Ok, so these are dream memories but not really dreams, and are open to discussion and input, hopefully. I have posted some time ago that I would put out there some of my experiences to share. Read on then, those of you that have a science side to your brain or those whom like to wander from the norm, in your case what you adhere to on this site.First, I don't buy into all that is presented here regards ashtar and all, but do resonate with the spiritual side. My dreams are of two types, those of learning and messages given and then the normal dreams which I am sure you are familiar with. Also my wife has more memories of these than I do at times. Some of what we see in our other existence's we share in detail. I hesitate to leave the format here as I see on this site, but then have not followed these discussions here too closely so I may be ok.Now before you all take offense, I will tell you of a night, well two nights of an outing my wife claims to have. They both involved the two of us, one of which I may have mentioned here, but am to damn lazy to read what I said before. Yup, you will like these events for they support this whole site to a T. Know this people, my wife does not watch TV and especially anything to do with ufo's, aliens or such, she walks away. She does not read on the subject, she is in an educational aspect on this subject, virginal, but is even afraid to look at pictures of grays. She loved the big eyed cougars that would walk through walls and doors and surround her bed when she was little. Look up screen memories if you wonder why I mention this.Not so many years ago she came to me in the morning and told me of "one of those dreams". This means it was not a dream for these are foretelling or similar, three of which came to pass. She told me one morning of our being taken the night before on a large ship which she called a large beautiful building which hovered over this wonderful world, not this one. I remember this world as well from other visions accompanied by smaller pancake worlds which were artificial.She described our entering the house/ship through a small room with a hole in the middle of the room, one that went down and up which continued up through other floors. We were not to step into this opening, but to walk around to another door or opening which took us into the large room lined with windows looking over the world below. She paused and told me, we had been there before and she knew of this small room and was aware of the hole in the middle which I explained to her would levitate either up or down as needed.Then she described the inside of the ship which she told me was without any sharp corners, it was all smoothly sculptured with many, many niches and places filled with a vast number of beautiful artifacts. She compared the look to that of an adobe home created in flowing design. She told me these people loved beautiful things and put them where they could be seen. The ceiling was quite high for a reason, the men whom dominated the scene were very tall and very physically conditioned. They were in fact well over 7' tall and awfully good looking. She emphasized this a few times, which reminded me I was not in so great a condition any longer, something that could cause some jealousy on my part I suppose.Her take on these men were admiration for there physicality and she commented on their hair style, calling it a page something cut, long but neatly cut. They all dressed in a uniform, blue as I recall. She told me they were very silent and seemed like a cult at first, making sounds which were like humming. They seemed arrogant to her as well, which she admits was because of the their silent ways. Yet they communicated to her desires they had in mind, expressly her growing in a spiritual way, changing aspects of her life which she admits, but will not tell me the details, yet I know. I pointed out to her, that if they did not talk, yet communicated then mind to mind or telepathy was in play. This she understands because this happens to us all the time. She did say, that she quickly came to like these people after a short time.Digressing a bit, Around the same time, she reported that she had meetings with women in charge, mostly fair, but in one case a woman had reddish hair. Always one woman was the speaker or leader and the second remained quiet. We had a good time with this as she pointed out to me a waitress at Shorts Brewery that looked like the one with red hair, a woman with unusual looks and beauty.Now back to my tale. With tears in her eyes, she commenced to describe the world we were at. She not being poetic veered into a train of thought that was in fact very poetic, for how else can one describe such a beautiful world. She explained that it had idilic rolling hills, mountains with few roads, nature was the rule here. The colors glowed from the plant life, not light being reflected as is in our world. Somehow she saw the flowers as well and they glowed with an inner energy, sending colors out as well.She, my wife like myself is hardened by a tough life, but eyes brimming with tears told me she wanted to go back to this world, it is like heaven. Then she continued telling me she felt alone with us. She told me I was one of them, those people on the ship, we were trying to get her to do something when all of a sudden all of us just went away to the surface of the world, leaving her looking out the windows. It was then, she made a great effort to join us on the surface with cheering from other members there, encouraging her in her efforts. The story ended there with her efforts to change.I did mention I would tie in another event with this one in support of this first telling. This I may have told, but it fits, so sit tight and read on. We were north during this time, preparing for a trip to Mn. the next day. I had gone to bed and was meditating in preparation for sleep when my wife came into bed, saying good night. I looked at the clock and noticed it was our normal time to retire, a little after 11 pm. Starting over with visualization and a count down from ten, I got to about six when my dear wife started babbling excitedly and seemed upset.Irritated somewhat when she told me she was frightened and came back. What silliness was this, she just came to bed and not more than a few minutes had elapsed. Covering my irritation as I really wanted to go to sleep, I asked her, "what the hell are you talking about?" About that time, I glanced at the illuminated clock on the night stand and was shocked, almost an hour had gone by. I mentioned it to her and she was surprised as well, where had the time gone, what had happened during that lost time, I had no memory other than quietly counting down my breaths to six, it was a blank.Irritation was gone now, I wanted answers, so I encouraged her to continue with her telling, for surely something strange was going on. Something else had happened as well, she was as though drugged, not all there, a real spacey type of wakefulness. I am familiar with this from some of our events that have happened before, but in this case, I was normal for some reason, of which I was to find out the answers soon enough.Her answer was very insightful. "They took me alone tonight, the tall ones, they wanted me alone without you. They always take both of us together and I was afraid to go alone". "I was taken and I got scared and tried to scream for you and my lungs did not work, and then I came back". I reminded her they take us out of body perhaps and lungs don't work then. "Oh, I forgot" she told me. I say out of body because I have experienced this several times preceded by a high pitch sound in my head. But this time I did not experience any of that, I just had lost time.Seeing as she was still out of it, I asked her to tell me more and she continued. "The tall ones are in charge and the short ones work for them". She continued now and told me she always loved the little ones, they were with her when she and her sister were were children, they watched the two sisters from the woods but would never let the girls touch them, yet they were loved and gentle.We talked for a time about all this, but then she would pause and announce to me, "they are still here, they are waiting for me to go to sleep, they want me to go with them". I knew there was little we could do other than to trust she would be ok, because she already knew we had gone many other times. So finally she calmed down and we did go to sleep. If another taking happened that night, neither of us remembered it.I make no judgements here, I am merely presenting this for informational purposes. My memories of the short ones were when I was young and they left me with nose bleeds, not love however.My memories I put out here which are not really dreams and not spiritual are of landing on planets to terraform or visit these same planets later. Now and then, I seem to remember traveling to stars or outer planets, it is all mathematics to arrive at a point in space which is pre-determined and then to ascend there quickly like going up a tube or elevator shaft. We do not fly there like in the movies, darting around haphazardly, it is one quick move from one point to the second point in space. Kind of scary because if you don't do it right, distances are far too great to just fly like we do on earth.My last outing was to this small world which was dark, but receiving a little light. I wondered where we were, for it took very little time to ascend there and I was told it was pluto. Then I understood why it was so dark being so far from the sun. What bothered me was one of the women there took off her helmet and was able to survive this, must have been a dream or we were enclosed somehow.Just for giggles I will leave you with how the smaller ships in my reality operate. When taken up into one not so many years ago, I realized just before being drawn into it, it was an organic living organism. In fact it had what seemed a living brain or a very advanced computer system for it greeted me as an old friend and I it. When I lay back inside it, there were no obstructions from me seeing in all direction like in every direction the ship was invisible. The ship was in charge of itself and was a small vessel, not a large one I was shown that hides in clouds all the time, this was also shown me some years ago.Ok, I put out some of my/our experiences, not our future knowings, just the fun part for your entertainment. Like another I wrote, it will be ignored as I don't praise anyone or anything, life is not like that, ego of ourselves and others are of no consequence. Ultimately, we are spirit and our bodies, this earth and all else is just there, experience it and grow. If you choose to consider myself and wife insane, that decision becomes your experience, enjoy it as well and chuckle.So why am I putting this out there now. This last week, we were visited again, I was injured and my wife was misused unlike in the past. We are sorting this out, but know due to physical evidence like when they leave burn like marks after more than dreams and she remembers some of it.I have journaled two pregnancies in our early years which were terminated by the little and tall doctors and more. We never get upset, we talk lightly of this and live in happiness, but the orbs, shadow beings and much more tell us, dimensional manipulation is going on, now suddenly back to the physical. Input would be interesting here, but if not so be it. We experience our lives alone and cannot talk to anyone, whom would understand. We are sane to an extreme and will never seek recognition for any of our experiences. When we are messed with, we waken exhausted and at times with muscles sore as well. We are drugged it seems and takes most of a day to recover. Even the night an orb went into us, the same thing happened.Ask what you desire, at my age I may be blunt, life is far too short to beat around to bush, using an old term from my past.Stay happy people, I have also been out of body and seen a power of love far beyond anything I could imagine, I came back from that in tears, it is real, some would say God, I don't know, but I was loved beyond your dreams. I have also confronted evil and taken it from this dimension into another, that is a reality that others cannot understand, a very complex universe indeed.Keep the your sail full and the wind behind you.

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  • Thank you for sharing your unique experience. I am grateful for another piece of the puzzle.

    • Unity, went to your page, enjoyed your insightful replies on the spiritual level as well. Agree we are not connected to the source as well. My out of body experiences illustrate a singular lack of wisdom on my part, as the astral or spirit body so long as it is a part of this experience is no wiser than we in the body.

      I remember as a kid screaming at the sky to take me back off this planet, I was acutely aware this body had smothered me from a greater wisdom and I was blinded being here.
  • most people here have never been taken-I was but I think I was in my dreaming body,  I remember that I landed back into my body with a thud and the bed was shaking when I woke up - there seems to be greys who are into power and science who take people to contribute to their gene pool and for other nefarious reasons -then there are the tall ones with grey automatons or short human guys with bug eye helmets performing some type of wacky service for our gene pool and other nefarious but legal shenanigans -all done inter dimensional but mostly in 4d where thing are more magical/malleable -or dream states

    • Wish I could figure out all this myself. About the time I got it figured I was out in the astral one night and gotten pissed at a being, I woke with three burn like marks on my forearm. So some physicality was a part of it. On the other hand, I was outside the earth so my body was not involved.

      Now the spiritual ones, those that don't say much, just showed me my light body and said it is a sacred thing or the one that comforted me, never showed themselves, I am only aware of a presence. Just desire more conversation. In spite of a negative come back about then showing interest in little things in life, they let me know now and then of silly things, yet allow me to injured. They once after I woke up to be embraced by this mysterious woman whom loved me, she was only in shadow, I woke up and asked aloud whom she was, they answered loudly as well, "she is your girlfriend, your wife". And now I am about to bring coffee to her in bed this morning, they knew ahead of time. They also loudly proclaimed in my head once, "we watch you all the time". Damn, don't I have any privacy? LOL

      The greys are real, my wife came to know them. I may put out a journal of them and the tall Doctor that worked with them when they took a fetus years ago. But more than likely not on this site, folks here are in la la land far too much.
      • a lot of fake channeling -tricksters misleading and herding people for energy reasons- the reality is as you said we're being watched all the time because we're in the school, cameras everywhere-the tall whites and good greys operate in an alternate dimension like a movie set where they can manipulate the scenery, sounds though they can go into space-

        • Boy, you hit the nail on the head. I get those more than dreams now and then and recently it dealt with the distortion of reality. Think of the manipulators in front of a screen and we are the actors. Things would happen they had not planned on and within seconds they would distort the reality convincing humans that it did not happen as they saw. What made me angry, was the way folks believed the change in history, the change in reality and made it the truth inside their brains.

          The second dream I got so angry at the manipulation I was hitting the BIG RED RESET BUTTON. But before I connected my wife brought me out of sleep as I had been yelling. She does this now which before we had a rule for her not to, as I was out doing things and wanted to fight my battles without being brought back. But then this last year, I almost did not come back, a vortex was pulling my soul away and I could not fight it any longer and almost lost, kind of scary not getting her to respond to my call.
          • that sounds frightening-I have different harrowing ordeals in the middle of the night-sounds like experiences we have chosen to have, and maybe some extra abuse heaped on-try Jim Sparks' book-you may find a lot of similarities;


            the worst part of the ordeal is how they create absolute terror and you can't breathe

            -the grey I saw in my kitchen during the day did'nt scare me at all because I think he was one of the humans wearing a bug helmet-the tall whites with 3 fingered gloves are terrifying 

            • For some reason, I don't fea any longer. I have now and then felt a fear like you descibe, but stand my ground. It's a whole other story getting rid of the negative beings, we should talk of that some time. This has to do with changing their and your vibrations, willing them to lower and you to higher. One I took out of this dimension when it tried to kill me and I it, an old foe from my very early years. Side note here, neither of us can die.
              • Jim Sparks says the fear subsides-after they establish who's in charge-some kind of game -for energy

This reply was deleted.

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