This might sound like a totaly misguided guy! Traditionaly you are either one or non. This is because the idea of starseed seems to be of relevance more when we consider the past than when we consider the future. But fact is, I became interested with starseed because long before I ever heard of the idea, I thought I will become a starseed in future.I thought after I leave on earth, I will leave in stars. But I never thought I had ever leaved anywhere. The idea of my past life sound the most absurd idea to me! Neither do I find it of any relevance because 'past' is not what I am heading to.But the idea that some people might have leaved in stars before they came here isn't generaly that absurd. However, the kind of 'starseed test' they offer looks obvious concoction! I suggest that the concocters of the idea do something more on it to make it more convincing.Some have decided to unleash a joker card by saying we are all starseeds, after all! So the idea becomes meaningles at the end of the day! It resorts to the OBVIOUS notion that our bodies has its origin traceable to stars. It is an obvious fact that your nose might have come from andromeda while one half of your ass came from pleadeas, the other half from syrius. So who are you? A syrian, andromedan or pleadian?I am a starseed from that star rising every morning. Momentarily, the brewers of the whisky forgot that the sun is a star as well! So the question should not realy be are you a starseed or a human? The question should be which star did you come from?And why is a dichotomy of starseed vs human? Could it be that the brewers donnot know what the term 'human' riferes to? A human is just an animal who walks upright, with a round head, hairless ass, remarkabl IQ etc. This is to say there might also be humans in andromeda! Infact, according to the paintings I do see around, andromedans and pleadeans are human beings! There must be because it is hard to imagine a more handsome face than that of human! Tell someone to paint for you a realy beautifull angel or even a god or a godess and all you see are paintings of human beings! Yet we deny that we are not humans and claim we are angels and gods!

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  • When we refer to humans in chanaled messages is mostly refers to these bodys that were in on this planet or the human soul group witch are called terra ra. In the Pleiades they are pleadian they have a diffrent history and genetic makeup ...somewhat... beings from andromida and other places are not human.

    We are all gods altho not all angels as a title that is earned and yes we look alike that is because the first bipedal angel form chosen by angels were the urversans from orvonto they are what we call elfs because of there long pointed ears but also angels becaise of there wings. You know that saying from the bible . And he created us in his image. Think of him as the urversans or paa tal as they are called and they created Manny species in the name of god and naturally most looked like them the only difference is paa tal in true form can get up to 50 feet tall. They have wings and pointed ears other than that alot of species do indeed look alike
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