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My dearest Galactic brothers and sisters,

I have come to address you in a new way and to reassure you that that which you have all worked so hard to achieve has almost been accomplished. You are soon to begin to take up your rightful place within the Galactic Council, a place, an honour, a community that has long been denied to you as a group.

As you may remember, part of my mission is to understand and relay the emotional matrix of those on Gaia, as part of our monitoring of what could be called your love and light index. 

In all humility, I tell you that the recent growth has been astounding; the vortex of oneness, collaboration and united compassion has been growing exceptionally quickly. Even quicker than we expected, even if we quietly hoped that it was possible!

You mark coming of age in years, perhaps 18 years, or 21 years, regardless of how wise or foolish a person may be at these ages. We look to your emotional-spiritual matrix, your love light index; this conveys your spiritual wisdom. Foolishness cannot slip past here! 

You are very, very soon (yes, I know you tire of that word!) to reach your spiritual coming of age matrix marker. As you reach and hold this predetermined marker, it will mark your spiritual coming of age as a society. 

J: It’s as though you are showing me a huge celebration!

A: Yes, achieving this matrix formation is not easily come by. It is achieved through persistence, dedication, passion, and commitment to the divine within.

Holding this matrix steadily - for there are always some fluctuations in the early stages, as a baby learns to walk, shaky at first then with great ease - will trigger a cascade of external, tangible events that will forever change the horizon of humanity.

J: You use the word ‘horizon’, and it feels loaded with meaning.

A: For it is meant to! Your horizon is both the expanse you perceive but also the limit of your perception. There is the horizon of your vision, there is the horizon of your future, there is the horizon of what you imagine is next for you in your lifetime. 

All this will change irrevocably. There will be no turning back, there will be no one in a position to alter or undo the rights and benefits that are about to be restored to you, as fully HUman, as Nova Gaians.

And as with all coming of age, there are also responsibilities; but the difference between the wise and foolish, is that the wise see the beauty of responsibilities, they understand how giving and receiving are woven through every lifetime, indeed every day. Only the childish run from responsibilities.

And you are childish no more.

Soon we will greet each other as brother and sister; soon we will celebrate together and share together. We are as anxious as you for this new chapter to begin, to share all that we have with you and to support you as you ease into conscious Galactic maturity.

We are with you in all moments. And very soon, you shall see us.

Posted by Jennifer Crokaert

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When MSM starts to crumble
and the propaganda machine behind it is revealed... 

It will be a shocking experience,
but eventually the truth will set us free. 

may I correct this saying ET Hugger: "the truth will set you free, but first it may piss you off" :)

I have been observing MSM for some time and I know that something is off, but it wouldn't surprise me that it's worse than I expected. I've always been an information addict, so yes, I'm going to be mad when I find out that I bought into so much BS ;) But I also hope that I can have a good laugh when the illusion falls apart. Get your popcorn ready, folks and enjoy the show!

Some don't want truth to set them free, as their careers, as professional "journalists," [propagandists for 04:00 a.m. drops,] can earn them six figure salaries....Addiction to LIES is based on status and wealth....polarization results between MSM and true, but poor sloggers for FACT......

In the UK we are [at last] tackling the self-important BBC and it's absurd licence fee....Johnson's government wants to scrap it and rightly so....Akin to paying a tax for receipt of woke loony left BYE BYE TO BBC BALLONEY....definitely not value for money....privatise this dinosaur...;-]



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