Angelic Humans  AKA  Incarnate angels

So I was reading in one of Doreen Virtues books where she was talking about angelic humans.  She seems to put them one category.  That you can tell who as angelic human by their looks.  That they have certain features.  Having heart shaped faces and blond hair.  Or possibly have their hair dyed lighter.  That they are usually over weight.  I can say I love Doreen Virtue.  Most of the things she says rings true to me.  But the little bit she said about Angelic Incarnate angels was a little out there.

Take me for instance.  I am an incarnate angel.  But I have dark auburn hair.  I'm very petite.  At 5'1 and 102 lbs you could blow me away.  I do not believe we can pick out the angelic humans by their looks.  We all come in different sizes, shapes, races.  But I have also seen this written in other places.  And when I see it I'm just sitting there thinking what the heck.  Before I really woke up and smelled the cookies I thought maybe I had taken more of my fairy form seems how I'm so small and what not.  But that was years back I've grown a lot since then.

Of course she actually states that fairies at this time usually have a short hair and are short and petite.  So I can tell you I was so confused for a long time.  Her characteristics of Incarnate angels and fairies also confused me to the point where I was sitting there thinking well what am I.  Because I seem to have all the traits from both.

But here is the thing.  We have all lived many lives.  We've all lived on different planets.  We've all been here and there.  Star seed, Incarnate angel, wise ones, fairies what does it matter.  Why put them all in different classifications.  We are all here for the same reasons.  To help those around us as well as learn more about life as we know it.  To show love and kindness to all those around you.  To give even if you know your not going to get anything in return.  We are in the here and now and that is all that matters.  We are here to create the new world and bring our heaven to earth. Love and Light!!

I have a lot more I could say but I do believe I got most of my point across.  :)

Love and Light to you all


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  • lol I get your point, you're trying to suggest that this all sounds racist, which it kind of does. Your hair color and skin color have nothing to do with who you are on a soul level.

  • I also think the bit with the looks is not true. She seems to take this from the old paintings in which the angels were always depicted as blue eyed and blonde and on the chubby side, which, I'm sorry, but this makes me think she doesn't actually know what she's talking about.

    I still have a hard time believing the whole fairy thing. I mean...I'd rather not say anything, but I always have an open mind and am willing to have my mind changed.

    I also thought for a while that I'm of angelic origin (right now I don't know what to think anymore and I am not stressing it anymore), and I'm also short and slim and have light brown hair, hazel eyed and an oval face.

    In the end, I figured that it doesn't matter what I am, what matters is what I do with my time here. Instinctively, I may know what my purpose is, and what I am is non-important in the face of the work that needs to be done.

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