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  • HI I read your last post. If we could turn this into a better world , I for one would be very happy. This weekend I went dowm the rabbit hole and found stuff than I am afraid to post.

    This is still on u tube but I needed a puter officionado to let me make a disk as it dropped out of site quite quickly. I am not a fear monger, and not afraid of my end.The seventh possibility presented itself. I will see if I can link. and have you peruse it and reply by mail.

    This just opened a lot of what is really gioing on and now i see why all the actions.

    The dark cabal has done it!

  • hi Janos... no... i wasnt in London.. we had also here in Athens Z-Day... but 2 friends i have here went London for the event... there is some disconnection now between Zeitgeist and the Venus Project, but we will see how it will turn out finally... maybe its just temporary...
  • dont worry my friend they are for real ive seen their presence from light ships flying above my house they dont fly to low though but they can also make their ships look like clouds thts where the word cloud ship came from you just gotta look at it carefully if the cloud looks perfectly formed or it looks like a ship then that would be them but dont worry they are here to help us get rid of the illuminati and reptilians aka the dark cabal or dark forces and they will succeed just have faith my friend
  • Well we still have to scrounge a bit since the social security check covers the rent but somehow pull in an entertainment contract or 2 a month and get by.

    Meanwhile the weather down here is beautiful and the natives friendly and life is good and I have plenty of time to meditate and communicate with fellow travelers like you.

    How goes it in Lunnon?

    Love, B
  • Hello Janos So happy to see you made it, I see you have been conecting and comunicating
    have you started a forum yet?
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March 9

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I am in love with the Possible Good World

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Teillhard de Chardin, Stafford Beer, and many others

janosabel replied to janosabel's discussion Why work? --- we are all Aristocrats
"Yes, I used to believe that we could change the world without having to confront "powers that be". I tried with communities, workers' cooperatives, non-violence movements.
In the end I came to agree with Gandhi---we have to stand up to injustice,…"
Dec 28, 2011
janosabel left a comment for Unlabeled?
"...My intellectual exercise has stuttered to a halt,...
Yes, I know the feeling... It will come back. Don.t give up.Read more:"
Dec 28, 2011
janosabel replied to janosabel's discussion Why work? --- we are all Aristocrats
"The second paragraph could be a reply to Unlabeled? (the firs post in response to this thread), although he is right to point out the nature of the "enemy"---"enemy" in quotation marks advisedly.---and promising movements have failed many times…"
Dec 28, 2011
janosabel replied to janosabel's discussion Why work? --- we are all Aristocrats
"Thanks for this endorsement. The best advocates are people who set out to disprove a possibility, and in the process find that it is a real and beneficial one.

The question is how do we claim our share of the technological inheritance? I think we…"
Dec 22, 2011

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Listening to R. Kelly's beautiful song, he nailed it (as always) 'I believe I can fly'.
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Wonderful again and again and .. Plus Shanker Played…
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"Did You fly in your life time? It's a feeling inside? What about? Not really Wings, rigth? What makes you fly in your life time? The feeling of Freedom inside of your Soul? 🥰Give you a other Thougth."
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"Robert Malone,MD, inventor of mRNA & DNA vaccine technology, speaking in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, at the rally today:"
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