simple how they would go about this.  For example... I am ascended master qui gone and all you need is love and light.  Dark energies come in light form also.  All we are is love and light.  Now once you meditate and work on your chakras and 3rd eye etc you will raise your frequencies enough to graduate into 5d.  Wont it be nice when we are all 5d so we can keep on doing these meditations and chants etc.  The entire time you are working on these areas you are praying and asking and praising these deities.  They feed of your love that you are giving off, yo ass has just been hijacked into 5d.  Why cant I go into 12 D?  I f***** can, thats whats up, I have an organic soul.  I can do anything.   Hope that made sense b/c it does to me.  If not then 


Okay, so you think they lied to Blavatsky lol They lied to Bailey, every channeling that said anything about ascension, ever...has been a lie. A con fool us, into worshiping them, and giving our love to them....because that apparently empowers them. So they decided to use the idea of a way to do that.

Sorry I don't buy that for a minute, it's a dumb plan anyways, you'd think the dark forces would try anything to keep people away from the light, or oneness, or their own power....and keep people in fear, and in the dark, ignorant, divided. You'd think they'd do anything to stifle peoples spiritual growth...and get them away from the ascension process....not give us the very thing that could thwart their plans, as part of a trick...and just hope we don't figure out how to use it properly.

I think you guys actually are falling into the dark trap, they have you turning your back on it...and turning your back on the very beings trying to help you. The ascended masters, archangels, the GF....all of them. I don't see any of them either, telling us to worship them...or make them fact they say the opposite. They say don't do that, we are just helping you...but you are responsible for your own growth, you have the power, step into your power and become your own masters. I mean That's what they say.

But I can see why the dark would be afraid of that...and afraid of people going through this they'd try anything to have you turn your back on it....oh it's actually those guys who are the dark ones, don't listen to them....don't listen to any new age things at all...they're here to enslave you...they're trying to trick you with love and light...and people go, oh my god, oh oh what do I think...and it confuses people, some people even end up turning their back on the very idea of ascension, and love and light...and all the beings trying to help us evolve.

I believe ascension is real....the light is coming.  How can these dark entities work with ascension and still feed off us.  What is it that is holding us back from leaving this paradigm??  Why is it that we cant leave yet?  Questions, questions, questions I really dont even feel like talking about this anymore b/c what resonates with me doesnt with you and I am ok with that.  If I were you though, check out the video that John added to this thread.  If that doesnt resonate with you...keep truckin is all you can do friend....The answers will arise..I am not saying I know all the answers but am learning 

Okay, so you think that the process just was dark beings...well I don't believe that. How would they do that anyways....did they beat them in a battle lol I mean how did they route the light beings, all of them..including the archangels..out of the picture. Or are they still there, they're just letting the process be hijacked. Everything they did with Blavatsky and Bailey and others, throughout try and get ascension knowledge out there, to help ascend this planet....they're just gonna let it be hijacked.

I think what's really happening is...they're allowing some dark people, to pose as as ascended masters, to give people false people can practice their discernment...and hopefully people can be smart enough to see the wheat and the chaff. Some people might fall for it, but the majority aren't...I think the majority can see through it, and understand that there are ascended masters, they're trying to help us...the GF are here to help us...and not every channeling that claims to come from them really is them.

 All possible realities exist at the same time, in different dimensions, each with its own timeline...Anddd the rabbit h*** gets deeper....Puts a bit of a twist on everything really.  Much luck on your truth seeking journey my friend.  

Not gonna argue with you here John, because I know it is futile, have done so before and ended up spinning like a top lol......seems in your mind you know all the answers and any one else's are wrong, lol.  So I am just going to ask a few questions which you hopefully will be polite enough to answer...

First question is this: what makes anything that Madame Blavasky says gospel truth and that her character and moral fiber and her motivations for her sharings with the world to be totally noble, totally unquestionable and her motives pure as the driven snow, and a reason why I should invest my spiritual development in whatever she has written and shared with humanity????


Second question is what is the compelling and totally verifiable infallable indication that Alice Bailey was pure and honest and blameless and totally noble person with unquestionable moral character and what is the reason that SHE should be trusted as the moral and upright and totally believable person to shape our spiritual beliefs and put faith in whatever she has shared and how do we know everything she has said is the truth with a totally altruistic motive?


Question 3 is about "ascended masters".  How would one even KNOW about "ascended masters" even existing if it were not read about from written sharings from people who have written about them?  I mean I am safe to say that if an entity walked up to me and said "hi, I am St. Germain, and I am ascended and above you in development and should be revered and looked up to and believed... and I am going to give you a bunch of money from a fund", how would I even believe that is so if I had not read about  it and him before in some "new age" writings?  And what is the truth and proof of his existence other than from writings and channelings and people saying so???? And what is the verification that the written words telling about him are the gospel and unquestionable truth, just as a for instance.  And what is the verifiable proof that there are lots of wonderful aliens out there dedicated to helping us take care of the messes we have created here on earth other than from things that have been written by mankind itself, and since when is everything that a human says or claims necessarily the TRUTH?


Question 4: how does anyone on earth know verifiably where channeled information comes from???? Only from what they have read from others who have written about such entities is my suspicion.  And how does one know that AA Michael of ANY "higher" creatures even exist if it were not from information that a HUMAN has shared at some point in humanity, and what is the verifiabe proof that those that spoke of Archangels, Jesus in spaceships in an office in heaven and such even exist.  Is it not true that people have lied since the beginning of time and there is just no proof at all of channeled entities other than from the lips and sharings of humans???? 


Question 5 is about chakras and third eyes and such beliefs.....How would people know about chakras and having a third eye, and even about ascention if it was not something they read or heard about from other humans?  It seems that every belief system when you get down to it is something that is gleaned from things that people have read or heard from somebody else, whether it be a channeler, an ancient writing, a verbal story passed down through the generations.  Just because someone reads or hears something does not make it truth does it? Does not make it pure and true.  So isn't entirely possible that the founders and beginners of the "new age" thought systems may NOT have had good intentions, may not have been right, and should not be given the stamp of immutable truth?  So if someone feels in their intuition and inner guidance that a deception is going on, who is to say that person is wrong?


I look eagerly forward to your comprehensive answers...It will be interesting to me to hear what you have to say, and what proof you offer for why you are right and Contract2012, myself and anyone else who resonates with what he has shared are verifiably wrong.  And remember I want factual verifiable answers on not merely your opinion..I think that facts speak louder when they are verifiable don't you? Last question for now, lol... 



Okay. Well first of do you know they aren't lol That's number one. Number's not about taking them, as people...and believing's about the information, and if you believe in the information, and it resonates with you...and you feel that, well you know, I feel this is true...well you do. Some don't, well they don't, nobody's forcing them to believe. Nobody forces you to be here, on this site, or in this area at all. You choose to be choose to engage with new age things.....and I don't know why really, if you don't believe in it...why are you even here...just to tell people they're wrong for believing in it..?

And you know as well as I do, for the most part, this stuff lends itself to belief, more than actual factual experience, for most people. I mean how can we know what's going on in the universe. Naturally most of it lends itself to a belief system.

Even though, I talk to people, who've met ascended masters, and talk with archangels or galactic beings, just the other day, I actually was on Skype...with someone, name withheld...doing an angelic reading, she channels angels and all of that....and I actually saw this light in the room, it was moving around...there was this light being in the room with her lol So...clearly there's something to it....and I think clearly there is, you just have to use your brain...and the experiences of other people shouldn't just be discounted. Some people really do meet these guys....some people really do have experiences with this.

I see John, you are unable to answer any of my valid questions proving that the new age beliefs are valid and should be embraced and accepted as truth.  You have provided me with YOUR feelings and intuitions, which is nice but have not answered ANY of my damn good and valid questions, just as I suspected you would not.  I DO have to agree with you that the experiences of others should not be discounted, even when it is MY intuitions we are talking about, lol....And yes it is true that I have a choice to be here, but have no obligation in the process of finding my spirituality by being a long time member here (far longer than you and many of the members here for that matter) no obligation that I have believe in ascended masters, benevolent helper aliens, channelings of ascended masters of all descriptions and all the things that many have chosen to give their belief to such as Nesara, Ashtar, the Agarthans or any other tribe of alleged beings, light chambers, ascention and the whole guumba....I have every right to be here to pursue my spirituality, and that is exactly why I am here (read the guidelines and mission of the site and will see I am welcome here)...I enjoy sharing love and caring for the members here and listening to all the wisdoms that people share here and I am polite and supportive and do not name call as many do.  But that does not mean that I have to feel exactly the same way as anyone else inlcuding you, and it does not make my sharing any less valid just because I do not parrot everything that everyone else believes or believe all the New Age claptrap. 

Oh yes and the reason that you believe about ascended masters is because someone TOLD you about their meeting with them and you believe in the channeler of angels because she TELLS you about it and you see a light in the room.  And this makes it real???? That is my whole point...It is all taken on faith that the people talking about these things are telling the truth, and that is where it gets kind of iffy....Just as when one sees a light in the sky does not mean it is a benevolent angel alien up there watching over us, lol....Could be man made, could be a gray ship looking for more innocent patsies like me to abduct to make a lab rat of, could be anything misidentified, could be anything at all...You tell me I have to use my brain....well maybe I AM...and I do agree that this "stuff" does lend itself to belief, because people want things to be interesting....Why rely on verifiable facts in life when we can attach ourselves to a wonderfgul fantasy that someone has convinced us is the truth, what would be the fun in that?  Well I had fun asking questions for you to not make any attempt to has been fun. 

Well what you do want as proof, you want me to show you a picture I have of meetings with St. Germain lol Well I never met St. Germain. Just because I haven't met him yet, doesn't mean I can't make the reasonable conclusion that, yes, St. Germain is a real person. I haven't met Attilla the Hun either, but you can make a reasonable decision that, yes, Attila the Hun was a real person.

And if you want proof of benevolent ETs being here, just look it up....there's whistleblowers, and government documents, outlining the different ET races that are here, or have contacted us...and the vast majority of them, are benevolent. There's a few bad ones, and our governments chose to let them in, and work with them...and keep the good ones out

Just because you had a negative experience with Grays, doesn't really mean much, in the big scheme of things....alot of people have negative experiences with them, alot of people though...on the other hand...have real positive uplifting experiences with benevolent ETs, and angels, and light beings, and things like that....and what you're doing, is discounting their experiences, and saying, well my experience is more valid than yours....just because you don't see the bigger picture of things.

Again, it's mainstream Ufology...nevermind new age things, it's just mainstream information in the mainstream UFO community....that there are benevolent races around here, they've contacted us, they've had meetings with individuals...I mean did you see the story of the Russian governor and former head of the World Chess Organization, Kirsan Illyumzhinov, saying he was taken onboard a UFO, and flown around, by benevolent ETs. There's all kinds of stories like that, clearly you haven't done much research on it. Anyone who says there's no benevolent ETs engaging with us, just doesn't know.

You guys just have a skepticism, based on ignorance. There's more than enough proof, really, for anyone who digs into it. And uses some common sense, if they were take us over...they would've done it already. They've been here for centuries, documented UFO sightings stretch back into ancient history....why wait until now, when we're more advanced intellectually, we have nukes and plasma weapons and STAR WARS program, and other things, that could form some kind of defense against them. Why don't they just do it already. See, you're not using your brain.

Yea, you had bad experiences with the Grays....that doesn't really prove much, it definitely doesn't prove that there is no ascension, or ascended masters, or light doesn't prove love and light is a doesn't prove this new age movement has been taken doesn't prove much at all, actually.



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