Finding Our Soul Starseed Families

Hi, to all my Starseed,..... Friends and Family,...... I do automatic writing and talking, today while doing so I was given some information that I think everyone should hear.I am from Sirius that's where this message came from, The Syrian Council. I was told the time is coming very soon,much sooner than we expect for the (Peoples) first contact with our Beautiful Galactic Friends.A week ago I was given the dates of June 30,I'm not sure if it is 2011 or feeling is it is 2011....the other date is September 23....which I feel is also 2011.I have also been given the images that show the Galactic Federation will be here for some time before Ascension.Much Trust, Releasing and Healing work will have to be done with people before 5D Earth/Enlightenment,..........Which is also where all we Light Workers will be working.
By the time the Federation arrive here the negative Governments will  be almost dissolved,they will not be functioning as governments.But it will be a time of very stressful situations.We as Light Workers will have no fear,it is up to us to help others stay calm and positive.Keeping people focused and healthy is one of our main priorities,..We also need to keep clear heads and hearts.

The other message I received today from the Sirian Council is....... We need to start finding our Starseed Soul Families ASAP..... A Connected Starseed Soul Family is a very very important   "" Positive Energy Impact ""   this is needed very very soon.This will help "" Manifest the Dissolving of much of the Negative Energy on this Planet. We must not rush into assuming a person is a Soul Family Member,....take your time to get it right.Sometimes it might take much interactive activities or conversations to know this, be sure as it is very very important. Once connected we need to get to know each other well,in a Oneness Love Peace Acceptance.....which shouldn't be hard since we are all on the same page.We must create much Happiness and Love amongst ourselves.Once that is achieved,we must then connect to other established  Soul Families and share the same Oneness Love Peace Acceptance........ Creating more Happiness and Love.

So,....!!!!  .. you see the pattern of Connections is all about Connection Connection Connection.......Until will be perfect timing that we will all be Connected at the PRECISE moment of Ascended Enlightenment....... As far as Natural Human Beings non Starseeds people goes, It is our job to keep them under our wings so to speak.To make sure they are also collected and swept along with us..... Most likely they themselves will already be programed to know what to do,when these moments occur.

I wanted to add this,.....we should not be to judgemental when meeting new people....within reason.I have made some great friends with new people that I may have thought I couldn't have prior to my new thinking.If we do judge to quickly we may miss a Soul Starseed Family Member. We don't want this to happen,just makes the looking an even longer journey.

I would be honored for any feed back about those given dates,or to anyone who feels they can add to this anyone who feels they are connected to me as a Soul Starseed Family Member.....

Much,..... Love Peace you.....Walk in Peace and Beauty.

On a lighter note,...I realized recently I am programed to know how to Command and operate a Large Galactic Ship..... I am known as Commander Ashana by the Sirians...... So,..... what funny and interesting things have you learned about your Starseed self...I would love to know.......Good to giggle and laugh......helps our connection process along.  LOVE TO YOU......:):):)

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  • Pretty Cool topic.. much luv Shiloh for sharing....<3 I feel I have been many places . I have asked this year of my stellar origins. One time i received a sign that my last stop Lyra, Vega, Sirius area. Another time...Some place of all female essene healers once. And too i have a strong affection attraction to Ancient Wisdoms of Olmec, Native, Mayan, Hindu-Kush cultures. I wuz told by a stranger in Sedona once that I wuz one of the masters from Lemuria, I stayed behind, she said that I also stayed behind during Hiroshima. ...Oh, I thought... I have not ever remembered myself as a man

    I hold the vision of Love, Peace, Joy, Unity, Truth & Freedom for Mother Earth and All inhabitants... I enjoy these things every day of my life, yet I too know that there is a Warrior type energy about me that comes out.... well, at the most awkward I suppose even warrior queens & princess have a place purpose in the evolutionary process as

    Just last year, I began to realize my telepathic abilities. This past year I have really began to trust in what is being shown to me, sometimes I have to ask what does the image mean. or what am I suppose to do with it. I am not sure of names of my guides/guardians/other selves. I think some times... yep I have a whole crew(elements, energy beings) with me everyday, this lifetime i most certainly have kept them busy... and they must surely have a sense of Cuz I didn't have a clue as to what i should or should not be doing most

    Hey has anyone actually seen the real U? Like, I wonder what i really look like... ya know... sometimes I pass by children, babies, they have the strangest looks on their I just wonder sometimes. If I am really having a nice day one will speak to me telepathically as well....Sometimes they just scream out things to me...LOL Hey I'm Hungry!! So I'll tell the mother .... well, sometimes they listen... sometimes not...

    Huuummm, lets see... one of the most interesting things this year .... well i don't know if it has anything to do with being a Starseed at the moment... But i could have swore a cilantro plant tried to have intercourse with me... LOL... Yeahhhh, freaky lil dude too. I planted a garden decided to go by home depot. Well, I didn't know exactly what to plant, so I just began rubbing on the leaves of different plants to see if anything resonated with me. I saw this one sort of wilting cilantro, and wuz like ... ".. aaawwwwhhh, what's the matter lil fella..." just talking to it while I wuz rubbing it's lil leaves. Next thing I knew the plant began standing erect, I felt this surge of energy between my fingers and the leaves....definitely I took him home, planted it in my garden and the damned thang sprouted bloomed in the shape of a penis......LOL I wuz like ... WOW... life is one crazy wild
    • Hi....I think you are well on the Ascension path by the sounds of it,....that plant must have loved you..I have seen some weird things,but that;s weird.Many things I was sure of but also many I was not sure of,I think it's confusing some times,with having had past lives.Sometimes when I'm not shore about something,..I let it float around and do heaps or research and then at some point I get physic flashes that tell me what's right.Or I recall things,behaviors,dreams,conversations from when I was a kid,..and then I know I'm right for sure.....I was only thinking today,I wonder what I really look like.Because the higher my frequency gets the stranger things my times they don't look like normal dogs,..they sort of seem to morph into Egyptian dogs..... Sometimes people I know don't look like I know them to be.....Very strange things happening everyday....I am reading it is part of the Ascending experience.....So if you can get a plant sexed up....then you have to be well on the path.......

      I did read recently that, we know our soul does hold all the information we we must just ask our higher selves.....It seems to work..... ..Sometimes I feel I have a Lemurian past, gg grandmother's last name was I guess that's a sign..... I do know there must be Sirian planet where many live underwater,...I crave to always be living down below, a kid that's all I thought about..........
      Thanks for sharing your story........many many blessings to you sister..........:):):)
  • Hi..........Thank you.....Blessings to you..Walk in Peace....:):):)
  • Laughing....... :):):).....
  • thanks to your love and words of good vibrations:) salutations Cmdr. Ashana. We may meet in the air some day for we are destined for the sky. Visions fill me with a very furociously exciting upliftment. I too am recently discovering that I am A commander of a ship. its etheric and is being built. My connection to this ship is like an extension of my frequency(like i am programmed) to command a light ship. me and the ship are one like a conciousness connected to the collective(mysoul family) Its complex to explain and there always more but im curious more of what you have to say?how does you connection with your ship work ?
    -cmdr. Azaru...:)
    • Hi Azaru.... I'm not quite sure how this ship works,...crystals perhaps.It's not run by thought,I feel it could also be some sort of other energy source as well.I don't actually feel connected to the ship,I think my job was to mediate between various Galactic Nations....... I know I spent much time traveling.I think this ship is also like one of those ship/planet things,I don't have a word for it.That is probably why there is another energy source to power a ship city.I so long to go home, has driven e crazy my whole life.I can only begin to imagine the day we all become fully conscious..... wow....... Blessings to you my friend.,,,, Walk in peace...

      Commander Ashana........
  • Much Love Shiloh! I too have been thinking about connecting with my spirit family (or starseed). In fact today while meditating I crossed connection with a woman whom was channeling a very simular message. Maybe it was in fact you? A very simular message was given. It was as loud of if they stood beside me. Shiloh I am also Syrian. I look forward to speaking with you soon. Love & Light my sister
    • Love to you Romanus.......I have been talking to heaps of friends on fb,..and watching what their saying....... most of the messages being filtered to the Light Workers seems to be the same overall.......That is,....finding our soul families and all connecting.So it must be very important if we're all hearing the same,or doing the same thing.I feel that our soul families wont be to far from each other,groups of Spirits come through together so I assume it is the same for Starseeds....For practical purposes we need to be close enough to each other......... Blessings to you.......... Walk in Peace....:):):)..........
  • Namaste and thank you, Shiloh.
    I would love to tell you where I'm from...but...I've no clue although I've been told that I'm a starseed. I would love to know...where and how to start looking for my soul starseed connections. Blessings to you.
  • Funny Man..hahaha....:):):)
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