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THEY NEED TO BE REMOVED IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE, so they cannot attack no one anymore

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shall i give you some attention ,  your always welcome  my friend.

To have a cup of coffee, a talk, some love, a bed,  food, and  friend for life ,

.............. I think, .you should stop for a moment and reflect on some responces here, let it be Feathers , Andromedan and Stick . those are honest and with true wisdom how to conquer ego , self help which is the most important here. Before you get offended by our honesty. These are very important .....................and it is important to point out that healing begins with yourself and not our help to do that for you. Before you claim seat on some Sirian council which in it self you contradict your claim of such membership by asking us for help. Dont worry about Drexk-sy response , he is a charlatan with no knowledge of anything pass few keys on the computer in front of him . truth is , you dont need our help , you can only help your self , as a example of this I would like to bring an example of christians , or buddhists and moslems praying for peace on this planet , as collective with no success. There is a good reason for that ..............................

Blip Konijn i know exactly what you are talking about. these archons herassments is done via egs which is electronic gangstalking. Mr Konijn it means you are targeted by couvert electronics done by this companies for the las vegas shooting) which has its origens in great brittain. Great Brittain and the Netherlands have the most targeted individuals. Egs means also invisible electronic gangstalking. In great brittain almost 2,5 million people are employed in the couvert torture business. And in Holland around 500.000 working for  between 7000 euro net until 50.000 euro's for the real killers. and this wage is everywhere the same. In the whole world there live approximately 600 million people in this invisible job. they all directly worked for the archons who are defeated by the galactic federation. now they only work for the rockefellors and rothschilds. So mr konijn you are just like me as lots of others targeted individuals who still aren't aware of this technology. Most negative comments here are sourced by their personal privat electronic stalker., because they are affraid that this info comes to light as what is happening now with my comment. this is a short link i found on youtube recently. it only takes 5 minutes of your time. and then you know in wide lines what it means to be targeted And there arer many more video's about targeted individuals on youtube.

For egs employees all houses and appartments are glass houses always in light. Also when it is dark evrything is in the light for them. They know every secret place in your house. So when they stole something out of your house this is because they knwo exactly where you have put it, because they saw you putting it there. nothing is safe even all your passwords. They can interfere severly in your pc, cellphone, computerized hifi, your car. Every thing where chips are involved they can hack. They even can read your mind. They influence manipulate you with techniques like brainmapping which steeres you psychic the can make you crazy when every they like. with MRI hospital instruments they can make you fysical ill.  And they have done this to me over and over again.

You have to imagine that the whole psychiatric world is based on egs. So actually without egs manipulation there  wouldn't be people in a psychosis or any one would be in a psychiatric clinic. there would not be anti- depression people and medicins. 99,9% of the psychiatric production is artificial and is fake, bogus.

So it is with the fysical health. everything is artificial orchestrated to put everybody who is sensitive for it under deep state surveillance and above all under mind control. thsi what it is all about. Mind control mind control  and mind control again. And everybody who reacted here in a negative sense were al mind controlled by egs  to formulate their opinion. Because you hit the target exaclty on the nose. And that is hurting egs people. so then they have to command their sheeple as what just happened here. I hope you are able to spread this info. I really would appreciate it. And the galactic federation to as you are a starseed as i am too.

Well so now you know that all the sickness in this world is orchestated by electronic manipulation. so it is also with all disasters which are done with the same techniques like brainmapping to disturb the pilot of a plane mind. So then the plane will crash. In the netherlands we have enschedé firework disaster which was well coördinated by brainmapping officials with their licences. Or the el- al plane crash in Amsterdam done by brainmapping the pilots and plane sabotage too. Or the new year disaster in a pub in volendam where around 250 people were injured just by brainmapping. Or as you probably would know all the fary boat disasters were done by brainmapping. Actually 95% of the accidents in daily life and disasters are all done by egs.   

when you look on my facebook timeline you can read several articles about egs. My facebook name is IndigoRobert Prins.

Here you also can read how facebook and electronic gangstalking business work together to play out facebook clients. Yes egs and facebook work closely together to demonise pro trump peopele for instance or to just f*** up relation ship. Just deleting some accounts of your best friends without giving uo any reason. This virtual gangstalking pur sang. Al this gangstalking violates the geneva human rights conference of 1992. This stalking is the same as torturring. Which is done by the deep state. Yes facebook is part of the deep state. So is egs.

And what yu can do about it. Start talking out loud against your stalkers i your house, because they can hear everything tyou say , but also everything you think. All those egs employees are telephatic. As actually nowadays everybody is. And when you are not you are censored on a paranormal scale. Your are blocked to know who your celestial ancestors are. Soon to be landed on the earth surface. So when the bushes, clinton, soros, and more of this reptilian skum are deported to quantanomo bay. The galactic federation will land on our surface. Here you can hear the message form benjamin fullford about this deportation . So watch the development on my time line on facebook, because many more article will come to daylight Most of the start with i love you. So mr konijn hang on. You are almost there. When you start talking to the by the way just mention my name and dont be rude to them. And say that everything will be fine for you but also fotr them because many of the will ascend despite their behaviour, but most of them were recruited after lack of money manipulation. So they had to work for them otherwise they would loose their homes and possessions. So when you start talk to them just rtry be friendly and reasonable. Well good luck my friend. And thank you for your post. And luckily i was interested, because most subjects here are ridiculous out of time mostly and the comments are so childish as with this post. Very embarrassing. Thank you and have a good one.

I know i am targeted individiual,  but there are no  humans involved, its all done from the astral plane. Archons or chimera

I ve been reading a lot about  targeted individuals.

you are right about most post on this site,  that is why in 10 years i didint come here,  i have better things to do ..

I know all will be well in the end for us.

Hi Blip...For one thing...May I suggest to you not to let others trigger your anger? When you do that you are giving your power away.. Concentrate on positive things only...Why...? You attract to you what you concentrate or put your attention on...That is the Universal Law of Attraction...Another thing that at this moment in my journey I am aware of is that no one can harm you unless you allow it...Let me explain...No beings from other realms can harm you at this point...Earth is protected...especially those that are Lightworkers, Wayshowers, Pathfinders, Pillars, Portals,in other words those working for the Light.. etc, etc...You can ask Archangel Michael and His legions of angels to help you...If you do not ask they cannot interfere or help you...You can ask Him for His Excalibur sword...I once had an entity inside of me but just for a few minutes because I called Archangel Michael, Saint Germaine, Mother Mary and Jeshua and they came to my assistance without delay...I vomited a huge ball that took both of my hands to hold it- of very thick saliva...and I felt it coming up all the way from my esophagus to my mouth...I felt when the entity got into my body...I was having many dark feelings...I contacted a friend shaman from Chile (South America) and I told him what happen and he said to me...that if I vomited I certainly had an entity inside of me...He just confirmed what I already knew...I knew when this entity got in my body the minute if happened...It is a very strange and negative feeling when it happens...Stay positive, surround yourself with circle of  the Golden Light around your bed and house before going to sleep and ask Mother for protection...You will feel Her...Blessings of Love, Peace, and much Light be with you always...

Mali Nunquam Praevalebunt, which translated from Latin means “evil never wins” or “dark ones never prevail”.

see my post :

Cobra: Operation Mjolnir | The Portal

..............and as days go by and clock tiking forward, please share with us  which methods have you implemented into use and how is that working for you ?

I still have a sore toe from when i kicked it yesterday. Applied some ice 

i sugest that you leave you funny comments for what they are, they are not needed here.

You can suggest all you want. You are no being of light as quick meaningless posts force you to comment. No being of light would fall for the traps. But a damaged ego driven charlatan certainly would. 

I could of ignored this post entirely but it seems my mission on shining light on ill inforned and blatant liers still has my work cut out for me.

Please do respond as you only further show your true colours. 




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