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I mean like if you get an Archangel Michael tattoo or a Goddess Bastet one (I'm pondering it).

Do you think it's a violation of the body or reverence that is unhealthy. I think some tattoos are beautiful.

Like to know what you think!



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as far as I know, they are not unhealth as long as you are havıng them in a proper tatoo studio...

just you have to think twice before having them as you will carry them with you whole your life...

I don't like tattoos...for me at least. My girlfriend has several on her thigh, her arm, she even has a half naked witch on her back lol I think it's sexy....but for me, I just don't see the need of getting a tattoo. I prefer to be, more natural. I don't know, I just wouldn't feel as mature or classy with a tattoo.

I much prefer art to stay off the body. Anywhere else but on the body permanently. But that's me in this life. Who knows, in another life, one may think it insane for art to be merely outside and not on the body itself.

Right now, I'm just fine without them.

I am far more than what a tattoo can ever say. I would literally have to have hundreds of millions of tattoos to fully express my self.

And being a supporter of the natural approach to the body, it feels right to enjoy the body for what it is, without the art.

I have tons of art everywhere around me, I also create art and all that works just right for me.

All that said, if things were malleable as they are in 4th density and upward, one could completely re-arrange one's appearance, day to day and enjoy that with others. Alternate between some of that and a more ordinary look, yeah, that'd be just swell!

Smth like this huh? ;)

It's your body....but IMO an older person (especially a woman) looks silly with them on their person, with all the wrinkles and sagging skin.......... Then again if it is in a non-conspicuous place, who cares, as long as it makes you happy, as in the end, you are the one that see it every day. Getting them removed is not easy and your skin will never look the same. Here's an idea, get a temp one and see how you like it in a couple of weeks. If you don't like, take it off.  :-)

Tattoos are OK as long as they're  not obnoxious.  Best to get in a place that you can cover up; but I'll tell you one thing:  When you're old and maybe in a nursing home you're going to damn dumb with those tattoos.

With all respect--
How could it be your body? We came into it from"somewhere"
And when we leave it behind they mostly burn it or store it in a box for future reference..
I think its our chance to use the body as we see fit--- but whose body is it anyway?
We build it from the earth it starts as a little seed.
What the heck are we here for anyway?
Surely not to live in pain and fear.

Yup, life is definitely more who your are and how you are with all others, than what you know.

I think it highly depends on what you imprint on your skin!

I've got a Reiki symbol for Healing on my left arm.

What could be wrong about that?

But I would never tattoo a skull or negative symbols on my skin.

I believe that certain symbols can very powerfully influence the water in your body.

That's why I've got that healing symbol on my skin.

As I want to get 100% healthy again!! :)


Another I want to add to my other arm is the aegyptian Ankh symbol - as it symbolizes immortality. :D

Oooh, the receiving side...grrroovy!



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