There are no WALLS so the term dimensions is not suitable but the term densities sounds right.

So many keep repeating dimensions no no start saying densities 

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  • Krishna Kalki, personally, I've never observed 'walls' between dimensions...I see and experience 'dimensions' as fluid and interweaving bands of frequencies, and available depending on what 'band widths' we're vibrating in/with....and we can be/are continuously interacting with(in) multiple dimensions simultaneously, in a multidimensional existence... :)

    How is 'densities' relevant to states/dimensional 'bandwidths' beyond physical, that have no actual *density*?
    'Seventh density', for instance, just doesn't work for me... ;)

    I've never heard from Star Family/Inner guidance to use 'densities' instead of 'dimensions'.
    Obviously, our language can be very inadequate to trying to describe states beyond physicality in a contrast-based experience, where our language systems are based in duality...'this or that'...rather than 'yes, and'....

    But of course, if you resonate with densities instead of dimensions, go for it! Just realize that all such terms are limited, when we're attempting to describe that which is meta-physical, infinite, eternal...and we're all just doing our best, with what we've got on this earth plane... :)

    Blessings, Joanna ūüíõ‚ú®
    • We can use all of them, to highlight various aspects. For instance, they can already use 'frequency' alongside 'dimensions'. (I have adopted 'frequency' more than 'dimension').

      I bet 'density' will be the best if you want to apply quantum mechanics in say 'the quantum mind' or 'quantum healing', for instance 'reiki'. The chi or ki, if understood as 'of lower density' has a chance to be a quantum coherent 'superfluid', because quantum decoherence is never 100%. So there is indeed a very less dense fluid that pervades everywhere! This has a good chance of being the 'chi'!
      • In other words, 'yes and' rather than 'either or'....hehe... ;)
  • Exactly!! 'Dimension' is some of the greatest misnomers in new-age. I have repeatedly tried here to teach otherwise, but not even a single person echoed it! This is the first time I here someone here questioning this BS term.

    'Another dimension' cannot possibly mean 'another layer of reality'. This is a totaly bulshit usage of the word 'dimension'. Nobody, for instance, can possibly be 'in the fifth dimension'. The best he can be in is that 'one of their dimensions is a fifth dimension'.

    But why this, impossible to believe idea? Furthermore, physicists have ruled out the 'existence of large dimensions other than the 4'.
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