In the ancient world were well known for their mystical attributes. Some feared them, some revered them, but all in the ancient civilizations agreed that cats have a special place in the occult. One among the most popular beliefs is that a cat can see a ghost or ethereal body much sooner and keener than a dog.

While the dog would see the spiritual being and ignore or howl at it – depending on whether the ghost is malevolent or benign – cats react as if it were a flesh-and-bones human being; you will find the cat watching the ethereal being as vividly as it would watch a living human being. If the ethereal being is harmless, cats would still be restless but not angry or upset; if the ghost is a malevolent one, you will find the cat’s bristle and spit at the invisible intruder. So, if your cat is curled happily in your lap – you are safe.

Cats Sense & Influence Electro-Magnetic Energy

Cats have been known to sense and correct negative energy wherever they find it.  This is why most people feel a sense of peace and inner tranquil when a cat is happy around them. Ask any cat owner and they will confirm this. This inner happiness is not the same as seeing a dog happily welcoming back from work; it is something deeper.

This is because cats sense negative energy and have the ability to correct it. In her book, ‘Buckley’s Story – Lessons from a Feline Master Teacher’, Ingrid King, a Veterinary Hospital Manager turned author talks at length about the role of cats in healing. She is at present, the top contributing writer to Dr Marty’s Becker’s (a leading writer on Pet Behavior) Pet Connection Magazine and Blog.

She tells vivid stories about the times when her cat intuitively came in during Reiki sessions to complement the energies required for healing of pets and humans. Initially, Ingrid thought it was coincidence, but then she realized that whenever she felt her energies were not enough for the healing her cat would come in and curl around the ‘client’ with just the right amount of energy.

In humans, the cat senses when the aura and energies are negative, and by entering into it can correct it thereby provide healing therapy before any illness comes through. Most people agree that after they adopted a cat or cats, the energy in their house felt more peaceful and they balanced.

Mystical Powers of the Cat According to Ancient Folklore

Ancient Egypt and China have revered the cat as Goddesses. In Japan, the cat was considered lucky and was carried on ships for it was supposed to keep away bad spirits. It was also supposed to attract wealth, for which the navy merchants liked to have it on board. This is why even today, you will see the three-colored cat called the ‘Maneki Neko’ on board Japanese ships.

In Japan, there are many stories that praise the loyalty and sacrificed the cat undertook to save and serve their owners, especially highlighting their “sixth sense”.

According to Buddhist teachings, a cat often acts as the temporary resting place of the souls of highly spiritual people. This is why Buddha loved the cat and the Buddhists offer it a special place in their lives and prayers.

From those ancient times until today cats are known to be special. The fact that they can see auras, sense energies and correct these is not new; and many research studies today have already endorsed this fact.

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  • Thx 4 sharing

  • Very interesting.  I used to have two cats who could see "spirts".  Both their heads would follow this thing on the wall.  Because they were not afraid, I was not afraid.  Wish I had cats now.  Can't have any in my apartment.

  • .. :)....Was Thinking Of Your Chihuahuas As I Was Reading This.....Coz I Know How Much....You Love Them.....Me I Love My Cat.....:).....Nice Post......x....

  • 8115443468?profile=original

    • Thanks Feather Winger. Note that cats were worshiped in ancient Egypt; here's a statue from the Louvre:


      • Cat's were worshipped as gods - AND THEY HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN IT!

  • My Chihuahuas are very jealous of the cats that hang around my apartment!!!

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