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just went to go check out David Wilcock's info and I'm met with statement


This Account Has Been Suspended

very strange indeed....


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Too many lies?


Time to spend all the money he has made till now?


Was it all he told us bull?


Who knows... ;)

The site is apparently being upgraded.

Well it says this now:

"We are upgrading our site.

The process should take a couple of hours. 
Please come back later.
A new and improved site is being built just for you.


Yeah, who knows maybe he's not all for real.. if you think about it, what he talks about is very cool, but a lot of it is really 'out there' and is there really any proof..? We need to stick to some facts to stay real here..

I just went to his site and it said,"It was undergoing upgrades not a suspention!"I'am sure it will be back soon.For us all to enjoy.
when i look at it it clearly says suspended so I guess they changed it lol
I wonder if it has to do with the Disclosure Project.  David hasn't sent out an update in awhile too.
As a whistle blower, David is highly respected for his work & effort in spreading his knowledge & forbidden infor.. My prayers are with him. Namaste!!
I like David too, though he isn't on my go-to list of important channels.   It isn't that I don't trust what he says, though maybe he's too wordy lol.   I admit I was a little put off by some of the people who post on his web site, I prefer to keep my distance from some of the more aggresive lightworkers.   
Sounds as though many sites are down for maintenance; or up for maintenance, up, down, or around, lol.  I'm thinking of joining a multitude other places now so I can stay connected to this information and other people of like minds.  I've never been to David Wilcocks site, I hope to be able to check it out eventually.
I just wanted to mention that has a ton of up to date channelings and information from a wide range of people.  Just thought you may like it.
RThat one in particular, I have been considering.  Thank you Kelly.
they were hacked apparently and are sorting it out. Should be back up soon.



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