I just read this and am wondering what you all think about David W.  I have never really been a follower of his stuff but did like his Force Field Investigations..I just may not know how to take him and am not sure if he is backpedaling because 2012 December is right around the corner and a lot of his predictions have fell flat or what his deal is. What do you think?  I am not looking for people to start arguing over opinions, please do not.  I just am feeling out what this guy is all about. 


Are we about to see incredible changes for the positive? Will the end of the Mayan Calendar bring triumph rather than disaster? It's time to share the information I've been hearing about major changes we may be about to see. I hope you enjoy it!


Many people have complained about how long it has been since I wrote the last piece – and I do apologize for that.
There are times where quality is vastly more important than quantity. This was one of them. I did not know I was going to get pulled into such an extended "meditation retreat" when this all started.
Shortly after I finished "Will There Be a Quantum Awakening in 2012?", I finally started getting good sleep again. And with sleep comes dream data -- considering I've been capturing and analyzing them every morning for 20 years now.
I had been so stressed out before writing this piece that I was only getting bits and pieces of data each day -- if anything -- throughout July and August in particular.
Once I started getting good rest, and published the piece, a series of intense dreams gave me a very strong message. I was being guided -- nay, just about demanded -- to change my plans. Radically.
I was quite clearly being asked to abandon everything I was already working on -- which was very complex, including dozens of articles I'd collected on LIBOR, mass shootings, Illuminati and what have you -- and really get centered in nature.
Most importantly, a series of powerful dreams -- some of which were nightmares -- told me to completely stop "fighting" the negative elite.
In the most significant dream, a very evil Illuminati character was vigorously battling me.
He was literally an embodiment of Lucifer. He had goat-styled ears and totally black eyes, but was an otherwise young and rich-looking man. He was very stylishly dressed in a shiny, custom-tailored tuxedo.
There were a bunch of people around in a super-elite dinner party. The men were all dressed like he was, and the women all had elegant, glittering dinner gowns and lavish diamond jewelry.
He seemed to have all of them under some sort of hypnotic control.
I had somehow gotten invited to this party. There was an attractive woman there who I recognized as an old friend. She took a strong romantic interest in me.
At this point I had no idea that anything strange was going on. She was delighted to see me, clearly had a very strong attraction, and wanted to do something about it -- as soon as possible.
I was completely shocked when this athletic-looking man then levitated down from the ceiling, right next to her -- and began staring me down.
First he spoke to her quite harshly -- and she felt very ashamed. She turned her head and covered her face.
Then, SNAP!  He turned to me. Suddenly, his eyes were totally black -- and he had the ears of a goat. I almost vomited from fear.
It was Lucifer -- and apparently I was caught trying to steal his girlfriend!
I realized he had everyone under hypnotic control. I was the only one there who could see what he really looked like.
She had been starting to wrestle free -- just a bit -- but I wasn't under his control at all.
My "betrayal" caused him to become extremely angry. He attacked me -- and made all sorts of outrageous threats.
For some reason, I got totally calm, went into "warrior mode," and had absolute confidence that I could defeat him.
I suddenly found that I had similar abilities as he did -- including teleportation, telekinesis, et cetera -- but I was better at it than he was.
The battle we fought was quite epic -- and would make an incredible movie scene if it could be done properly. Forget about "The Matrix." This was CRAZY.
As he attacked me, these people in the party just continued right along, laughing and drinking champagne, as if nothing was happening -- even as stuff was flying all around them.
I was never actually damaged or even touched in this battle. It was more about his bravado -- and trying to create the fear.
He said lots of scary-sounding things as he appeared and disappeared around the room -- but I could never quite reach him.
After an extended battle, in which he seemed to get progressively weaker and weaker, there was a sudden scene change.
Now I was with a few other people in a room next to where the party had been. It was an archaic-looking stable, made out of weathered wood, with hay all over the floor.
About three other guys and I were standing there, arms crossed, looking down at this moldering brown skeleton in the hay.
The skeleton appeared to have a certain degree of small jewels and gold nuggets encrusted into its browning surface -- and it glittered.
Now he couldn't move around anymore. I had him. Finally!
I grabbed a sledgehammer on the wall. I held it high over my head -- and prepared to bash his head in with it. I wanted to finish him off -- once and for all.
It sounded like I was hitting metal. Then -- to make matters worse -- the skull immediately started growing thicker!
I whacked his skull again. It continued growing even more! This was quite a disturbing phenomenon to watch. What the hell was happening?
Someone who had been watching all this on the sidelines -- actually a person from India or Southeast Asia -- suddenly begged me to stop pounding on the skeleton at this point.
"Please stop!" this person said. "He's almost gone now. If you attack him it will only make him stronger!"
This was the key set of scenes in an incredible Illuminati dream that was much more complex than what I have already shared here.
This dream was so detailed and powerful that it took pages and pages to write it all up -- and it triggered a tremendous healing process for me to move through.
Clearly, the message was that I would only be giving the "negative elite" more publicity if I released all the hyper-complex expose' material I was working on.
In the process of giving them publicity, I would have created fear -- even if that was not my intention.
And by creating fear, I would have actually been making them stronger.
After a great deal of introspection and daily dream guidance, I have seen that it is still OK for me to write about this type of material.
It just has to be done in the proper spirit -- conveying the true hope and positive message I have always seen.
I just shared with you only one section from literally dozens of dreams I have had that are predicting an imminent, spectacular global event -- where Financial Tyranny is fully rooted out and exposed.
I recently put all these dreams into a file. Just the raw data alone, in bullet points, without any additional analysis or writeup, is 54 pages long.
I may post this if it seems appropriate and I am guided to do so. However, I have had so much redundancy, and the messages are so clear, that it seems there is now no other way this situation can turn out.
These negative forces will most definitely be exposed on a mass level. Imminently. Exactly how imminent, I am not certain... but it would definitely appear to be before the end of this year.
No more mainstream media lies. No more mass denial. This is going to be the Big One.
I have clearly been told that we will first see something that looks like a very scary economic collapse -- but that we will come through it miraculously unscathed. The fear is much worse than what will actually happen.
In fact, the key dream that predicted this imminent economic collapse used the same symbols as the dreams I'd published here in 1999, 2000 and 2001 -- which ended up being highly prophetic of 9/11.
I also posted dreams that clearly predicted the BP oil spill and Fukushima in advance. In both cases, many people were expecting the worst -- saying these events could destroy the world.
I made blatant public predictions, in both cases, that we would be OK. My dreams had clearly and repeatedly described what was going to happen, and the fact that we would get through it -- and survive as a planet.
Many people thought I was very irresponsible to say that these events would not destroy us. However, the oceans were not destroyed and the radiation levels have not gone to the point where everyone is dying.
The frequency, urgency and strength of the dreams I have now had since the beginning of September are higher than for any other major event I've ever seen coming in advance.
This leads me to believe that we really do not have long to wait -- at all -- to see this start coming true.
Apparently, from the higher perspective, the negative elite now have a mathematical certainty of defeat.
In physical terms they may have a few moves left to make, but these are very few -- and regardless of the choices they make, or the tricks they try to pull, the outcome will be the same.
This outcome, as I am now seeing it, is ridiculously positive.
Apparently we will see a full exposure of the bad stuff, followed by, or in conjunction with, a remarkable Disclosure about all the other humans out there -- who have been visiting us throughout all of history to help us out.
A wealth of technologies that can heal our planet, and throw us straight into the Star Trek age, will suddenly show up as well.
These gadgets have been there for many years now. They are just being held under great secrecy, on pain of death for those who try to unveil the truth.
I've seen the dream data have an uncanny ability to peer into future timelines for well over 20 years now.
Apparently there are no timelines left in which the negative elite can prevail. Not one. They are utterly, totally and completely finished.
This does not mean that the people who are preparing to take the actions that will make this happen should cancel their plans.
Instead, I am seeing that although they will have a real fight on their hands, and things could get a little crazy for a few days, it will all work out beautifully.
I was quite surprised to get dream data indicating they were so certain of this outcome that I didn't even need to participate in the battle anymore.
Nonetheless, morning after morning, throughout most of September, that's what I got.
I am telling you this now because I finally reached a point where it seemed clear that it was the right thing to do.
At first, I didn't know if I would ever be asked / allowed to write about any of this stuff again. I wasn't even sure if I was cleared to share the dreams I had been getting.
Everyone wanted me to write something new. My insiders were telling me data that seemed to validate what the dreams were saying very nicely. What was I supposed to do?
I had to step back and honestly ask myself: "If I can't write anything about the Financial Tyranny stuff anymore, and I can't fight these guys anymore, what is there left for me to do? What's the best way for me to help out?"
In order to get the answer to that question, I had to spend a lot of time getting "grounded" in nature -- in a prolonged trip away from home.
The results of this big time-out have been amazing. I had already planned on getting out of my normal environment, but I really didn't see what it was for -- I just knew that I was being driven to do it.
I am now on an extended trip in the wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains -- specifically in and around Banff National Park in Alberta.
In all honesty, I consider Banff to be the most magnificent and spiritually powerful area in all of North America. That's why I'm here.
The sights are on par with the Swiss Alps, Patagonia, the mountains of Peru and the mountains in New Zealand that were shot in Lord of the Rings.
Banff is heavily advertised in Asia, so the tourist population here is nearly 40 percent Asian -- but hardly anyone in America knows about it.
I didn't know about Banff until I did a "sacred tour" here with Kevin Fitzgerald as the organizer. If you start Googling photos of Banff, you will soon understand why it is so special.
The photograph at the top of this article is from Moraine Lake, which I've visited on five different days now while I've been here -- as well as lots of time around Lake Louise.
My original reason for coming out here was to finish my book -- which has admittedly been horribly stressful. I was also ridiculously stressed out writing The Source Field Investigations, but I ended up being very happy with the finished product.
I have made very significant progress on that front. I've now done three different page-one rewrites in order to figure out how best to engage this subject -- and I finally got it while walking in the woods, seeing beautiful mountains and lakes.
The energy of this land has also helped me get great sleep -- which in turn led to this amazing assortment of prophetic dreams that have now come in.
Furthermore, the dreams have guided me through some extremely powerful emotional cleansing and healing.
I've been able to look at all the most painful stuff -- including problems that were ongoing -- and reach new levels of forgiveness and acceptance.
Much of this is personal, and needs to remain that way. However, I can honestly say I feel like a tremendous emotional burden has lifted from my shoulders.
There was a focal-point moment where the greatest "healing crisis" took place -- as I went through lots of painful memories, including the death threats I received, the tragic death of my buddy in April, and traumatic details going all the way back to childhood.
During this time my body could not feel or stay warm. My teeth chattered for about 90 minutes straight as I writhed under the covers and shed constant tears, without actually making noise. If I didn't let my teeth chatter I started hyperventilating.
This has only ever happened to me two other times -- both of which were earlier this year. In that moment it is a feeling of total aloneness.
Yes, it's all just emotions -- ultimately speaking. You can train yourself to step back and observe them -- at times. That doesn't change how powerful and real they can be in the moment.
Thankfully, I've been through enough "dark night of the soul" experiences that I did not panic. I knew I had to commit to this and not run from it. I pushed through it, let the emotions come out, and I ultimately did feel much better.
I had another highly powerful dream recently that reported back on this healing process very favorably. And yet, the message was very intense.
It clearly showed me there are only two ways you can live your life. There are only two choices you can really make.
One choice is to be forgiving, patient, loving, accepting, kind and nurturing towards other people. In Law of One terms, this is the path of "Love," "service to others," or the "positive polarity."
The other choice is to treat other people as weak, pathetic, disgusting, shameful and utterly unworthy -- to see yourself as clearly and obviously superior, and to have absolutely no care or concern about their feelings -- unless it benefits you.
In Law of One terms, this is the path of "Control," "service to self," or the "negative polarity."
I was shown very clearly in dreams that it is absolutely useless and destructive to choose the path of Control -- for any reason -- unless you fully and completely intend to become a sociopathic mass murderer.
If you do choose this path, everything you do to others will end up being paid back to you anyway -- with meticulous, grueling precision.
I have personally been dazzled by how much "karma" I still have had to work off -- just to pay back debts I accrued from other lifetimes, not even this one. Dreams have meticulously guided me through every step of this process.
99 percent of the people who read this website would say I have done a terrific job, and have made tremendous personal sacrifices to help the planet.
Even so, I have been quite surprised at the amount of old stuff I still had to work through -- in order to get truly clear, and pay back debts.
Given that I have generated a great deal of positive karma in this life, by universal terms, I was left with a very powerful reflection on what would happen if I had not been so kind.

Well after I had these incredible cleansing dreams, I was clearly shown that even the slightest choices I make in the direction of the path of "service to self" only have one logical outcome.
If I wasn't going to become a sociopath, then there was absolutely no point in making those choices.
This does not mean that "Control" is bad, or that helping yourself is bad. The terms like "path of Control" and "service to self" are really referring to "the manipulation and control of others for the benefit of the self."
There are many behavioral traits that are classic giveaways that someone is choosing the "left-handed path."
This includes narcissism, self-involvement, entitlement, jealousy, rage, selfishness, manipulation, criticism, impatience, nit-picking and antisocial / criminal behavior.
Perhaps the most significant Law of One passage is, "In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma."
Forgiving others IS forgiving yourself.
Once you give that magic gift of forgiveness, let go of the need and desire to try to control other people's free will and can see them as beings of infinite worth, you are no longer bound to the "wheel of karma."
The "wheel of karma" is what everyone continues to run through until they no longer choose the path of Control -- even slightly.
Each cycle of the wheel starts out with that feeling that you are on "top of the world" and everything is coming up roses. You are totally high, totally invigorated, and nothing can stop you.
However, as the wheel turns, things keep getting worse and worse -- until you reach that "Dark Night of the Soul" or "All is Lost" point.
This is NOT the end of the wheel -- ever. Even though we may absolutely believe it will be the end, and resist it with all of our might, sooner or later it catches up to us -- and we "hit bottom".
After hitting this point, and suffering profoundly, we "pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and start all over again."
I've now spent 20 years clean and sober, completely avoiding the crutch of drugs and alcohol that I once used to blot out my darkest emotions. It hasn't been easy -- but I've done it.
The wheel keeps turning -- in perpetuity -- until we fully master the lessons of forgiveness. Then, and only then, can it actually stay at the top -- without having to turn any further.
continued at:


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  • I hear you, Kevin. We each have to use our own judgment.
  • I have tried repeatedly to access a former life, and all I ever get is me walking behind an ox, ploughing up some rough dirt. I'm wearing crude sandals.
  • About not fighting the Illuminati, well it might work sending them love instead. The Illuminati want to "put the fear of the devil"  into the people and if we react by sending them unconditional love instead of being afraid they would hate that. It would feel for them that we pity them and that they cannot control us at all. And  an Illuminati without control looses his powers. 

    As long as people get scared,reading David's messages these messages are counterproductive..

    Love, light and laughter

  • Although David Wilcock's story echoes the experience of hundreds, maybe even thousands of souls placed on Earth for the times we're living in, his mission is as important and valuable as this of all his brother/sister healers of the planet. We may not all be working in the same field of expertise and may not all be publicly known, but we are all parts of the same machine to bring this planet back to Creator God. "Thy kingdom come. Thy WILL be done on Earth as it is written in Heaven." PRAISE ! 

  • "he says stop fighting the illuminati"

    Lol .. I'm gonna keep annihilating Illuminaughty black-op's for as long as they try to put me in jail for things I haven't done (they've tried 2 times already, they are on their third attempt now, over an 11 year period)..

    The moment they cease doing that, is the moment I'll cease exterminating their agents. ;)

    Until then I'll just keep shootin' ;)

  • I recognize the voice on this vid...it's the leader of the Desteni Movement;  Bernard Poolman. I've heard ( because he never appears in a video ever..) a lot of his lectures and interviews because I was interested in what the Desteni was, and all I was hearing is fear mongering an a general feeling that life on this planet is basically f&^$#ed. He also has farms all around the world, where when you enter, you have to shave your head and "give" the organization your belongings and savings, all in the ruse called equal money system...it smells a bit like scientology to me. Do note that I do not condemn followers of Desteni, just their leader taking it all for himself and cussing out other people that in his eyes are doing the exact same thing....hmmm wasn't that called hipocrisy??

  • You hit the head on the nail Tom!!!

  • There is probably one thing the Illuminatie will not be able to fight. LOVE.

    So I think indeed we should stop fighting them. I think we should stop fighting anything. Just surrender your heart, let go of you ego, set it free and start forgiving yourself, and LOVING yourself.

    Truth is not important. As it will come out when we start loving.

    • ...yup... exactly... we just need to stop fighting "walls"... and just...surpass them, and leave them behind...

  • Stealing Lucifer's girlfriend should tell you all you need to know.  Personal dramas of power, rivalry and competition throughout.  And then there is the need to travel to the "most spiritually powerful" area in North America.  Power spots are where you are and not where you go.  Let him go.

This reply was deleted.

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