I need some advice please

Right thank you for viewing my post and basically something is on my mind and heart so it's going to be quite a long story.

So where do I start right I know a girl called Pookie she is a Thai girl and I meet her through a website called dateinasain it's a sort of dating site. So anyway I send a message to her and she replied back to me and by the way she is in Manchester in my city in the United Kingdom.

So we have been talking for about 3 months and she has boyfriend sort of, but he very aggressive, jealous, controlling type of guy and I don't like it one bit and I will continue with my story. So anyway we talk to each on MSN for abit and then I added her on Facebook and she tells me these things.

Basically when you have disagreement in a relationship her boyfriend has shouted at, dragged her into his car, shaken her up etc grabbing her and shaking her like a rag doll. She has also ran away from him and he chased after her.

Anyway a week ago I meet up with her, because her boyfriend was away for 3 days for work training and we really got on and connect in many ways from the heart and she very peaceful and loving energy and she told me more things and I could see within eyes she was upset when she talked about her boyfriend and what he has done to her and I actually wanted to hold her hand and support because I am that type of way. I care about people and like to support them.

Ooo I remember this aswell, when I got home for meeting i texted her saying i hope got home alright and within 10 mins she rang and said she wanted to leave there and I said well i am in work tomorrow, but i am off Sunday and Monday and my dad with come with me and pick you up, but let me know.

Now she says it's fine and ok and I am thinking to myself I can't force someone to know and maybe she doesn't want to get involved because he is aggressive, but she knows she can come to my place anytime and stay until she goes back to Thailand

Anyway we are friends and I keep supporting and telling her, that if he was with a British girl she would of left him by now and she also keeps saying that when they want to communication about things he shouts at her like he is right and she is wrong and is not letting express her feelings from her heart.

What should I do? Because I know I like her and could give the unconditional true love and I have friends backing me up in case this 39 year old boyfriend of hers true negative on me, but i am thinking about this because it's not me and by the way she is my age which is 28 and I can't even go out with her at night time to experience abit of British night culture and have a dance with her.

I know that supporting is best way I can do at the moment and she just texted me don't reply back to my boyfriend messages on Facebook, because he is wondering about you and I didn't say say you are from the internet, but a friend of my female friend.

All I can say is that I am scared of him, because I will use my many many friends who have always said you get any problems let us know and I am against real violence in anyway. But to actually do this your girlfriend is totally wrong in my way and I also like to say he also buys into her love by buying material items, when he does these things to her instead of speaking from the heart and communicating to her.

I am sorry if my post was very long, but i felt it was the place to express myself here and see what my spiritual friends on here. Because after all we are family on here.

Peace & Love



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  • Sorry I mean to say. I am not scared of him in anyway because I am peace, love, joy, happiness, honorable etc

  • Take care of her.

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