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  • Hey,

    Are you allright?

  • HEEY!!! no sorry I'm not asian BUT I LOVE 2ne1 2 & other kpop :)

  • Yes she's a filipina. She's from pangasinan.
  • Yes that's a good way to put it, some things are not meant to happen and therefor they intervene. Feels good to be reminded we are being watched over, I have gotten many signs myself, though not in a form of accidents. And it's wonderful!. 

    Do what you feel compelled to do always, I wish you best of luck with the military :) Ironically I feel compelled to work with animals in any possible way, the things I have done/do just works but isnt satisfactory as you put it :) Have a nice day friend <3

  • Helloo Gorgeous! hope all is well with you. sending you some LOVE. 

    ((((Feel the vibrations of love))))



  • Thanks! :)

  • Me2, wanna be FB friends??

  • Want to be AC friends?? :D

  • Hellooooo Sweet Heart! Thank you for your kind message. I am only doing what i do :D i am honored to be your friend on here. 

    Lots of love and HUGS. 

    Sammy. xx

  • You're most welcome......!!  regards, Drekx

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Louisville, KY

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I have a woman's body with the emotions of a child. I know everything about nothing and nothing about everything.

Solstar replied to tvgame's discussion 2th and 3th of september
"Interesting, thank you for sharing :)"
Aug 24, 2012
Solstar left a comment for Miku2ne1 ♬♪♩
"Me too! And am addicted to K-drama!!"
Jul 24, 2012
Solstar left a comment for edmcc
"I was from Dumaguette!"
Jul 24, 2012
Solstar left a comment for Ogdoo
"Ogdoo, thank you for your comment on my blog :) I am also grateful for you and your brother, for his life being spared. I am happy that our we are being watched over. And when something isn't meant to happen, They will step in. Your brother wasn't…"
Jul 21, 2012

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Phase-Locked DNA Into the Trifurcation of 2031 Magenta Pixie
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So some other person has also thought about this! He has done the maths and shows that the sun has enough gravity to power itself!

But I don't think exactly this way. I think…"
5 hours ago