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I am a Starseed,....... Visionary and Warrior.

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  • Shiloh I was part of that revolution not the flower power revolution as I was a Conscientious Objector to Vietnam. I made headline news around the world after standing up for my convictions in the same place where Ned Kelly stood although I did not know it then. And yes there is a revolution but a quiet one and it is gathering enormous momentum. You are most welcome. I have just returned from Byron Bay where I met a wonderful dedicated core group of warriors. I also met a lovely Origine who has just been given 20,000 acres and is heading out now with his wife and young family on a property untouched where he is going to go organic and will be looking for others to join. We envisage a Scarlet Pimpernel change as all these new emerging true New Age Communities come together. Are you interested? You would have noticed the girls fashions are all in the pastel shades. The three main colors are Fuschia Lime and Acqua. This is reverse of the current rainbow. I will place a Poncho as a gift onto your site.Lots of Light and love Kingjeff
  • Hi, thanks for volunteering as friends. Now I tell you more about me thanks to one person who help reading my Akashic record.

    I was born in Sibu Malaysia as a Chinese man to a quite volatile family environment after incarnating 2 times in Spain luxuriously as a princess and then a doctor. My father passed away due to explosion at work even though he's quite an anger and likes overspending. My mom os the closest to me and had raised me though had to face the harsh mood of my father. Now it's quite OK but in my career. See....in this incarnation I am impoverished. I am still struggling and had been disemployed 4 times due to darkside attack.

    My first incarnation as human is in Procyan for 277 times before I cam to Earth to incarnate 300 times, all in lower dimension. One thing I was upset is, in Procyan, my soul did not pass the lesson because of non-spirituality even though I was a good and sociable engineer last time in Procyan.

    I first incarnate on Earth 3000BC in Germany as baker woman, single but independent and generous. See....my incarnation was seen generally in Europe, I am generous, grateful I am luxurious when in this life I am not. See how unique the life is - making multi-experience?

    Nice to meet you but I'm in office now, cannot let my boss know. WE meet again soon. Bye from now.



    PS I wonder how many starseed population in this Earth?
  • Thank you for your welcome.. Beautiful Picture......Peace and Love to you.
  • Dear Shiloh Your last name is Espanol Do You Speak Spanish?

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Nov 2, 2020
Shiloh Martinez replied to Another You's discussion Unusual Manifestations: Signs of a New Reality?
"Hi...I to have been experiencing very different and strange events, visions and a very different perception.It all happens when my frequency and vibrational levels are very high and especially when I am in the Happiness Love Zone.So I am assuming as…"
Dec 5, 2010
Shiloh Martinez replied to Shiloh Martinez's discussion 2011....Brand New World Wide "Counterculture Revolution " The New 60's..2011. StarFlower Power.
"Yes.......not far away in the beautiful little town of Lithgow........I'm organizing a get together for the first of January,..or first weekend in Jan....... Something in the park,music bands....whatever....60's/70's style....with some media…"
Nov 23, 2010
Shiloh Martinez posted a discussion
Hi all,... I have been thinking about this for some years now,.....I think the time is right,..right now........ We have the power to change us,...and the environment we're in.Imagine the vibration,imagine thousands all vibrating,...all working…
Nov 23, 2010

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"🥥 Every day a teaspoon of coconut oil already resulted in a softer and more nourished skin, also my hair feels softer.

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