December 17

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I had a very tough life of abusements as many people had. It made my life as i experienced it as miserable senseless, boring, without love for 16th years which made it even more worse. 3 years ago i came aware of the nwo plans so my plan was to commit suicide before my fifty year. Luckily the nwo is abolished and i feel saved and i smell the freedom for us all. to live in love and light from the heart instead from the head. By the way every week i go to the Amsterdam Stargate from a friend of mine. this stargate consist out of 20 crystal clear balls from cervix dominus and they fiited on the lines of david star and they say they are energized in the 18 th dimension. And it feels great i meditate in this energy.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Ghandi, Mandela, Tuella, Storm(comics), Schumann Resonance course, Psychedelic Drugs, christian awareness until my 16 th year and living from my heart, Art and Music lots of it, making art and music, meditation

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  • May you find ALL THAT YOU ARE through your own inner guidance system. May you seek within to discover all the secrets of the cosmos as "Absolute truth, the greatest celebration of abundance and all the answers you seek are found within the Heart!" <3 Jacob

  • Welcome to the forum!

    Leuk weer een Nederlander te zien ;)

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Robert Prins replied to Blip Konijn's discussion CAN SOMEONE REMOVE SOME VERY NASTY ENTITYS FROM MY LIFE
"Blip Konijn i know exactly what you are talking about. these archons herassments is done via egs which is electronic gangstalking. Mr Konijn it means you are targeted by couvert electronics done by this companies www.g4s.com(responsible for the las…"
Jan 16, 2018
Robert Prins replied to Malcolm's discussion CHIRON PREDICTION WITH HILLARY CLINTON NAILED: Hillary Clinton Caught Wearing A Hidden Earpiece At The Debates, As Well As A Possible Advanced Electronic Device Used For Parkinson's Disease
Oct 4, 2016
Robert Prins replied to AlternateEarth's discussion H's Unhinged Pshyco Rant 'Why Aren't I 50 Points Ahead' and Right To Work Is Wrong For Workers
"Why issueing about a bitch that is already dead since 11 september according to exopolitics.com artcile from the benjamin fulford weekly update where is stated that she died at 911 this year! Can you imagine how hillar-iously this is? But you are…"
Sep 24, 2016
Robert Prins replied to Chelle Lea's discussion The Dark stole My Creativity
"beautifull picture with a nice radience. Very terrible what have with your blue prints, but take some time for mourning Keep it in mind as a hard lesson also it is not your fault and suddenly create new thinks dont stop. Very good you shared it…"
Apr 20, 2013

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"Hi AE.....Well, the policy of capping energy bills is definitely working and only the left believe otherwise....Moreover, I can state that my energy bill reduced from £105/Month, up till September, down to £38, now, in October....My direct debit is…"
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"Drexk - now the Tories are getting blamed for the rise in energy bills"
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"The rinos are owned by the same corporations as the demoncats;
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"Hi AlternateEarth.....Well, the new King was going along with this "climate emergency" tripe, because he, along with his close pal, David Attenborough, invented it....This idiocy started with Attenborough, back in the 1970s and Charles, being…"
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"I was interested in how Fox business would view the Truss policies to date, so discovered this positive commentary....Albeit, this was five days ago and the pound has since rebounded a few points....as the markets calm down their illogical…"
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"Drexk-do you think the new King is just going along with the globalist gang so as not to get himself in trouble?"
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"This might surprise some nations, such as the USA, but the UK's new Prime Minister, Liz Truss, has ORDERED King Charles and his son, Prince William, to stay away from COP27....(The globalist hippie, love-in festival, for green meanie dreamers and…"
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