The first person to really detect these objects in the rings of Saturn was Dr. Norman Bergrun and he had noticed that their behavior was highly anomalous. So what he did, he started paying more and more attention and he found that they were behaving in highly anomalous ways, that they were very large and that they seemed to be concentrating their effort on an unfinished ring at its terminals. His investigation in this ring was completed by then. At this moment even NASA has admitted, are vast objects within the corona of our sun, some always there, now is a gathering of many.

They've protected this planet from countless cycles of coronal mass ejections that would otherwise have decimated all lineage of cultures present on a relative short historical rather than geophysical basis. This is the answer of the greatest of all anomaly, how a life giving fusion star can be so close, yet not cyclicly decimate the life it gives. But at the same time these objects can serve the opposite extreme when what occupies a planet is sentient, turns on its own.

The EMVs have been around from the very beginning, ever since any sentient life has been seeded as they are the mechanical designers of systems that can support life long enough for civilsations to come and go. It is what begins life on a planet. First of all you have to have an engineered configuration of this planet with its fusion star...

Go to for the full text.

The interview is James Horak on The Kevin Smith Show


This Video was orginally edited by youtube user OmetaOne
and was redited by MR444 ( DoD)

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NASA SDO Behint EUVI 195 on March 28, 2012

Strange Anomalies around the Sun Stereo EUVI 195 EMV UFO'S Attach to make Giant Space Craft

NASA Web site telescope Stereo A & B

if you do not know what EMV's are check these out

EMV's - Designers of the Solar System - James Horak speaks part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4

MORE TO COME .......................

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  • Hi Arasinra , the Starfleet have worked a long time around the sun to trigger more energies to come forward .

    Some of the ships have sizes larger that Earth and a lot of the later CME:s (coronal mass ejections) with the following geomagnetic storms have been triggered by the Fleet.

    The changes is upon us.



    • ~ Namaste ~

  • my personal opinion on some of these giant spherical ufos hovering around the sun is that they are doing something that is containing the sun's dimensional frequency energies from hitting earth to an extent, idk how much or exactly why for but i feel the sun has a tremendous amount of play in the consioussnes expansion of earth's inhabitants. i do beleive in ascension frequencies and people waking up to their entirety but i do not beleive that 3d will suddenly shift into 5d, if anything i beleive that slowly over time with the frequencies hitting earth from various celestial bodies [the sun being a large factor imo] it will lead to people working through blockages in a naturaly occuring manner. i do wonder what these ships re for and my guess is that they are trying to steifel the energy that earth receives from the sun by some technological manner or they are there just keeping an eye on things. either way it weirds me out that theres giant ufos the size of larger planets hovering round the sun doing who knows what or why for. makes me feel edgy to know shit like that is in our solar system, especialy given the fact im aware reptilians exist. i had a first hand encounter once and he slipped up a bnit in his disguise in front of me and i got scared, and he actualy stuck his toungue out at me in a creepy way and held it out for 5 seconds, so these beings exist and when i read things that say "oh the gfl has been disbanning the cabal" it really just goes to show how much people can willingly beleive false hope in favor of looking around their world a bit and seeing the truth. oh well though...

    ~John M~ 

  • Here is Bergrun`s mindblowing book:

    • wow this is book is highly detailed about saturn and its moons which I got very impressed by it.

      My friend always wondered why saturn's Rings are so perfect and round which is also interesting lol. :)

      Much love!!

This reply was deleted.

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