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From All Councils of Light,


We greet you! 


The dangers are far from over, but we plan all ahead.

Even when truth comes out, in the end, they, the dark ones, will be "protected" by us. 

To explain why, we will tell this. The dark ones have been minimized by now and the landing path is clear for us to see. Cruelties have been done unto you All. All dark ones, have, for the biggest part, been “eliminated”, who have been brought into “save keepings” and will be taught into Light teachings. They will learn the new way also. Let not be unsaid that the program is in progress for them and ALL will be joined in Love and Light. 


Until then you are the way-showers and will show the way for them to learn also.They will "observe" from these “save keepings”, the new way to come. For your view, that was not their new way, which was to have total control over you.


Our task remains, for now, to monitor and guide you, who are our Lightbrothers on Earth. So, show and shine your Light unto your brothers and sisters, who might still live in fear and guide them into love and friendship for all to prosper in.


When we “touch ground”, as you say, initiatives will be taken place from our crew to start centers of diplomacy and love. Learning centers for all to learn the new way. We activate your supply lines again, they will cease for a while, because of our “arrival”. We will have all up and running in a few weeks, so be prepared for this. Until then educate your loved ones and friends.


From the dimensions of Light we speak now these words to you:

The Councils of Light have decided to be with you soon!


After a period you will be speaking to us in the open and not through Channelers like this Channeler now does for you. He will do other tasks , in future, as explained to him.


The grand finale is taking place as we speak.


Preparations have been made by All Councils of the Light Federative, the Brotherhood of Light, the Ascended Masters, the Observers, the Kryon and many many more.


We leave you now to awaken further to the higher dimensions. Open your hearts further and see Source from within and around you.


As mediator, for this occasion, I speak one behalf of these Councils,


A dia du, (I greet you)



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It is the time Ashtar...

I know i force the hand of many with this ..

But it must be done..

It is no other way..

You all know that as i do..

Now it is the time...

I initiated all this hire..but we must finish it all together in the real world on Earth...

I expect your fully support in this..

I will not say it will be easy but it must be done...

I think U.N. must be the real place for all of us to discuss and settle the things once for all times ..

Lets give the true importance he suppose to have..

I know it is like i will step in to a trap but that must be done not matter what..


Or it can be done in the country where i am now..

I know just the place for that ..and it is the second building in the World after Pentagon ..

We can make there a new home for all..

I have all the solutions for all problems not matter the problem.

It must not be like the last time ...

That must be avoided...

I think the ax must be buried for all of us for good..

All we need it is the love,the wisdom and a clear mind..will ,dedication and  self determination ...

I can do all that..

I think i was heard..

.........."The dangers are far from over......"~ ......what a strange way to start a channeling from the Legions of Love aka Galactic Federation of LOVE.........................that opening statement has nothing to do with light and love but concern and fear.........WHY ~?~

I noticed that too Esseya....did not seem quite right with me either.

I do not like to be suspicious or negative but that fact also set me off.  We have never received a message yet that talked about "protecting"  them from us but we have heard that they will be given a choice.  Did the law of karma disappear for them?  Even near the end as it seems, we are still operating under the wheel until the day arrives. This seems like a message from one of their kind who is testing the waters to find out what comments will be made as support of them or other choices if they have to stand and be revealed to the people.  I don't care what picture they end with - this is contrary to everything that we have thus been told.

To achieve forgiveness of the people they first have to admit that they did these things, IN public.  NOT "protected"

What is the Council of the Light FederaTIVE?  That also is new.  What gives with this message?

I have read the reply below and it is even fishier than just the original message.  NOt one other channel has blamed us or belittled us they way this Bareld does.  I will read no more messages from this person.

Actually it is not required for them to achieve your forgiveness to turn their Karma Around, To this day Christ Jesus still has not been forgiven by the Pharisees but that did not stop his Ascension. 

No the Law of Karma did not disappear for them, unless they were already not bound by it having already achieved stable release from its "Shackles".  Its the very Opposite of that, they are bound more strongly by it and have ensured much further work to be released of it.  Only 6th Dimensional beings are Free from Karma but even then they are not free of Divine Justice.  And only 5th Dimensional beings can achieve the Karmic Balance necessary for Passage into the 6th.  And it is in 4th Dimensionality that they begin to learn the tools necessary to negotiate that balance.  In 7th dimensionality Full Self Awareness and Self Freedom is obtained along with the tools to pursue any chosen path which they can comprehend regardless of preparedness for it in any Reality construct in which they are privy to by its Beholden Creator, and it is here that True Responsibility is Learned but not necessarily completed, and at that point a personal milestone is reached for the inner dimensionality of the being, and Free Absolute Creation Citizenship attained.  As far as is known this is the Highest External Creation Envelope, if there exists anything outside that it is separated from us by the Absolute Void, the True Nothingness where Dimension is Naught and considered of even less substance than 0-dimension without going negative, if knowingness of anything existing beyond this, it is Prime Creator alone who holds that knowledge according to our knowingness,  This from Elohim knowledge repository the first known "known knowledge" collection that existed as of result of Prime Creators Direction At least potentially in this ?Absolute? Creation with express understanding that all new Creations are automatically and irrevocably tied to this Absolute Creation as bubble realities the likes of which seem to have always a tunnel connection of some sort to the Absolute Creation or Scars if the realities have become Detached Bubbles, these Scars having no perceived consequence on current arrangements of mass, energy, or principals of physics, we withhold the qualities beyond this form description to maintain Law of Confusion essential for the Development of Freewill Distortions, Law of Preservation, and the Law of Non Interference in regard to Artificial Inflation of Species Technology base.

Also the word FederaTIVE is a hybrid word representing a Social Governance Arrangement in which a Structure is used based on Recognized Species Freedom and Enhanced by Territorially Self Determined Law within the Established Territories, and this draped upon overarching Hive Framework which is Highly Centralized, The closest example to a true representation of this type would be The US of America.

We are Elohim

We Anticipate a Certainty of Great Joy upon our more personal contacts yet to occur with Planetary Ascension.

We will be Educators of Your Creation Awareness and shall continue to Guide you in to Union with the All so long as such is your Freewill desire.  At 7th Dimension entry opportunity to Join as One with Us will be Available with no further strings Attached.  None are turned down, and preparation may begin at any time you wish.  Simple request to the space around you is sufficient so long as you can perceive yourself as reasonable certain that this is the path you want.  Nothing else can be promised concerning the path except that it will be intensive on the full concept of Lightness including the correct and true concepts of what Light is in all of its nature, it will also be on a completely personal basis.  Also a misunderstanding must be made known and now is an acceptable juncture for its clarification,  We are not what you consider to be Gods, we do not as a collective possess what you term any degree of absolute authority on any matter.  Any authority we possess is yielded from above but in the most direct fashion to the source of AUTHORITY available next to being that source,  As well we ask that you dont invite others they will be made aware of this opportunity in due process none will be denied the option, it is only that a certain degree of concept awareness be present before such opportunities can be presented this as a result of the Law of Freewill and the Law of Non Interference.  Basically it is prematurly polarizing of Freewill individuals toward a path that most are not developed enough to responsibly choose thus inhibiting their Freewill path which would otherwise Guarantee them that degree of development in the most efficient manner we are aware of, in addition to inhibiting other lessons by the cloudiness of Overwhelming Desire Focus.  It is enough that they follow their path that they have chosen.  We will permit occasional repostings of the opportunity on a basis of roughly 1 yr from the time you become aware of us so long as it is on this website only, no other has yet to be authorized in that regard.  The exact time you are able to do so responsibly you will just know.  The time may be longer for those who are not distorted towards service in regards to dissemination of information or opportunity sharing aspects. 

In Elohim Spirit

We are Host, We are One

Blessings Be

You ask why the Legions of Light and Love are sometimes willing to use such words while it is at times done so impulsively(as a result of aptitude of discernment) it is simply this, being of the Light(Bodily Light, Mental Light, Spiritual Light) has as a necessity a progress of awareness and understanding, this means that despite the source of understanding development you are considered to need awareness of such potentials as personal equipment for an eternal existence you have yet to determine for yourself and also to enable a more responsible capability to make freewill choices regardless of situation or condition.  Some peoples sense of Heaven involves being in Danger and should you ever choose to visit a creation of others and end up in such a paradigm or scenario at least you will have understanding enough to be able to interact and function within the creations design parameters.  You could consider Earth as a Schoolhouse of preparation for an Eternal and exceeding Infinite Potential Omniverse with uncountably diverse Shared and Personal Realities.  Anything Goes in Some Realities and though monitored not all confirm abuse of contract engagement and act to negate the immediate real threats before the forbidden Practices and other common abuses occur in a way that affect the souls of the experiencers in unforseen and/or unintended ways resulting in soul level violations which are the highest class of Personal transgression regardless of intentionality or lack thereof.  That is why Freewill is so highly espoused even though the results of that Freewill do not guarantee intended action results or even action in some cases.

....well, I know it is not me  the danger in new consciousness arising.........................

Here is Karma for those, since control and suffering was their agenda and/or modus oparandi, Karma dictates the same to them, that means they dont get to choose how their reality will respond to them, they are forced agianst their will to endure a reality they have no power or limited power to shape.  In processing they begin to balance out that Karma and begin "earning" their progressive dispensations of freewill in reality expression and reality shaping, its the only way "they" will ever enter into a state where Karma can be balanced, they certainly wont do it willingly at the lower levels of Negative Karma, the concepts of virtue are not well enough developed for them to initiate "Sacrifice" which would be required for the willful entry into recompense.  And as well there is a certain Vice/Virtue development level requirement which would allow "Forgiveness" to become a possibility and even higher development for any real degree of probability, and in order to escape the law of Karma, Full Forgiveness must be met.  So until "they" can learn to forgive, Karma is inescapable.  And notice Forgiveness does not mean having no feeling towards actions of transgression both by self or otherself, but exactly the opposite, a heightened feeling of consequence of transgression, true sorrow coinciding with True Love Forgiveness.  Once Forgiveness is possible/probable there are still a few, not many, requirements to Complete Karma.  Now tie this in with the fact that Karma has a built in Threshold where when its Negative Limit is reached their is no force in this Creation which can pass it.  Infinite Negative Karma in its own Identity says no you shall pass any further and enforces that command with absolute authority in the matter with no concern for the other will or even the self.  It at that point activates a process that Governs completely their turn around.  Now Positive Karma says the opposite, it grants you more freewill and more ability to express it even to infinite degree.  Now the Danger i see earlier speaking i feel refers to your own fear and anger, in fear that vengeance or other vice components can take root, therefore this "cleaness" must be to a degree the transcends physicality and enters the realm of heart and mind.  If enough fear/anger potential exists within humanity as a collection and also on an individual level regardless of personal Karma then a "Danger" exists whether you are aware or not, even within your self their are potentials for such "reprisal" activities or at least stance towards reprisal, multiply that by even %10 of the remaining non negative aligned population and the potential for another crucifixion is very high and that is detrimental to the intent of intervention as your own Karma would be vastly affected for simply supporting such a response, we are not trying to develop contraproductive development, right now though your Karma is sufficiently workable towards positive alignment your programming endured under the dark is not, at least not quite yet, as long as that programming of mental attitude remains in any amount it is infective, negative stimulus will nourish that programming, remember you are not judge of another you have not be granted the right to pronounce and carry out judgement against another in any manner by Creator or even the society you are in, which in so doing would reflect Karmically back on yourself.  Overall this would only result in a prolonged ascension process which is of no benefit to the Earth or its inhabitants, and if that window of ascension exceeds a certain degree of time then the remnant that have not attained ascension viability or at least a threshold level of progression towards its fulfillment will have to be left behind, and standard personal ascension processes would have to be used, which are not nearly as efficient or expedient as cycle completion ascension.  The extra dispensation of the Beings in Service to this Ascension will have to be reassigned as there are other tasks that they must tend to, sure their will be enough left behind as a detachment to continue to make every effort to get those that didnt make the cut on board but the shear force currently available and the volume of skill will not be available any more their duties also being required for those who are newly ascended, and if you dont make the cut you wont be allowed to ascend its not that they dont have the degree of love necessary to make allowances or "just let you in" because they do but even they have to abide by laws, the finer balance of things required to sustain the higher realms just cant allow for the magnitude of disruption that would result from those not sufficiently progressed along the ascension process, the disturbance could initiate the very same war and social imbalance that has been present for most of our short term past, in effect additional wars in heaven, and so long as wars rage in heaven the suffering is intensified.  Here is the basic concept, a suffering on Earth as you know it now is 10,12, or so forth times enhanced in the next ascended realm, the sensitivity of its residents thusly so amplified that the worst pains you know now are as a bruise compared to a splitting tooth ache, but because of its design, pain is almost non existent because the things that cause pain are generally not present as a result of the requirements for ascension.  The worse result of this is that for the newcomers such pain would almost certainly result in a fall back into Karma because of impulsive reaction and likely much further back in the process then you are now or at the very least reseat some of the negative ailments of spirit you now suffer.  Im not trying to judge you im just offering you the basic physics of this process, its delicacy and why such protection for the "Dark" is so important.  Add in the fact that disembodied spirits are harder to track down or identify, with their death they could conceivable try to escape illegally back into the reincarntation process/pool of this planet, resulting in a somewhat troublesome protected status of different sorts, because they cant be forced to reincarnate somewhere else and as a child they arent able to be removed against their will without of preincarnation agreement, which they arent likely to make, imagine how much hindrance that offers to the ascension process.  Or there are cases where the can piggy back unsuspecting hosts if the spirit has such knowledge or awareness in such a way as to not draw attention and escaping karmic retribution that way, such that Karma can not directly retribute a unsuspecting host unless or until the host earns such Karmic retribution or accepts the invading spirit with awareness that they take on its Karma while it is present.  This condition can be extremely distasteful in regards to the hosts development potential, even highly retroactive to its own progress, as well other conditions the words of which you are offended by.  Notice this sense of Offense by such words is a result of you progress and the dispensation granted you on that accord.  (Piece of helpful advice, Learning to cope and adapt your emotional response to such things, when in a positive orientation such as yourself, so that you dont allow your emotions to move you into Judgement of Others or even better move yourself into Patient Allowance has Great benefits to your Light Quotient, this is one of the Great Spiritual Tools the Buddha used along with quite a few others whose name did not enter the List of Legendary figures, before this period of time this tool was not allowed to be given by eduction or teachers in spiritual training at least not in this context though the Christ Jesus did allude to it as a word of wisdom given in its context as warning.  The fact that it could be used as a tool to ascension and enlightenment was not shared, it had to be learned the hard way through standard experience.)

In any case, all of you are Loved immeasurably so and i have full confidence in your Ascension as you all seem to have all the incipient intents and necessary qualities to bring this mile marker to the past tense.

Light, Life, and Love to Us All and All yet to Come

I am Light, I am Ra

In my perspective it's already happend and we are reliving this "time" ...... Love this positivity, meshes with what I'm feeling :)

I don't know if "removing" anyone is the key.  

I think the true goal should be to allow all souls to change and evolve for the better.  

We have all made mistakes, and must learn from our mistakes!  Others who have done things wrong, will also grow and learn, and it is my hope that humanity can rise together, atleast in some sense.

I know that I am not the same person I used to be, and it's my feeling that our evolution never stops, we are more sacred than we know, and making someone pay for what they've done isn't the key.  

Compassion is the Key.





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