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What an importance of colors uh?

This reminds me of this "classic" Atari Games. =)

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No? But I see their lights from their ships turn red or violet sometimes.

well what about some earth animals. . ok so theirs some birds and frogs. . hmmmm. .

well I'll scan the holographic model of my local zoo in my mind, and come back to this in a bit if anything else bubbles up ;)

. .

There might be some..... No, I think I'm sure there are some red extraterrestrials out there..... And the color might actually suit them...!! 

From my understandig their are like more than 200 colors of might be one of the 200 colors?

maybe red things. . in the universe.  . are almost always at the heart of being transmuted (ongoingly?). . like red hot chili peppers. . or. . hmmm. . serpents. . stuff like that. .

hmmm. . I wonder why we are here, us "humans". .

but remember transmuted means transform. . not end or kill or erase. . as some transmutation lions may already know. . 



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