In 1987 there was acceleration in evolution. The length of 1 wave cycle went from 19.7 years to 360 days by 1999. This acceleration brought end to war being accepted. It started the evolutionary period of balancing the two hemispheres of the brain and the world. The cold war ended and the Berlin wall fall 1989.

In 1992 the first internet went up and developed as the rate of evaluation accelerated.

The internet is playing a big part of balancing the two hemispheres of the world and the brain

Once  the west and east hemispheres are balanced, telepathy and other mystical experience will activate.   This is shown on the Mayan calendar as  1 wave cycle will go  from 360 days in July 18th 2010 to 20-days by Feb 11th  2011.

The internet is a bridge between the industrial world and the world of oneness.

By the end of 2010 you must tell the truth because others can pick up the lies by telepathy.




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  • look at how internet and the web works. Then try to picture telepathy, good luck. As for the truth, people around me always joke because i seem to have huge problems telling even white lies, lol. They say that if everybody was like me we would be killing eachother al over. They also mention it comes over as being hard and unconsiderate when i am always telling the truth and not what people would like to hear. This is one of those things my upbringing left me, NEVER LIE, they used to say at home. It has never done me anny harm to say the truth al the time it even made it eazyer for me to take my inner journey that was trigered by telling the truth all the time. I can't lie to myself.
  • It's evolution that's going from the 360 to 20 day cycles and I'm not SURE, but I THINK it all ends around Oct 2011 (Or 12-21-12 for some) I DO recall the Feb 11th, 2011 for the 20 day cycles to begin. Either way, we should all be doing a lot more "truthing" well before then. :-) We can be honest and nice at the same time too... I know. I run Karaoke and have to do both, all the time. ;-)
    • "I DO recall the Feb 11th, 2011 for the 20 day cycles to begin."

      The Intensity will be felt worldwide be September 2010. 20 days cycle has alway been there in the far background. . We just need to synchronize with it.
  • yes, guys it`s already here, particularly on an energy level.
    Sorry if I`m going in too deep here but honesty and transparency are hopefully what lightworkers are about
    Waterox, your comments are interesting, the intense energies you are beginning to experience may be your awakening to a higher vibration. My hope trust and faith is that these things will be purposeful, if not in the immediate future after a training and adjusting period to fulfill your purpose.
    But I get your point, on the psyche in which we have been trained to trust sooo well it`s very wierd untill you figure out it is the truth.
    I have noticed a lot of people are experiencing things in their growth that they cant understand, it seems the great plan of those that would stop ascention would love us not to communicate about this. So I am beginning to train people in thier gifts to support them and bring understanding. With what i have noticed happening it seems what i have been called to do.
    So wierd intense stuff is going to increase, don`t think your going crazy. :)
    • Ok now again, whenever I say such things, or I feel that step to a path I may find myself in quilt like using something not right, like there is something in me that always watching and small things I blame myself hard, like no way I can afford it. It was always in me why I try to sanitize myself and as a good looking lady this was hard sometimes but somehow I could do at some point. I consider this as a depression, bad stories like worked in emergency service for 5 years as a nurse and lost my friends by accidents, may left a desperation in some point of justice etc. But it is not as because, I always feel like there is something urgent and greater need that I am not able to catch up in time, but have to see it, find it, feel it, there is something tells me many things huge projects and in urgency that I need to do, just don't know all but feel exhausted. This is why I feel close to spiritual burn out and my personal life had an impact recently but this was nearly all of my life the way I felt even if I am one of the most striking person in crowded or who can make many friends easily I have no interest in any.. Personal case I wanna open up a little. Married to a man with a love and affection promise nothing behind of these in my intention. He is very prone to extreme an I left alone with his betraying on me in 7-8 montsh after marrying. He cried etc. and sure he was sincere I recover somehow but he kept his way on risking our unity in emotional level. Moody cranky (I am totally opposite in my home or environment) very domineering, lack of affection, way stubborn but very fond on his joy. He has addiction on online games and flirts, so all our marriage and unity set up on cold execution by him as an end and I did ok all during just lost several times my temper, faced with being cheated on and all long time stagnated tension in my home where I provide ultimate comfort to him.. I am lack of hormones or something I don't know but besides all I knew all, I couldn't stop feeling what he feels lacked me down to be joyful what led him to seek more fun just it was an issue that we came together, like he was my mission or project that was urgent for his life (he has such mess childhood history what I didn't know will I came to this country, he has two kids that he abundant with his ex wife but religiously sent his child support without seeing for 5 years, he has game addiction online flirts addiction and impulsive) but he wasn't any of these for a while the time we went out and got married. This is always what happened to me, my first job experience I caused a company shut down as because they were cheating the company I worked for and randomly I brought it to light and they lost their biggest potential of fluency in their work. My first marriage end because of the pathology between my ex and his mother even he is one of the most clever and adorable person in many ways he wasn't strong enough to over come his mothers order when his father had an stroke..

      Is all these and many do you think because of I am cursed or unfortunate. On the other hand, I was the most clever student in my schools, most interesting, dancing, singing, writing, drawing alway ran 1., became a beauty contest in my country, had marriage purpose more than many and from extreme educated rich people just I could never feel I was for them anyway.. So here a life I found pretty much easy or could compete without much efforts and on the other hand it is like things in me brings something total undecent besides my so hard work, extreme sacrifices and pure intention.. How could I not feel cursed or how could I do stop this all, where do you think the balance for me. Talking others something may live a black hole in my heart if I say something along with my ego, actions worse.. What the hell I am do you think, sincerely I feel strong in mind but lost somehow at the same time too. Hypnosis, reiki, meditations I have to perform after being influenced to any others, why?

      Now you know more than anyone know about me, I just need to understand a bit better, there are things I believe I had to get help but not from doctors, I tried when I thought it may be depression and I found myself didn't need any drug, suddenly recovered by smelling a flower or touching a tree. One thing for sure I sense is a thing so strong in me that I am not able to know or control over. Please don't forget I try my best to express all and be frank what do you think so I will be working on. This may make you feel too much put on you without even knowing who I am but somehow I felt that you know better then I do and I need your idea on these..


      • Hi sermin, you are not crazy,
        your level of gifting is increasing exotenially, your sense that something is happening and going to happen is correct. trust it, i might know some of what but I`m sure not all nor when.
        You may feel like your going crazy with the gifts, i`m guessing your becoming energetically clairvoyant and it feels strange, many are going through this now and have no-one to turn to.
        Those with gifts can help those with gifts,
        Those with knowlege can help those seeking
        I would recomend you read a book by jo wilcox called illuminating the soul mate path. for me reading this book helped me realise i wasn`t the only one with gifts nor the only one this was happening to.
        when gifts come...or unfold, its for a purpose, often without warning nor with an instruction manual,
        i reccomend that if you feel negative energy, remove yourself untill your stronger, take breaks as this is at the moment a dark world for a feeler/perciever.
        its like if a plane is going down then parents put on your oxygen mask first, so you are then able to help others, many others. purpose for this is coming..your gifts are your tools...embrace your gifts ( your truth) and nurture it knowing that some others are not yet as awake.
        another thing that may help are these, a series of videos on youtube, but i recomend that you watch all 11 of them they can help things make a lot of sense.
        the link is:
        i am here to help if you want to break down what is happening for you into questions i am happy to help

    • Hi Maximillion,

      I know recently my transformation get speed up maybe because of my reiki practices and meditation but all I sense is this is not because I did something all just urges me somehow and even I am so behind. I found my self a bit close to spiritual burn out by always trying to keep my heart open unfortunately not being so experienced enough harsh influences left me right at the middle. This may be a reason for my increased curiosity what is in me and I believe a thing in me makes me reveal flaws-identifier wherever whatever I do, whomever I am with, like truth has to set up or I feel something so wrong and it is like a thing has no way I can stop even it is for my disadvantage (mostly), makes me feel like cursed sometimes but I don't know how to be otherwise but again I can easily get a balanced way out of all. As a nature actually I am so calm nurturing and brave logical person, what made me maybe deny a bit my senses since my childhood but somehow also naturally challenged. Indeed feel like I knew all already and wasted much of my sources only because I didn't want my intuition in my physical world much. I get flashes, names and somethings more freaks me out just gain much speed and I don't even know how to stop being drained by someone if I am in crowded (I have been told something to do, just not practical for me as I feel already late whenever it happens to me, like being too open all). All of these set me in search a bit, no one in my close distance has any similar thing but happy copers with physical world. I definitely do work hard, to cope all more than who claims successful but only because of my practical loyalty and giving personality just have a big issue with others, crowded, on fun things I can not help to keep myself out of all somehow makes me feel so tired even if I just think of them. Have great discipline but have no light mind or heart to fulfill my part in this world. I believe that I was at the middle and trying to find a balance between but maybe because of speeded transformation I became more spiritual than a physical person but only taking caring my things so well feeling like I have no space or energy for other things.

      My close friends tells commonly about me is the strongest point of my being is high extreme kindness-compassion-trutfullness-braveness and as a nurturing type these all reflects me just I would like to know more and able to balance things better for my own life. I don't wanna feel like the way I do, maybe a big part is missing what lacks my steps or isolate myself from what many others enjoy.

      I don't know all much just I wanted to share as it comes, sorry If I made wrong statements, consider me as learning or new. I would like to get training if it is possible and the conditions what training would require for me to response.

  • I geuss you'd better be ready, if i am going to hear everything everybody thinks i might get some sanity problems.
    • Ya, you an me too. I will save you a bed at the asylum, haha, at least I will be in good company.
      • I had this since my childhood and begin to understand maybe last 6 years, it is weird like you knew many things but others or things were so pushy on you, than you let all influence your life and trouble in it to value right or learn more what was all about. Waste of my time and sources just I had to let all happen with also knowing deeply as like a voice in me wasn't wanted me to, this left me with less tolerance, this is what the least I need in this physical planet.. So this things are hard to carry if you have lack of knowledge and the knowledge is still in secret in many ways, discovering is exciting but seems slow too..
This reply was deleted.

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