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Dealing with the dissapointment of the 21st of December 2012.

By now there will be alot of people here on Ashtar command and throughout the spiritual community who will be feeling a great sense of dissapointment, even anger at the "non" event of today. Many including mylself had been led to beleive there would be a mass upliftment to a brighter, lighter dimension where no evil or stuggle can ever exist... a veritable paraside where we would never have to suffer again...  passing our every day doing whatever our heart desired. Now that the day has passed with not even the slightest inkling of change, one has to ask the obvious questions of when, if ever we shall reach this heavenly place? Perhaps more significantly... when are we going to see meaningful change?

Despite any claims to the contrary, the illuminati are still firmly entrenched in power; probably in whales of laughter this very moment at how stupid and gullible we were for beleiving we would be whisked away to a better place by this even of galactic proportions. My question remains as it always has... what is going to be that one thing that enacts some kind of meaningful change? That finally removes the dark ones from their throwns and return freedom to the people of this planet? Will it be first contact, whenever that arrives... or will it collapse from within? They still own and control all the major banks, corporations, media outlets and therefor governments... in other words total control of the planet. The most disturbing thing of all is that people in the so-called "Industrailised west" are actually stupid enough to beleive we are living in a free and democratic world. This is what makes change so difficult... for the easiest way to enslave a man is to make him beleive he is free... in this case it seems... and chillingly so... the illuminati succeeded.

What further confuses me is the fact there were no aliens to come through any channelers to tell us that nothing was going to happen on the 21st of December and that it was all a big hoax... why were we not warned of this by any benevolent beings? And moving forward, who can we now trust? Looking forward, it is hard to know who or what is to be trusted... and what we can do to make a change. We must continue to send positive thoughts to our benevolent ET friends  and invite them to force the issue of first contact a little bit more. We need to continue to spread the word about the lie that our governments live, and the reality of who runs the world and why... and we need to stop serving the matrix on an individual level... Ie... stop reading any and all illuminati news media, including newspapers, magazines and books... stop indulging in the dark illuminati "entertainment" industry, such as violent games and movies, as well as negetive soul-destroying music such as hip hop and heavy metal. It is of the upmost importance also that we stop eating all animal flesh and spend as much time in nature as is possible


There are alot of things that are out of our direct control, but with a little bit of positive indiviual action, perhaps it could be the catalyst  for great change.




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Read this

a) The date of this activation (December 21st) is likely NOT the date when the Event will be taking place
b) The date of this activation (December 21st) is NOT the date when the official First Contact / Mass Landings will be taking place
c) The date of this activation (December 21st) is absolutely NOT the date when any of the negative scenarios (polar shift, catastrophic Earth changes, two suns, any major Cabal's flase flag events, etc) will be taking place.
This is just the beginning. The activation.

I don't think so.... Like DRACO AND I. never trust and believed false messages from false chanellers. they are just  puppets of the dark forces. ONLY ONE FROM HEAVEN AND THAT IS JESUS CHRIST can make changes in this planet.... because EARTH IS FOR HIM and not for the satanels.....

But, jesus christ were introduced to this planet only 2000 years ago, while this planet was occuppied by alien malevolent forces more than half a million years ago. What makes you think Jesus is not one of their illusions as well?

Everyone is entitled to their own belief....

Let each person call on the truth God Jesus Krishna Source whatever you want to call it..

No need to bash people over a name..

God doesnt care what name you use.....

Go ahead and ask Her..

Let God be the Judge..

Not me or you edla

Go by how a person treats you..

if their heart is open to goodwill and kindness..

Why make such a big fuss?

Draco my friend, check this out it may help to answer some questions.

Just go with the flow brother :) Namaste

I think its easy to be disappointed if you are looking for external changes. Because realistically, they were never a part of the ascension agenda. External changes related to the ascension are human constructs.

What I've noticed over the course of the day is there is a cumulative affect as the energies communicate with your dna. 

There also  people who have been in, and in and out of multi d for some time now. so if you are one f these people, you may not notice very much change. because you've already created those changes.

Over the course of the day I've noticed behavioural changes. there have been extra tones and volume added to the pineal orchestra. and the eyes are working differently. I ca now see the multi dimensional nature of air.Particularly at night Without the assistance of entheogenic substances.

all in all I have to say that I AM thrilled with the results thus far. The differences are subtle. And very real. I gues its just a matter of expectation.



I ca now see the multi dimensional nature of air.Particularly at night Without the assistance of entheogenic substances.

can you explain more in details about the "multi dimensional nature of air" you're seeing? I wanna know if it has similarities to mine.

I am curious too, what you meant by that statement.  Check back on older statements on another one of my accounts on the site (I foolishly deleted and came back), and I've always held a special relationship to the sky and ground.  Freshest for me is standing out in quiet nowhere, on untouched desert dirt and looking at the vast sky... you might have an idea how grand it feels for me.

Well, you see the air, but you also see things in "bewteen". There's more to air than just the air so to speak.

You'll also find that the gridworks and patterns of this body of energy you see in the air (or when you close your euyes), is directly responsive to your thoughts and intentions. I.e you can shape them according to your thoughts.

That makes sense.  When I was little, I'd always look at the clouds and sky and convince myself they were a gateway to another place beyond.  In the clouds, so to speak... it was an odd fascination of mind.  It makes sense, now. =)

(I also to look for fairies, but neh)

thank you ALL..we are doing whatever each can to search for unique but common Divine Guidance from within..the Goal/Path do is toward the LIght we each continue in accordance with our own pace…some have (maybe ‘have’ is not best description) to evolve as we are given/guided from within/own truth/fate…the ‘outside’..dark that controls have no other choice.   To me..deep inside I ask for to forgive..stay in Faith/Trust/Hope…in accordance we methinks to learn from past mistakes..misguidance from parents..ancestral failings..and the process is slow..each at own pace..  if some have experienced true progress..a bit further along..they share tools..  as far as what tools are best for each unique being..we need to stay courageous..  if at first we don’t it is daunting/confusing for most..must (hopefully) still be brave..keep working on it.. 

I'm not sure 21st Dec was a big hoax - but rather people played on that date, and rampted up the fear.  Fear makes people as well as the presenters - very illogical.  They made money on 2012 websites, and causing people to fear.


It's not upto the benevolent ETs to tell us what to believe, but rather it's a lesson to trust ourselves. To take what resonates with us as truth, to assess the current state of the world in all logical and with our intellect. Too many people follow like sheep.


Last year there were messages that a comet was going to hit on a certain date in Sept.  I fell for that then after that I ignored date 'watching'.


I do believe the world we live in is unsustainable, and it is only a matter of time for the out of control economy to collapse. I've also had a dream about that, so to me - I believe it.  I am not wanting you to believe it but to logically assess whether we are living in a sustainable culture - or one where the whole society could be tipped out of control due to oil (and the middle East controlling it) or a solar flare knocking out power, therefore knocking out the electrical grid, then a domino effect after that. 


People who live with no banking system in their own self sustainable culture - will survive.  Most of us however are dependant on a system, one that is fragile.  The NWO do have alot of control at the moment and their plan is to kill off millions of people (see the Georgia Stones).


I personally cannot see or feel, any future.  I think this is a time for ascension growth and to get ourselves off the wheel of karma, therefore entering a new dimension - whether that is life on Earth now - and one if we should leave the planet (evacuation/rapture or death). I have also dreamt of paradise, so I believe paradise is real and can await those who perfect and purify themselves here in the Earth School.


I have also been personally guided to stock up on some long life food and water containers, batteries, torches, gas cooker, camping gear etc.  I know those feelings were intensely strong.  However I'm also planning a week's holiday in February - so I'm also learning to live in the world NOW.  To stop, have a swim, feel nature, and enjoy.




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