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January 7

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I am first and foremost, an earth angel. It means that I am an evolved Being of the light that is here in human form to carry out a particular and precise mission. I come from the higher dimensional realms of being where the energy of love and light is a constant vibratory reality. It is a heaven like state of being, a state of consistent Grace, harmony and peace. My mission is to assist in the birth of a New Earth by preparing the way for the light of Heaven to come to the Earth (or the Return of Christ) by loving all life, accepting all souls as my brothers and teaching others how to remove the obstacles within them that block the reality of true unconditional love.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

A course in Miracles/ Master Yeshua. Joel Goldsmith. My spiritual family of light- many, Archangels and Ascended Master Teachers. My heart.

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  • Thank you for your friendship request!  <3


  • ~my dear friend Nazeelah!~ i too have been away from here for a bit...~ come back now to find the greetings & love you've left in my cabin. thank you for the warm hug! i return it to you a thousandfold & send blessings & light out on the breeze to you! i hope your journeys are bountiful of all that you seek & desire... :0)

    ~ the magic of the universes & perfection of our eternal spirits is everywhere! i see you & know you as myself: in the light of ages! give thanks... ~ :0)
  • ~hug to you today sweetheart!~ thank you for the beauty! :0)

  • ~hello radiance!~ :0) thank you for the kind wishes! it is a GOOD day indeed! i have been up for 48 hours now on my double night shift & earth day volunteer~ish stuffs! i am so ready for dream/bed~time! everything is far too sureal at this moment! lol! i'm going there now.. i will put a thought of blessings & beautiful abstractions on the breeze for you.. i know you will find.. ~blessings&beauties~
  • ~big, fuzzy hug to you Nazeelah!~ i hope you're having a beautiful day sis! :0)
  • good day, perfect day, beautiful day, peaceful day to you! ~blessings to you Nazeelah!~

  • greetings Nazeelah! a sincere thank you for your invitation of friendship. it's my honor. i am so happy to be connecting with souls like yourself. it's truly a blessing and gift! i hope this day finds you surrounded by love and light and in the best of vibrations. stop by my cabin anytime you'd like for a hello, and i'll be seeing you around the ship! ;0) ~respect~
  • Thank you for the Birthday wishes. When looking back over the years of this incarnation, I get a sense of urgency. I feel that the purpose for our being upon this plane, on this planet, at this time, is close to being revealed and we shall soon have our hands full, doing what we have been in training to accomplish. May your purpose be fulfilled in truth and integrity.
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Nazeelah Noorjahan replied to Meindert Arends's discussion Heavenletter #4451 Following Your Own Heart. in The Ascended Masters
"Thank you. :)"
Feb 1, 2013
Nazeelah Noorjahan replied to Meindert Arends's discussion Heavenletter #4445 Finding Your Place in the World in The Ascended Masters
"Thank you God and thank you messenger of God."
Jan 25, 2013
Nazeelah Noorjahan commented on Meindert Arends's blog post Profound message from Lord Metatron about Ascension and Transmutation changes in the physical human body
"Very profound!  It is all integrating, thank you so much. "
Jan 24, 2013
Nazeelah Noorjahan replied to Meindert Arends's discussion Heavenletter #4441 Unalloyed Love . in The Ascended Masters
"Thank you!  I needed this letter today for it really help to real me in.  My internet connection had been down for almost 3 weeks.  initially I was very upset because I go to school online but I came to a place and met HIM and we conversed and He…"
Jan 21, 2013

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"Drexk-money laundering, gov pork projects, treasury scams"
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"Apparently, women’s rights are now offensive, and the same liberals who used to be so passionate about standing up for women have now decided that the rights of delusional trans people are somehow superior and more worthy of support than actual…"
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