Bleeding from the lungs

I rushed myself to hospital yesterday at around 3:40 AM coughing up lots of blood. Tests showed a clot in the lung/lungs, but 1 of 3 tests were inconclusive, so they sent me home after a harrowing 18 hours being poked and prodded (tubes hanging out of me everywhere).
It's my sons 16 birthday next Monday, and I'm a single dad, and tonight, my lungs started bleeding again (3 large bleeds since midnight, now 2:25AM), and I'm not sure whether to wake my son and take him back with me to the hospital, or just ignore it, disbelieve in it, and have it go away like all other illness except for my constant migraines. (My son would panic if he woke up and I weren't here and he wasn't told)
The medical staff at the local hospital all told me yesterday I wouldn't be home for my sons birthday, and I told them I would be out that evening, and much to the surprise of many I was, (I didn't argue and sign myself out, a Dr consented to my being released without me asking),  but I'm not sure if that's the best thing right now.
Should I go back to the hospital?
Should I risk going to sleep, knowing if the bleeding starts again while I'm laying down I can actually drown?
I'm honestly trying not to stress my son out, but he spent all yesterday with me, after only having 2 hours sleep before I woke him, and he slept last night, and I'd like him to sleep tonight without disturbance, though he came out 30 minutes ago to check on me because the bleeding started again tonight just after getting him to bed.

When the bleeding started yesterday, it was 3 months to the day from when I was given a warning.
The warning: I had a short time to get my affairs in order, and this warning was given by 3 small childlike humanoid non earthlings who tried to take me one night, but returned me after I objected on the grounds my son still needing me.
This isn't an over active imagination, and I haven't just thought this up, I actually posted here about the alien visitation that night, the morning it happened.

I'm concerned for the welfare of my son, and concerned that my lungs constantly bleeding isn't a good thing.

Any suggestions, apart from the obvious, get to the hospital?
Even better, thoughts of my immediate healing would be most appreciated.
 I refuse to have this wrong with me, and refuse to accept it.


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  • Wonderful news, I am soooo happy for you! You have been on my mind and in my heart these days and I am exited for you and am so pleased for your son... One has only one father and to have him as long as possible when one is growing up is so important, specially a father who shows the way to the Light...:)..

    Blessings to you.
  • Ann, that was so funny I was almost crying it made my day ,I loved it thankyou so much.
  • I am very sorry to hear this Leo, eternal Love, light and joy to you always, you are more powerful than they would ever say, keep strong. Sending positive thoughts and peaceful blessings your way. We are all very proud of you. ~*
    • Thanks again for the thoughts everyone.
      Now the verdict:
      I was first into theatre this morning as the specialist thought I was an urgent case. On previous examination a few days ago, there were signs of my lungs bleeding, a distinct crackling sound coming from my lungs, and I was told the biopsy was urgent. On examination today during the biopsy, No signs of bleeding, no crackling from the lungs, no legions, no anything unusual, and I was told that my lungs were incredibly clear for a smoker of 40 years.
      I have been told to contact the specialist immediately if bleeding resumes at any time, but he said he was at a loss to explain the results today.
      For me, great news, and I know why the results were clear, All the love, prayers, and healing thoughts I have been receiving from people from all around the world, not only the lovely members of Ashtar, but also from members of another 1.5 million member strong forum where I am a moderator.
      Thank you each and every one of you for your thoughts, well wishes, and strength you have imparted to me. It has truly made a difference in my life!
      • Thank you Leo..great news....this made me smile too...i hope things will get better!!! :):):)
        • As I mentioned before, I refuse to accept illness. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with my migraines, and it's 4:40 Am here and I had to get up over an hour ago because of a bad migraine, so I usually have a coffee and jump online till my pain killers start to give me some relief.
          I am however still getting a lot of chest pain which the ECG's show isn't my heart this time, and the pulmonologist (lung specialist) said isn't my lungs, but that may settle down as my endeavour to stop smoking continues. The specialist was at a loss to explain the sudden turn around, and I told him I have a lot of great friends all around the world praying for me and sending me their healing energies.
          Again, thank you every one for your efforts and kind words/thoughts, I'm sure that's what made a difference!

          On a totally different note, does anyone have any information on what happens when we achieve our target goals within our life contracts?
          As I've mentioned in the past, I've suffered abuse in every possible form, all my life. I learned to forgive, and that's when I had my visitation, after I accepted that's what I had to do. So what now, do I have to move on to a higher level, or can I continue on within this plane of existence to care for my son?

          I very recently did a lot of praying and asked for changes to my life contract so that I may be allowed to continue to care for Brett till his life is more on track, and whether this had any influence on the outcome of my illness or not, I'm not certain.
          • once again it sounds like migraines are a sympton of lack of oxygen as is he bleeding in the lungs,the blood cells may be lacking in oxygen an prana an that may be why they are not in the correct orbital path much like the planets that rotate around the Sun,if the planets lack oxygen they may be forced to exit their normal flight pattern around the sun an seek oxygen somewhere else,in the ancient days of Earths history or beginnings , humans would naturally breathe deep through the nostrils an hold the breath for a few moments or seconds so that the prana could be absorbed into the blood stream,I could be wrong but thats my theory from all the knowledge i picked up over the years,I really have no idea why the air an oxygen an prana exist but i think its doing a pretty good job of keeping us all alive,i could be wrong though,anyhow good luck!
            • what happens when you blow up a ballon? It exspands,but it deflates when you withdraw all the air,samething with your lungs an bloodcells.
              • Leo, it seems to me reading your post, that just by the fact that you are enquiring whether there is now something new for you that you already bringing it to your conscious mind.
                It may be you have finished your old life and should have died. I agree with the post above, in the times we live in you can choose..this is something I agree with because I have experienced something which should have been my death, but somehow I managed to say 'no' and some force stopped me dead in my tracks, so I lived..:)..

                Maybe you are asked to make a change , a new life? Many synchronicities and special attention was given to you by unusual people... who acted differently to what you thought they would, to help you.

                I believe you already have the answer to where you should be, what you should do or how you should be next, your truth is inside you; you know now how much you are loved.

                And I agree it is (vitally/vitality..:)..) important to be aware of the breath, how we breathe and to make sure the body has enough oxygen.

                I am reading an interesting book at the moment ;
                'Breath, Mind, and Consciousness' by Harish Johari

                He talks about right and left hemisphere of the brain/Feminine and Masculine, right and left nostril breathing and how become aware and how to influence ones breathing and how to use it for spiritual awareness and health and is different at waxing and waning moon it balances the right and left hemisphere or indicates events to come as your breathing, it responds to subtle electromagnetic changes effecting our life... ....very interesting; still digesting it, its not a very fat book but meaty..:)..
                There are some great herbal products which help the body with this.... I love looking at alternatives..:)..
                Your migraine...are you allergic to something?

                Well, Leo, these are just my impressions so I wanted to share them with you.
                But you know your truth is within you and it is findable and the direction for the next step/s is to be found there also. ..and help is often given through unusual media like songs, number plates, over heard conversations, articles, gifts, poems restaurant menus advertising....:)...:)... etc etc...
                Be happy...:)..
                We are not alone...:)..we are helped by unseen friends all the time!

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                • I have the most unusual electrical activity in my house, and have since my visit from the other side (who ever they were).
                  My son can spend a few hours in the lounge room with the TV off, and as soon as I walk in, it will turn itself on. He can turn it off again, and within minutes, it will turn itself on again. This also happens with my computer, but never with my sons 4 computers (he;s a tech wiz at15, now 16 as of last Monday). Lights will turn on during the night when we are both in bed, and 6 hours before I was due to go for the lung biopsy, the light in my microwave oven stopped working. After getting home from the hospital, the light was working again, and neither my son, nor my ex (whom I needed to take my car and drive me to and from the hospital) changed the globe, or touched the microwave oven. I was formerly an electronics engineer and they have always been told microwaves are very dangerous devices and they are never to touch them other than normal use.
                  It's not uncommon for me to walk outside at night and have craft circling my house and the immediate area, and my little cat has become so clingy of late it's most unusual. My cat is also always looking at something, and often seen communicating with an unseen force (she sits and meow at nothing).
                  As I have told my son, I have an unseen force around me at all times, except my cat can see them.
                  My TV will also change channels, and flash various displays. This happens at all hours of the day and night, and since my house is set back from the road, I know it's not an external interference, and my neighbours are elderly and in bed at times when I'm watching my TV, so I'm 99.9% positive it's not them. On top of that, the IR sensor on the set has a very limited range.
                  With the visit I had, a few strange things I may or may not have mentioned. First, why would I dream I was dreaming and dream I was pinching and punching myself stating it was a dream, and secondly, I vividly remember one being reaching out and jabbing me with something, and first thing that morning I searched the area and found a new, white, unexplainable scar. I know every scar on my body, as does my son because he has always asked me how I got them, and this scar neither my son nor I had ever seen and it's white and new.
                  I have since that time asked that they do not visit me in my sleep, and have also asked that my life contract be changed to allow me more time with my son to get his life on track.
                  I don't dwell on the message given that I have a short time to get my affairs in order, but I will never forget it, it was that vivid.
                  My doctor is now questioning his own beliefs, because as soon as that incident took place I rushed up for an ECG (test on my heart) and explained exactly what happened, at the risk of sounding like a mental case. My doctor said it was just a bad dream, but when I mentioned last week it was 3 months to the day and hour, when I started bleeding, he turned white.
                  I seek out ascension, and look forward to it, but not at this very time with a 16 year old son who is hearing impaired, has no friends, and also has mild epilepsy. My son is also incapable of doing some menial tasks such as brushing his own hair. It's all part of his hearing problem which creates an imbalance, and effects fine motor skills. At this time in his life, he still needs me, and doesn't get along well enough with his mother to live there full time again. His mother used to treat him like crap, and he has not gotten over her treatment of him.
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