I just wanted to say having no massive expectations for the 21st Dec solstice this year meant I shared a  wonderful experience with wonderful people in an amazing place. I never for one moment thought there was going to be a massive visual life changing scenario happen in front of my very eyes. I am so glad I didn't think like that as it would have led me to feeling let down and that would have ruined what was a real special and beautiful solstice. I am sorry for all of you that believed there would be sparks and obvious changes that led to you too feeling let down.

I think there are many changes happening but I think it is an ongoing process that will gather momentum more and more a bit like the snowball effect. Ten years ago when I awoke spirituality it wasn't talked about like it is today so that in itself shows the pace is picking up and I find just that on it's own exciting. Hold your faith people for a revolution is happening maybe just not in the way some think it will. Yes certain postings have predicted this and that but try to not concern yourself with that for there will always be people saying and predicting various scenarios. It might not be right but it will always happen for now anyway.. Go to development classes ones that don't cost the earth, practice the art of meditation for without it now I don't know what I would do. It re-balances me and energises me in every way. Try and be the change and don't lose faith that one day it will happen. <3

Here are a few pics from Glastonbury Tor a real good atmosphere that I feel blessed to have been part of. The first picture is the sunrise my daughter captured. Happy Solstice everyone much love :)



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  • Every moment is extra ordinary.

  • The snapshots of the Sun are wonderful.

    • Yeah they are real good my daughter took them. Mine were nothing like those lol I'm not the best at photography :D
  • Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. My experience was subtle and profound. Just things I noticed. Knowing I was supposed to stay home and be contemplative, I ended up out in the hustle and bustle of Christmas frenzy. Every person I encountered was cheerful, smiling, courteous, a pleasure to experience - - unlike the days before and the days after. The sun was intense during the middle of the day like it gets when you're driving east at 7 a.m. or west at 4:30 p.m. Glad I had on my sunglasses. And I didn't get nervous or tense one time, like I normally do on any occasion when I spend too much time in town or just generally around people. I am by nature quite a loner.

    • Lol Bonnie I'm a bit of a loner on times too. Glad you experienced lots of happy smiley people though. It all helps to make the world a better place when people are in joy. Thanks for sharing your day too and merry Christmas :)
  • Very nice Louise :)

    • Cheers John ;)
  • That's amazing Louise, i had a good day too, but not like you ... ;) nice pictures and people gathering. Every moment creates our life ... and that's what we are usually remember.

    • Hi Ara it was amazing I'm glad of the experience and for my daughters experience too ;) Glad you had a great day, I shall be going again preferably mid summers eve next when it's warmer lol...

  • Louise.. .. I wish I was there with you ..I love the photos.. 

    I am glad you enjoyed yourself and your daughters aswell..  if I ever get to return to Glastonbury, I will get in touch with you .. I might be there at some point in the summer 2013 .. will keep you posted..

    Love to you as always Louise ..


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