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Hypocrites Of The Century ...Hare Krishna Simple Living High Thinking ..Maharaja's In Rolls Royce Plus... Traveling First Class...Highest Divorce Rate Plus Poisioning Their Master

At this year's Hare Krishna's festival at Trafalgar Square their Maharaja's were sitting in Rolls Royce ...SO MUCH OF SOME OF THEIR NONSENSE ABOUT SIMPLE LIVING HIGH THINKING 

They should be humble and choose to come in simple cars and choose not to sit in Rolls Royce to set an example ...shows do not trust some of their fake false Maharaja's.

One of their Maharaja's was sacked from Iskcon for blowing donation money on the stock exchange.

Their are other quiet crazy ones.

Only few are actually genuine for when you look deeper into this movement you find 2 of their Maharaja's put poison in the milk of their spiritual master Srila Prabhupada so they can take over all of Iskcon the society set by their master.

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Believe me their are very few genuine good devotees ...most of them are crooks in disguise ...the whole movement needs a clean up.

I lasted 7 months with ISKCON Atlanta, because I needed an inexpensive personal place in the late 1980's to develop my astrology base and knowledge via testing of results and interviewing.... the devotees were angry that I didn't practice Vedic astrology, and ISKCON told me to teach or practice Vedic astrology, or leave... I left...

Their master clearly said that do not concentrate on making wealth but concentrate on making good devotees...they have become big business apart from a few devotees and few temples 

He also said that their own devotees will corrupt the Krishna Movement which they are doing now.

The founder of the ISKCON temple in Atlanta used ISKCON funds to obtain a law degree (and then leave the ISKCON movement) and he claimed to use his law degree to "defend ISKCON's mission" (AND HE NEVER PRESENTED ANY EXAMPLES OF HIS LEGAL DEFENSE OF ISKCON OR LEGAL WORK IN THIS AREA THE LAST TIME I SAW HIM IN ATLANTA.... just words)... 


99% of the devotees do not wash their hand before eating ..shows how much common sense they have...some of the screws and nuts in their brains are missing 

HEY KRISHNA: you forgot to mention that ISKCON does not believe in using toilet paper or hot water in their showers (or sinks).... I remember a Krishna guru from another temple praising us for not having hot water, claiming "cold water purifies the aura"...

Krishna himself came to a temple disguised as a begger asking for food and he was kicked out  ... devotees who chant Krishna's name and bow down to Krishna deities kicked out Krishna from the temple.

I actually agree with you mate . I have been to their meetings and such here at various times and they did not practice what they preached . It mattered not what level they were they were all found wanting .

Jesus. Krishna, other Masters have materialized into this world to true devotees who have succeeded in mentally and especially emotionally shunning this world-with the heart-you guys have probably had encounters that rid you of doubts about more spiritually advanced spirit worlds. Most people can't surrender and let the Masters projection guide them. So into control...

Never heard of that, but I can believe it..... the "butter thief" knew of the importance of food, and was probably a master of deception to get the truth.... Swami Prabhupada was the same way; he would make surprise visits to temples if he thought they were being run by charlatans, and ban people from his movement if he caught them "in the worship of Maya..." And he hated Rolls Royce cars and items of luxury for this reason.... they led to "worship of Maya..."

Yes Sir ..Srila Prabhupada did practice what he preached ...he normally cooked his own simple nutritious food and slept on the floor.

One point I have stated before Srila Prabhupada wanted devotees to do service in temples but change temples every year so it doesn't become their permeant abode and they make it their permanent home. New devotees to new temples bring in new improvements and changes while long staying devotees sit on it.

All those who are still in temples over a year ...are rascals and need to be moved out  and believe me there are many 

what happened to'not this, not this' shunning the physical world ? That's the way for monks and monkinis in monasteries.

They poisoned their own master?



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