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Nothing but the stars, the aliens from the past – nothing but the story of Greek Gods Nothing but the mind of a controlled human being – manipulated into negative thoughts I fight against the breaking heart until I can’t take anymore, as I fall apart for several years, there’s nothing to explore The empty space fills itself up by smiles and lessons and pain The empty space is hollow enough to not let the feelings leave stains The anger towards our mentality and blindness and stupid beliefs keeps breaking my heart continually until every emotion leaves And nothing but my emptiness, the burning place of Lost drives me forward with purity, with every single cause Nothing but my naïve voice; I know we will make it through! Nothing but the stars in the sky, nothing but the truth

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  • Thanks for accepting the invitation katrine. My attention was drawn to your poem you have as an answer in your profile very creative, cosmic and quantum consciously approached. Much love from Greece.

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  • dear katrina,i have some lovely images stored on my pc files of gods creations,and will add one to your page today,i myself love all,and i have always been very fasinated with owls,so will add an image of them,and another delightful happy image from the animal kingdom also,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)

  • dear katrine,thankyou for your friendship acceptance,it is such a blessing,to be able to connect to so many radiant like-minded souls across the miles thru the mayan cobweb crystal grid i call it(internet)and looking forward to many interactions,of giving,and shareings with each other,have a very blessed day dear friend,and a very blessed week,love,light,and many blessings to you,eve(solaena)

  • Hyggelig å treffes deg her Katrine ~~~:-)))

  • Why Hello! Eller skal jeg si Hei! For en glede å møte deg. Jeg kan si vi skal være gode venner. Jeg ser fram til å lære med og fra deg. Håper din uke er full av latter!

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katrine replied to katrine's discussion Mental disorders: autism, schizophrenia, etc.
"great replies from all of you... I do however doubt it could be about demons and karma. I understand a lot of people believe in karma, and it may be some truth in it - but I don't believe in karma. For karma to exist, there has to be a rule of right…"
Oct 10, 2012
katrine posted a discussion
Hello all:)I am curious about your take on mental disorders. At my work, there is a boy at 11 years old who has diabetes, epilepsy and autism - he hits other people all the time, has massive physical outbursts, but we only have him every fortnight.…
Oct 10, 2012
katrine replied to katrine's discussion Professions.....
"I used to live in Australia when I was 18 and always wanted to come back for a long period of time. I checked out universities in Sydney but they seemed a bit expensive? Do you know of any that doesn't charge a great deal? :) Thank you for your…"
Aug 14, 2012
katrine posted a discussion
Hi! I have a bachelor in psychology and after that a few years of travelling. I can't find a job and should probably start a new education. Today was supposed to be my first day of a journalism bachelor but it would cost me too much. Besides... I…
Aug 13, 2012

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"This is a Concept for the whole World. If anyone would living it like that, peace can be manifest a little more, cause all we need is to have Respect infront each other. Best form to say Hello when you meet someone first Time, anyways.…"
12 minutes ago
ソウルライト SAN left a comment on Comment Wall
"Yes, unfortunately there is not yet worldwide peace in this world. But there are always signs of peace written by life itself. I myself am an example of this, as I am a so-called Eurasian. I'm someone who has family trees in both Asia and Europe. My…"
19 minutes ago
Drekx Omega replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Social Distance Is Something All Humans Should Keep Throughout Their Lives ..NAMASTE Greeting Is So Lovely ..HEART TO HEART CONNECTION
"Sirians have several methods of selamat balik.....BUT, they are also able to hug and kiss, with love and affection....It is not "animal" to touch someone you love, or in friendship.....I'm sure that if your parents socially distanced, you would not…"
1 hour ago
Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Social Distance Is Something All Humans Should Keep Throughout Their Lives ..NAMASTE Greeting Is So Lovely ..HEART TO HEART CONNECTION
1 hour ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Keep your distance hence the correct way of greeting NAMASTE ..heart to heart without touching the other person NAMASTE GREETING SO LOVELY The actual meaning of Namaste is "I bow to the divine in you." How come? The word Namaste is deeply rooted in…
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Roaring Lovely and Drekx Omega Discuss ET Craft Science Classifications
"UAP is the currently used dark cabal psyop term, for FAKE ET CRAFT, or former UFOs....These are all Earth constructed, surface earth manufactured and totally fake ET craft....They lack all technological advantages....
Don't let them fool you.......…"
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Metallic UAP UFO Spotted in Arizona – Captivating Footage (Video)..Comments Please
"This is not "captivating footage," but is a genuine Earth human constructed UAP, pretending to be an ET vimana craft....Maybe we could suggest that it's a UAP, not a UFO...LOL

Note the Cabal's inferior technology, demonstrated in this absurd craft,…"
2 hours ago
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View The Full Post Here Background Music By https://www.free-stock-music.com/Video footage By https://www.pexels.com/Compilation and Video editing http://universallighthouseblog.com PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEW RUMBLE CHANNEL…
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