David Icke Newsletter, October 16th 2011

David Icke  Newsletter, October 16th 2011



It's Time To Choose

Hello all,

So from the  'Arab Spring' that wasn't to the 'American Fall' that isn't
yet and maybe won't  be at all. The fork in the road beckons for those
involved in the Wall Street  protest and others around America and the wider world
to decide what it will  be.

The word is streetwise; the word is informed; the word is  awake.

Those who don't know the game or are assets and  manipulators of the game
will want to form organising and 'representative'  committees  to lead the
'leaderless' masses and take endorsements from  special interest groups eager
for the public attention of the protestors to work  for them.

Those who don't know the game or are assets and manipulators of  the game
will want to 'endorse' people and organisations they say they support  in
cleaning up America - but they will be the very people and groups that are 
systematically destroying America.

Those who know at least something of  the game will endorse no one and be
endorsed by no one, and will have no one  speak for them collectively. They
will use their time and their platform to  expose a system that is rotten to
the core and corrupt to its fingertips in the  till.

They will make the case  individually - and cumulatively collectively -
that the system does not need to  be tinkered with or even fundamentally
changed (on the surface). They will point  out that the whole bloody lot must go
... starting with ...

1.  An end to creating money out of thin air on computer screens and
charging  interest on it (fractional reserve lending).

2. An end to governments  borrowing fresh-air money called 'credit' from
private banks and the people  paying interest on this 'money' that has never,
does not and will never exist.  Governments (and that concept must change
radically) can create their own  currency - interest free.

3. An end to private banks issuing  non-existent money called 'credit' at
all and thus creating 'money' as a debt  from the very start.

4. An end to casinos like Wall Street and the City  of London betting
mercilessly on the financial and commodity markets with the  lives of billions
around the world.

5. An end to all professional lobby  groups that earn their living and
their clients' living from corrupting the  professionally corruptible - vast
numbers of world politicians and the  overwhelming majority on Capitol Hill.

6. An end to no-contract  government in which mendacious politicians can
promise the people they will do  this and that to win their support and then
do the very opposite after they have  lied themselves into office (see

7. An end to the centralisation  of power in all areas of our lives and a
start to diversifying power to  communities to decide their own lives and
thus ensure there are too many points  of decision making for any cabal to
centrally control.

That is just for  starters. There is so much more where that came from.
What good will come from  rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic? NONE. The
banking system as  we know it does not need to be 'changed' - it needs to be

It is a criminal activity based on fraud, extortion and, through its 
effect, on worldwide mass murder. Its replacement needs to be decided by the 
population - not the very people who created it in the first place and are 
covertly manipulating a new global structure of financial control based on a 
world central bank.

Ain't that right, Mr Rothschild, Mr Rockefeller,  Mr Soros?

The tail is not  wagging the dog - the tail is wagging the elephant so many
are there in  servitude to the few.

Any 'protest', any 'change' or  'revolution' not founded on the above - at
the very least the above -  has got no chance of changing anything. These
very pillars of the system must  fall or they will block any transformation of
the human condition.

How  many protests and so-called 'revolutions' have there been throughout
history  that have actually changed anything at all for the better? There
will be the odd  limited exception, but most have just replaced one form of
tyranny with  another.

Look at the 'Russian Revolution' that replaced tyranny by the  Tsars with
tyranny by the sheer evil that was Soviet Communism. How could it be  any
other way when this 'peoples' revolution' was funded by the House of 
Rothschild via it's American banks like Kuhn, Loeb headed by a member of the  same
German Schiff family that once shared the Rothschild house in  Frankfurt?

Look at the 'American Revolution' in which overt control of  Americans from
Britain and Europe was replaced by covert control of Americans  from
Britain and Europe via mere political puppets in what became the United  States.

This continues to this day.

The English 'revolution' or 'civil  war' exchanged royal tyranny with
tyranny by 'man of the people' Oliver Cromwell  who was followed by more royal
and 'democratic' tyranny.

The 'Orange  Revolution' in the Ukraine in 2004 threw out a president with
mass  demonstrations on the streets and a few years later that same man was
elected  back into the presidency where he still remains.

What has the 'peoples'  revolution' changed in Egypt? Nothing. And the NATO
'revolution' in  Libya that has just filled the cities with dead and
mutilated bodies and  hijacked the biggest oil reserves in Africa and Libya's
semi-independent banking  system?

My God, what did the 'peoples revolution' in China, led  by Freemason and
Cabal front man, Chairman Mao, do for the 'freedom' and  'emancipation' of
the population?

On and on it goes.

'Revolution'  is so often just a word meaning Cabal-manipulated 'regime
change'. I have  highlighted and exposed how the 'peoples revolutions' in
Ukraine, Georgia and  the Czech Republic were covertly directed by the network of
Rothschild bagman  billionaire, George Soros, most especially through his
organisations like the  Open Society Institute and the International Crisis

The latter  involves Soros buddy and fellow 'revolutionary', the former US
National Security  Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who has admitted funding
and training 'freedom  fighters' in Afghanistan to draw the Soviet Union into
an invasion and  occupation of the country to protect its satellite governmen
t in Kabul between  1979 and 1989.

Brzezinski said that he wanted to  give the Soviet Union 'their Vietnam'
and he did - at the cost of a million  Afghan lives. His 'freedom fighters'
(he calls them 'terrorists' today) morphed  into the mujahedeen and the
Taliban that Brzezinski's creation, Barack Obama,  and his predecessor, Boy George
Bush, have spent trillions fighting for a  decade.

I have exposed in these newsletters how the Soros-Brzezinski  International
Crisis Group was heavily involved in the US-Israel-driven 'peoples 
revolution' in Egypt during which Mohamed El-Baradei, a board member of the 
International Crisis Group, was despatched to Cairo to become a 'leader' of the 
'revolution' and is now pledged to stand for president.

The  Soros-Brzezinski 'method' is to covertly train agents provocateurs to
trigger  mass protests by harnessing the genuine and understandable
resentment of the  people at their treatment by the incumbent regime or economic
system (usually  controlled, funded and armed by the very families that Soros
and Brzezinski  represent).

Under the cover of this 'spontaneous' protest, the Cabal's  agents and
gofers take over the running of the 'revolution' and guide its  direction to the
end that their masters set out to achieve from the start. This  is
precisely what happened in Egypt, for example.

A major training  centre for these 'spontaneous revolutionaries' is based
in Serbia and this was  behind what happened in Tunisia and Egypt. It is also
clearly involved in what  is happening in Wall Street.

Marovic and  Popovic.

The Serbian operation plays out  through Applied Nonviolent Action and
Strategies (CANVAS), headed by Srdja  Popovic, and Otpor! ('Resistance!') which
Popovic established with his  associate, Ivan Marovic, who has turned up at
the Wall Street protests (see the  video later in this newsletter). CANVAS
and Otpor! work as one and they often  use the symbol of the fist for the
'revolutionary' groups they train. 

Otpor! was funded by the United States and the Soros network to 
theoretically overthrow the Yugoslavia regime of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000 (the  mass
NATO bombing helped just a little bit) and has continued its revolutionary 
work along with CANVAS in many other countries since that time funded by 
bloodline front organisations.

Egyptian revolutionaries like Mohamed  Adel of the April 6 Youth Movement
(with its fist symbol) were trained by CANVAS  in Serbia and flown to the
United States in 2008 to meet US officials in New  York. It was all pre-planned
and not 'spontaneous' at all.

The Otpor!  symbol and that of the Egyptian April 6 Youth Movement. Just a
coincidence,  nothing to worry about.

Otpor! and CANVAS are now moving in  on nations in the 'West', especially
the United States. If these people, or any  associates, are involved in your
protest or 'revolution', it is NOT a  'revolution'. It is Cabal manipulated.

Why would the Rothschilds and the  rest of their bloodline network want a
mass global protest against the banking  system which they created and
purposely crashed in 2008? This is where  protestors who have not done the
research or read the work of those who have are  potentially babes-in-arms in all

First point for such people to  understand: this whole deal is not
essentially about money as a first priority,  but about mass human control using the
vehicle of money to achieve that. Wealth  is a natural outcome of control
and so control is the goal and money is the  consequence of control.

The second point is that the Rothschild network  wants to impose a global
system in which governments (a single world government)  and corporations
will be one and the same. They call it fascism. The aim is not  to control
almost everything and everyone - but to control  everything and everyone.

We have seen the incessant deleting  of the division between corporations
(in truth one corporation under  many names) and governments. The
corporations increasingly are the  governments, and certainly more powerful and influen
tial than governments, and  this fact is generating a great deal of the
reaction from people in terms of  protests.

The bloodline families want to see an official fusion of  governments and
corporations to the point where they are the same global  structure of world
government controlling everything that corporations currently  do and with
the corporations turned into official agencies of  government.

You would have the World Ministry of Oil, World Ministry of  Biotech, World
Ministry of Food, World Ministry of 'Health', and so on; instead  of being
departments of government deciding policy in these areas - they would  be
the policy in these areas and control everything that happened with  regard to
them worldwide. 

To achieve this, the present situation  has to change quite dramatically.
Yes, corporations are imposing their will upon  governments ever more
blatantly, but for the structure-obsessed,  hierarchy-obsessed Illuminati families
it is still fragmented and open to  exposure and challenge.

This is where the mass protests come in if they  are not streetwise and
knowledgeable about the game. The idea is to manipulate  the perception of the
protestors, or dictate events through 'representative'  cliques and
'committees', to get them to demand precisely what the Cabal wants  to happen.

In the short-term this means supporting people like the  bankster's man
Obama and such like as representatives of the people against the  corporations
and bankers (what a joke); but longer term to manipulate them to  demand the
apparent takeover of the corporations by government sold to the  population
under the banner of 'people power'.

No mate, delete  Wall Street. Turn it into homes or something.

All that would happen, however, is  that those running the corporations
would become those running the World  Government structure that absorbed the
corporations. This structure would be  underpinned by a fiercely and brutally
imposed police state which would ban any  protest against the structure they
have been working towards all  along.

That is why I say that the choice is now stark as people take to  the
streets in ever greater numbers: a streetwise revolution or another false  dawn
that leads to even worse than we have now.

The moustache with a face around it  exits the scene.
There are some good signs - like  seeing the Fox [Fix] News anchor,
'Geraldo', walking away from the Wall Street  protest amid a chant of 'Fox News
lies'. But I would be even more buoyed if the  same happened to MSNBC anchors
who bag-carry for the Democrats as Fox News does  for the Republicans.

If Michael Moore is their hero,  then they are in real trouble, because the
guy just plies his trade to exploit  the illusory Republican-Democrat
divide. Indeed, Michael Moore personifies the  delusion that there is a
difference between the two parties - or at least I  hope he does it because of
delusion and not for some other motive. 

If the vast majority of global protestors do not understand that they  live
in one-party states masquerading as free societies and political choice, 
then their efforts are doomed to be in vain.

Many clearly don't  understand this as we saw when a guy speaking at a
'protest' in San Diego was  booed when he said that American wars abroad were
justified by 9/11 which was a  false-flag event orchestrated by the US
government (see video after this  article). Protestors? Go home and get informed,
my friends, because  until you do you are wasting your time.

Then there was the extraordinary  sight of a 'protest' in Atlanta conducted
like the worst kind of lower-grade  school class using classic mind control
techniques. See the 'Zombie Training'  video down below. WTF? They want

This  became even more sinister when an independent journalist was
prevented by  'protestors' (leaders of the 'leaderless protest') from filming
precisely the  same Zombie-repeating deal in Washington DC - see video after this
article.  Clearly there is some sort of coordinated mass mind-control
operation underway  here.

Freedom is a mind - a consciousness, a view, a perception  - that is yours
uniquely and not some program downloaded for you to follow like  a bloody
computer terminal.

The good thing about Wall Street-type  protests is that they are a step on
from one day marches and then go home to  continue life as usual. They are
continuous, occupy a space, and so cross the  line from a mere
here-today-gone-tomorrow protest into a form of non-compliance  and non-cooperation.

Another really encouraging aspect is the numbers  that they are attracting.
It is an expression of the global awakening even if it  has not reached the
streetwise stage yet for many people.

But it is  absolutely vital that they don't allow themselves to be
corralled and hijacked,  and taken over by agents of the system they are there to
challenge - that  includes the Democratic Party-controlled unions that
supposed to represent their  members, but invariably don't.

One of the union leaders vocal in  his support of the Wall Street campaign
is Stuart Appelbaum (Rothschild  Zionist), president of the Retail,
Wholesale and Department Store Union and  president of the Jewish Labor Committee.
He sang the praises of the Wall Street  crowds after returning from Tunisia
where he has been 'advising' workers there  after their CANVAS and
Otpor!-engineered 'revolution'.

He told the  media:

'The labor movement needs to tap into the energy and learn  from them ...
They are reaching a lot of people and exciting a lot of people  that the
labor movement has been struggling to reach for years.'

And  there was me thinking that this was about what is best for the people
- not the  unions who are merely an arm of the Democratic Party, which is an
arm of the  system in total. Any genuine protest against the structure of
mass control needs  to stay well clear of people like this guy.

The same goes for Bill  McKibben, creator of the 'climate change'
propaganda front, 350.org, which is  based on the mendacious claims of the now
thoroughly-discredited James E. Hansen  from the bloodline-controlled NASA Goddard
Institute for Space Studies and an  adjunct professor in the Department of
Earth and Environmental Sciences at  bloodline-controlled Columbia

McKibben is now urging his 350.org  suckers to use the Wall Street and
offshoot protests to press the case for a  massive and completely unnecessary 
restructuring of global society (here  we go) to 'fight' a 'problem' that
doesn't exist.

Or, to quote  350.org:

'We now face exciting questions: what can we all do to  support and expand
this groundswell? And how might Occupy Wall Street's amazing  energy further
embolden the climate movement?'

350.org Board member  Naomi Klein told the Wall Street protestors:
'What climate change means is  that we have to do this on a deadline. This
time our movement cannot get  distracted, divided, burned out or swept away
by events. This time we have to  succeed.
And I'm not talking about  regulating the banks and increasing taxes on the
rich, though that's important.  I am talking about changing the underlying
values that govern our  society.'
Yet again ... here we go. There is  a multi-levelled scam going on here and
the protestors need urgently to get  informed or they will fall for it and
that will be a disaster for them and  everyone else. Obama is now indicating
that he supports the protests - good for  his run for a second term in 2012
when this bankers' moll who lies for a living  will claim to be 'on their

They are all at it and it is so blatant  to anyone who knows how the game
is played. There are some encouraging things  happening, but there is such a
long way to go yet.

I will be interested  to see for myself at close range when I get to New
York next month and I'll let  you know what I find.


Ivan Marovic  of 'Otpor!' addresses Occupy Wall Street

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  • this indeed is a thought provoking read...................and I agree with M. ; he does not sugar~coat things.
  • He certainly seems to have a grip on the big picture. Distressing yes, but you can never accuse him of candy coating things.  I like blunt realism though.  Thank you for this, it is very thought provoking. So many truths here.
This reply was deleted.

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