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H's Unhinged Pshyco Rant 'Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead' and Right To Work Is Wrong For Workers

wacky!!! you do know she has gotten over 25 million from saudi 'princes'

Hillary Clinton Logo 1

Horror: The moment that hijacked United Airlines Flight 175 from Boston crashes into the World Trade Center

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fulford is an operative for the nwo cabal 

Au contraire, Bob... we're updated here at ACC, it's just that many of us relegate figures like Benjamin Fulford & Alex Jones to a more fitting sector of this Spiritual way station...

Comic Relief

I have read a bit about this since she fainted. I believe the part about her using doubles. I usually don't go for conspiracy issues but it's one of the reasons the first debate will be interesting to see. It would be very hard for them to have a good double and coach/train them in this short amount of time.

I don't think it's a double-she lays down and naps and gets shot up with some meds and then comes out looking as cheery as possible-she's not up for the job because she is sick!!!! We'll see tomorrow if she can make it 90 minutes in the debate

I am wondering if she will even make it for 30 minutes...I predict a massive coughing jag and her hocking more lungers into her water glass again, euuuu.  Trump has some good new material to throw into the mix too, that Obama and Hillary were corresponding on her private email setup.  Obama lied and Hillary is a pathological liar...I am not a huge Trump fan either, but she seems to lie far more than Trump does, or lies more dangerous to the country anyway and I do not respect pathological liars and could never vote for them.  Sucks when you have to take the lessor of the evils approach at voting time..  Not impressed with the choices at all.



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