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Contact Evidence from recent Vero Beach, FL Contact Expedition Jan. 2015

I don´t post that often in the forums, but this is worth watching...

I just wanted your Feedback on the following video recently uploaded by Steven M. Greer...

Update: This is also likened to "artillery Illumination rounds" (see attached pictures), as Acute Observer states in this forum post. I don´t know if that´s the case or not. Time will tell. At least I wanted to add this video to the forum, so it could be discussed openly. It is of importance not to "swallow" everything you read, watch and hear as Truth. Having an open-minded approach is KEY!)

Video: Steven M. Greer- Contact Evidence from recent Vero Beach, FL Contact Expedition Jan. 2015

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WoWoW!!! Thanks for sharing!

exciting....they probably did their protocols and expected to see ships....

you will see a ship some day,  Look at the star every night, Everyone will have experience of life time. 

Bless you ms. Happy, Keep it up..........Shine your star light.

 Thank you for sharing.Beautiful.

How perfectly devious of (not)Dr. Greedy to time this event to a military excecise at sea. I've always wondered how that man could manage to get his light-effects going during his "contact"-events. ;)

The lights in his vid are definitely artillery Illumination rounds. Look at these for comparison:

@Acute Observer: I am open to the Fact that this is a "military excecise", that may be the case. Time will tell. All point of views are important =) I added this as an update to my post... for people to consider and discuss. It is of importance not to "swallow" everything you read, watch and hear as Truth. Having an open-minded approach is KEY! Thank you!


@Luke Skywalker. Yeah =)

Ben is both true and right, but the person who made this video is not Ben. It's Steven Greer, and he's widely known to be a devious trickster. ;)

"Who say ben make it>?"

You do, when I've decoded your words properly.
You may be born american, but you both spell and type exactly like my friends imported thai-wife does, no offence. :)
"thought whole idea is a weariness of ufo"

I take it you mean "awareness". And much is about awareness, but when fakes are used and people see it, the opposite is accomplished since it will "prove" to educated people that UFO's are NOT real. The more fakes I see, the less convinced I get that there actually IS an organised space-structure at all up there.
The credibility of the NA-community is at an all time low and Greer is firing the Kill-shot at the moment.

If He won't take the time to enlighten people about the reality of things, then I will have to do that instead. :)

"I seen real alien and et nordic beings"

You say that so many times and so often that I've begun to doubt your sanity. ;)
I seriously believe that those aliens are messing with your brain, and not in a good way.

I won't even tell you what my heart says about your contacts..
Nightmarish even..

Hey “Acute Observer, I don’t need your criticized. I know have some type O issue in my sentence, my computer net is running slow other day. I could not fix. I choose not speak perfect grammar, free choice of life. Free will. I don’t need to be perfect. I did not ask for you to be a teacher on writing. I didn’t ask you to have egos toward my communication. Sometime, we all communicate different in response. We all don’t think alike. 

No ET or Nordic beings ever harm my head with the wrong information. I am a grandmother to my space family. To get your fact clear on communication, please don't judge people without knowing who they are inside. Stop being so judgmental, I don't BS any person communication response, we all speak in different language.


Time to stop grammar perfection, not all people are perfect in language, I speak clear in person than text, I don’t need someone tell what wrong with my communication. I am happy the way I am, I have no limit in communication.  Reality if you know my true energy I choose cosmos, Instead of human society.


This why Ashtar and Christ, other high ET know me, I tired of human control freak ways, telling me to be something I am not, because I rather be my true spiritual ways, I am smart in other things in life. I am not dumb. You doubt yourself, when you doubt people.


There shouldn't be doubt in your life and you must stop demanding people to communicate English at your level. That is egos; People can’t stop, because it is habit. Society tells you to be perfect English, when our spiritual energy does speak another language, why be like human, when we are spiritual beings. Because it your choice, and your free will. I don’t choose it; I am very smart in other things. I can talk about other things, than English communication. 


Or he is made out to be a devious trickster . . . for example anytime, anyone, anywhere tries to expose the truth which might threatened The Powers That Be stranglehold on controlling and manipulating the masses through knowledge, these people are labeled devious tricksters, ridiculed and attacking their credibility.

This was done with Tesla, L. Ron Hubbard, Aliester Crowley, Adm. Forrester, Adm. Byrd, William Cooper, Jack Parsons (JPL) and many, many more and goes on today as well. Do not be the one deceived, instead search in your heart for the truth, allow your own thinking to guide you, do not let others control and condition you with their rhetoric.

I've observed Greer closely for many years and I stand by my assessement of him. He's a fraud!

I don't get fooled. I investigate and verify before I make up my mind about something. Perhaps You should too? It's very rewarding to ones intellectual evolution.  ;)

And, PLEASE do not insult Tesla by associating him with the rigid group of dark souls you've listed here. He was WAAAY above those guys both intellectually as well as rationally.

I especially enjoyed your validation of L. Ron Hubbard. First you say "don't be the one decieved", and directly after you're defending a sect that have an Origin-story that none on this site would ever be able to agree with and which more or less have been proven wrong by personal experience for most of us here.  ;)

And, my heart told me the very first day I heard of him, that Greer was a fraud, but I wanted more proof so it took me years to investigate the matter and intellectually determine that my heart was right about him in the first place.



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