Hello Friends,


I am in need of some guidance. For a long time now I have been doing a lot of research into New Age topics. Ever since I was intinally fascinated at a young age by my encounters with the Paranormal. After all my research, meditation and experiences with the Astral, Psychic and Spritual; I feel like I know alot, but I also feel like I know nothing at all.


As I begin to scratch the surface of the new coming age, and learn about Extraterrestrials, 4th dimensional beings,  Elementals, Angels, Lightworking, Ascend Masters, Hollow Earth, The Great White Lodge, Illuminati, NWO,  etc etc etc; I have noticed a riff between believers. There are those who believe in Love, Light and spreading awareness to help 'awaken a sleeping world' , and then there seem to be others who believe, but doubt the sources of the information and believe in self actualization as more of a means to ascending to the 4D. I have become very confused as I read Channelings and messages from both view points. I don't know what to belive.


I don't think I am the first person to be confused by this, in a world full of conflicting viewpoints its hard to believe anything. I know that I should belive what truly resinates with me, but I worry that I am being mislead. I really would like to get into Channeling, but if I do how do I know I'm not being mislead by a lower vibration energy or someone working for the negative side of our earthly duality? I would also like to travel in the Astral, but how do I know who I meet or what I experience along the way isn't trying to mislead me? I know these fears are negative and very 3D, but its a struggle that we all face.


If anyone could share with me how they found the right path to follow, or how they found clarity through the cloud of uncertainty, I would appreciate your wisdom. Any other comments or thoughts on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Love and Light,



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  • Hello Reedemer:

    I truly empathize with you. It is difficult finding clarity amidst all this darkness and uncertainty and FEAR. Eliminate the fear as best you can for a start, by commanding the 'Pillar of Light' to descend upon you and protect you from all harm. Ask 'the Father Within' to go before you each day, and let His Infinite Wisdom, guide all the you do and say. Allow yourself to FEEL what information you discover. As a result, your heart center will develop your ability to discern clarity and truth.

    Ask for Divine guidance in ways to open or 'awaken' your Pineal Gland and to also activate your 3rd Eye. These things will connect you directly to Source Wisdom. Call in your 'Spirit Guides' of Love and Light, and ask them to create some sort of physical sensation in your body, [tingling in your left ear, or a warm buzz in your right arm], to identify when you have connected with Source Truth. Ask for only the Truth to 'find' you, and believe that it will. It will take a bit of work, but it is worth every second you invest in developing this.

    As far as channeling is concerned, developing the above will open you to directly channel Source Information. This will eliminate the concern as to whether or not the information you get externally is valid, and worth accepting into your truth..

    Truth - WOW!  Each person has his own truth which serves him or her. Each one of us perceives the world in our own unique ways. Each day, give thanks to Source for receiving all that you need, give thanks to Source for having been given what you have needed in the past, and give thanks for believing that what you ask for in LOVE, will always be given to you as needed.

    We are all ONE with Source, even what we perceive as 'evil'. Ascension, in part, is recognizing we have a choice to help others improve their lives as we improve ours in Love and joy. This moves us beyond the duality, [good and 'evil'], and closer to our true nature, recognizing Source resides within. Live each moment in Love, Peace and Joy, and help others to do the same, and you express connect yourself to Source and you will live the answers you seek.

    Take the time to feel this information with your heart, and if it resonates with you, give thanks. 

    Still confused with this? At least you now have tools to sort out what is becoming your truth. We, this global society, are at a time in history when the truth we have been denied, [that which we truly are],will be revealed to us, and we will ascend, [graduate?], as Light Beings, connected to Source, and earn our place and acceptance into the Greater Galactic Community, as our true right.


    Love, Light and Joy of 'Christmas' radiate to all. 


  • Dear Reedemer.

    I was feeling the same confusion a while ago as you are now. This is how I look at it. There is a lot of information out there and not everything tells us the same things. I have found several different channelings/predictions about what exactly is going to happen when we ascend...none is telling the same thing. But I think clarity will come as we get more conscious. At the moment we can not see the whole picture, that is why we don´t understand it. We just get fragments and different sides of the same story. About channeling you should ask your own guide. He/she will protect you while you are channeling. There are lots of books out there too guiding you through the process, very easy. I can recommend Sanaya Roman "opening to channel".


    Hope that did help you dear.

    Have a merry christmas and a happy new year <3 

  • One wise teacher described the signposts that can guide disciples as Study, Meditation, Service. The last of these is the least traveled path. Yearning for Siddhis through more knowledge and "inner work" on oneself is much more popular.

    SIDDHIS: Supernormal Perceptual States
    SIDDHIS: An introduction to what has been called supernormal perceptual states
  • ...Most of the world's people just don't know the thousands of ways they are being controlled...

    This is where enlightenment is most needed. Else "ascension" remains just a dream.

  • Use your feelings and intuition to guide you. Just as you may feel attracted or distrubed by some here, the same exists in the astral planes. There are similiarities- over there they have different senses and abilities but they are in essence the same consciousness. As they say- "if something doesn't feel right- don't do it"

  • second that

    • I third that....very well put.
  • nicely said Katt

  • Ah...  True, but what we need and what we want aren't always the same thing.  :-)

  • Thank you all for your enlightening responses. I truly feel that your words have helped me, I still have a lot of growing to do spiritually; but this has helped me immensely . I can't express my gratitude enough, its reassuring to know that there are so many people willing to share their wisdom with me and others.


    Love and Light

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