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Dealing with the dissapointment of the 21st of December 2012.

By now there will be alot of people here on Ashtar command and throughout the spiritual community who will be feeling a great sense of dissapointment, even anger at the "non" event of today. Many including mylself had been led to beleive there would be a mass upliftment to a brighter, lighter dimension where no evil or stuggle can ever exist... a veritable paraside where we would never have to suffer again...  passing our every day doing whatever our heart desired. Now that the day has passed with not even the slightest inkling of change, one has to ask the obvious questions of when, if ever we shall reach this heavenly place? Perhaps more significantly... when are we going to see meaningful change?

Despite any claims to the contrary, the illuminati are still firmly entrenched in power; probably in whales of laughter this very moment at how stupid and gullible we were for beleiving we would be whisked away to a better place by this even of galactic proportions. My question remains as it always has... what is going to be that one thing that enacts some kind of meaningful change? That finally removes the dark ones from their throwns and return freedom to the people of this planet? Will it be first contact, whenever that arrives... or will it collapse from within? They still own and control all the major banks, corporations, media outlets and therefor governments... in other words total control of the planet. The most disturbing thing of all is that people in the so-called "Industrailised west" are actually stupid enough to beleive we are living in a free and democratic world. This is what makes change so difficult... for the easiest way to enslave a man is to make him beleive he is free... in this case it seems... and chillingly so... the illuminati succeeded.

What further confuses me is the fact there were no aliens to come through any channelers to tell us that nothing was going to happen on the 21st of December and that it was all a big hoax... why were we not warned of this by any benevolent beings? And moving forward, who can we now trust? Looking forward, it is hard to know who or what is to be trusted... and what we can do to make a change. We must continue to send positive thoughts to our benevolent ET friends  and invite them to force the issue of first contact a little bit more. We need to continue to spread the word about the lie that our governments live, and the reality of who runs the world and why... and we need to stop serving the matrix on an individual level... Ie... stop reading any and all illuminati news media, including newspapers, magazines and books... stop indulging in the dark illuminati "entertainment" industry, such as violent games and movies, as well as negetive soul-destroying music such as hip hop and heavy metal. It is of the upmost importance also that we stop eating all animal flesh and spend as much time in nature as is possible


There are alot of things that are out of our direct control, but with a little bit of positive indiviual action, perhaps it could be the catalyst  for great change.




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 They promised,they convinced us - we did our best .........and the result is our fault? I dont think so...Somehow I feel deceived and used.Once more I read all my recorded messages and  I see all of them were hoax.And I am somewhat  sure it isnt o u r  feilure.I learned from the old messages that all Archoints are removed,all leader Cabal,and the Haven gave way to our "Golden Age" and there "would have been dissolved all the remaining pieces of karma".It was written "black-on white",you can check your archives.I did.

On THAT DAY I felt "nose over the clouds" and even so a lot of UFOs/ fortunately I manages to leave my densest country for blue skied Spain and later after many hours I answer the call from home - more fines,one more bailiff and eviction ...and thats

how my ascension ended.However,started with highest spirits.

So,I am still in shock ,but not positive one.All

Some of us have been speaking TRUTH all along. But the real lesson here is perhaps that we must begin trusting in YOUrSELF. Plus, now that all those half-truths and partial-truths channels are all being called on their crap, well that will sort out all the confusion quite readily now, won't it?! ;)

Here is a scribe I posted on 12.21.12 in answer to someone asking me this very question:

Yes, well that is an excellent question and fair indeed. So, let me ask you, dear heart, ARE YOU in the same old body? Please take a moment and ask this from within your heart, ask your Higher Self and you will surely be filled with a breakthrough of understanding and wisdom. You see, as we are in meditation/prayer, we are all feeling specific sensations, individual to each our own experience. These are upgrades to your DNA and to the physical make up of your body, changing the density of ALL that which makes up your body. Ascension is not a magical place or time in which we pass through. 12.21.12 marks a "place" in linear "time" in which the energies in our solar system are now fully into the Age of Aquarius. These energies will allow for an accelerated journey for all those initiates holding their Deliberate Intent and Divine Willpower towards returning fully back to Spirit in living form, eventually transcending those lower vibrational frequency patterns of the 3rd and 4th dimensions, moving beyond duality and fully grounding one's self into the 5th dimension here on Gaia. Ascension is an individual and personal experience that is vastly different for each and every single individual.

Do not fear, you are loved, you are looked after and you will succeed exactly as intended by THE ALMIGHTY ONE and precisely when your higher self has determined for you. Do not worry, you will not miss out on anything, dear one. You are currently living your mission and you are well on track with your individual ascension. Have Faith in addition to your hope and watch as your love for all that you are and all that is manifests into everything you have been dreaming for. All in due "time" as the eventual ascension into the 5th dimension will be of an expanded awareness, that of which ALL time is experienced at once. Through the Mastery of your own Heart/Mind, you will soon move forward, backward and even sideways through time. So do not rush, as in the grand scheme of things, dear heart, you ARE already there! Congratulations! Stay your Deliberate Intent and your Divine Willpower and continue to ask the Angels and your Guides for assistance and your individual linear pathway will lead you exactly and precisely where and when you desire. love and adoration for all that you do and all that you are! ♥ Jacob


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This date of Dec.21st was to represent the internal shift. All that expected external change was let down because it was to disappoint on purpose and redirect the true meaning of that date. In the end it doesnt matter who gets it or not, things are happening. When the date passed, I was so shocked to find out how far we really are in change. The events we are expecting are events of progress not destructive.

As long as you are 'led to believe' you have to learn to attune to your own inner guidance. It is not enough that the surroundings lift frequency as they have, but you need also to lift your own frequency, and change your glasses with whom you perceive the world. Old believes are still present in the brain in the form of programming. This is your task to get rid off. The earth is now anchored in 5d so basically you just have to keep up with her and attune to the changes. The Activations are here, its a matter of allowing the change to occur in your self and with that to see them around you as well. Disclosure and contact has to occur inside before it takes place outside.



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