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More and more I am aware of and accepting of my mission in the world. Pay attention to the chaos that may be surrounding you at this time. You are experiencing it because you have a work to do. When I speak of work and doing I do not necessarily mean that you need to ‘do’ anything in the outer world. As we learn to operate from our inner world we need to only think miraculous thoughts in order to affect change in the external world and allow that world to be a witness to what we know within.

You are a force in the world when you have learned to master your thoughts and only think from the foundation of love and compassion. This is your vocation. It is why you are here so allow the chaos to be while sending the vibrations of the Love of God knowing that this is the source of the power within you. As a Course in Miracles states: “The Meek shall inherit the earth, not by force but by Truth.”

Allow truth to dominate your thoughts. All that is good and chaste is truth. All that is beauty is truth.
Those who know the source of their strength and being operates from a mind of integrity because they understand that they are safe, protected and strengthen by a power within them. This knowing creates a capacity to love freely and unconditionally. Be the force you were sent to be by being the eye within the storm. Whatever the storm may be keep reminding yourself that this too shall pass.



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Thank you Feather Winger!



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