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I am posting this for the many skeptics and doubters who have been contacting me lately telling me that Q is fake...and there will be no RV...and Trump will be arrested and Pelosi & Hillary will take his place...oh and lets not forget the Armageddon crap. Just really crazy off the wall stuff. So I reminded them that the galactics upstairs are behind all this and none of that stuff will occur. It is just the deep state left cabal telling more lies in hope they can avoid arrest and death for treason.
So here is what they have to say about it. Mr.Ed :)

Galactic Message - Agenda to End the Deep State Cabal

The Cabal Will No Longer Be Tolerated. Victory To The Light Is Inevitable

January 18, 2019 by Edward Morgan

By Archeia Faith,

“This is Ashtar Sheran and this message is an update on the war against the darkside on your planet Shan the light forces have your earth surrounded. Many see our ships, we are overtaking dark bases to liberate hostages there and to claim these bases as future spaceports for the light full-disclosure will unveil them to you. The Fiat monetary system is all but bust, the Cabal are being arrested there are many indictments and preparations are being made at Guantanamo Bay to house them until galactic trial. All of the cabal’s leaders are being arrested, the Clintons, the Bush’s, the Obama’s, and more will soon stand trial for high treason and for many more crimes, not the least of which are human trafficking, narcotics rings, murder the list goes on and on.

These criminals have had their day, we watch as they sweat attempting to murder more of the prosecution’s witnesses, these people are in our care now no more “suiciding,” will be tolerated. This is crunch time as you call it, this is the epicenter of the battle right now in this moment you are living it. We need you to stay strong the dark knows it’s time is up and is fighting to win back its control over your planet. You did expect that, didn’t you? You did expect that they would use the last of their power to create new campaigns to put you back under the ether? If you didn’t then you don’t understand the importance of their control over YOU. How pivotal those on Earth are to their entire regime, the lies the disinformation the false accusations against the light specifically.

They fear us, the Delta forces have come to your planet and are working in the background to help liberate YOU. Any messages of them disrupting your cities are UNTRUE. Their lies there are rumors circulating that there will be no RV that is nonsense the RV has already begun the decline of the American dollar is part of that. We have a sting operation going to ferret out the last of the Cabal members who think to thwart a new quantum financial system that is why the date is being reset over and over and over again. Each time we capture more of these criminals, why do you think there are so many indictments with more increasing as time progresses?

We are bringing down their control system right in front of the eyes of the aware, but behind the backs of the unaware it is a delicate operation. Become aware, understand and do not panic when you see videos posts blogs articles saying the entire operation has been shelved. Do not listen, do not give these liars your energy, do not worry. When you doubt and begin to worry YOU FEED THE DARK. Do not give them your energy. Enough information has been published to explain the process, we are adhering to this process anyone who says that anything has changed at all is lying. It is disinformation. These dark workers are working overtime to sway your thinking, do not let them, the plan is in place it has been for many of your years. It is a plan that works, it will not fail and we will not fail you, but you must believe in a faith.

Know also that the dark is attempting to reach you through your own MINDS, Sharon has had many reports of dark attempts to separate light workers from each other, be it in creating doubt in their loyalty to Sharon leaving her group or attempting to create quarreling between them. You must know that Sharon works directly under me she is loyal to the light and has the liberation of humanity on earth in her heart, she is unwavering in her commitment to see this through we ask no less of you. Know that doubt is your enemy, the enemy the dark tries to create within you. That doubt is its voice, all is well. The world will go through growing pains as you change but that is to be expected, you will be weaned off your dependency on money via the new quantum financial system.

The plan is to give all on earth enough money to be financially independent, there will be no more suffering and this will allow you to outgrow your need of it. It may seem ironic to you that giving you more will, we knew of your dependency however we know that your lack of money keeps you dependent upon it and in your nefarious financial system, lack creates more lack, greed and suffering. This will end for you and soon, this is the Divine Plan. You are part of the Divine Plan, do not give yourselves over to the dark any longer, the dark is dying, it has lost any last-ditch efforts to keep the illusion alive. Do not support them with your energy, understand that they were attempting to trick you before but the closer we move to final victory, the worse their trickery will become for you. We apologize but it is simply a question of not listening to it stay in your light.

Love Adonai. A star you.”


The Cabal Will No Longer Be Tolerated. Victory To The Light Is Inevitable - Prepare For Change

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RV/Intelligence Alert: "Scrambling" -- February 16, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

Sanctions were imposed on Zimbabwe by the EU and U.S. in 2001 and 2002 (before and after 9/11).

These sanctions restrained Zimbabwe from accessing its vast amounts of valuable natural resources which otherwise would've benefited the world.

The EU's sanctions on Zimbabwe is due to expire this month on the 19th.

The U.S. already proposed to amend ZIDERA (sanctions on Zimbabwe) and is awaiting official signing by POTUS.

Once Zimbabwe is freed from the shackles of Western sanctions, the country will be allowed to benefit from their vast amounts of natural resources.

Zimbabwe is already preparing to announce a new currency (which may seem to be fiat but is actually gold/asset-backed and linked to the QFS).

Zimbabwe's announcement of their new currency signifies their compliance with GESARA.

Zimbabwe is a sleeping giant about to awaken and release its full potential.

Meanwhile, Trump's declaration of a national emergency was announced which now makes the US compliant with GESARA.

The UK is next on the list.

If Brexit is not agreed upon soon, then expect martial law to be declared in the UK.

Similar to the US, the declaration of martial law in the UK will signify the country's GESARA compliance.

The Cabal is now scrambling to stop the transition.

However, resistance is futile.

Sources believe now more than ever that the RV could begin at any moment.



RV/Intelligence Alert: "Phase" -- February 17, 2019

(Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation based on intelligence leaks received from several sources which may or may not be accurate. Other confirmed sources may also be included in this overview.)

The next phase of the transition has begun.

Massive incriminating data dumps are expected to be released this year.

Remaining Cabalist world leaders are all set to be removed from their positions via indictment or resignation.

Zimbabwe is now expected to issue a reinstatement of currency instead of a demonetization.

Banking sources have reported to be ready for the RV to begin.

All they need is the Earth Alliance's go-ahead.



I for one, have never lost faith in what you are doing for us all.  Thank you Ashtar & Sharon.



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