• Jose don't give up you're a gift to this world a loVing beautiful light you are.  You are stronger than the worse of them.  I know I've felt your way countless times but I kept pushing you know there's a saying it's often darkest before the dawn.  Dawn is coming all we can do is have faith it is and live in the now making our now moments count, you can do this dear soul I believe in you, I have faith in your heart that you too can move mountains.... much love dear sweet jose....

    • 8116089874?profile=original

      LISA have a nice name.............

      many of my friends are called   LISA.......


      you're right about everything but the current approach for humans are too many and all without a solution, what can I answer when they tell me: Tomorrow my factory closes and are out of work? I have the mortgage expiring and I have no money, my son and 'university' and I have not the money the fee for the school yesterday were thieves in the house and we stole him all the savings, the coop had deposited their savings in life and my children and now are lost, and so forth ', more' there an invasion of illegal immigrants IPHONE with TABLET NAVIGATOR compiuters living FREE HOTEL 5 STARS! FREE ! and our poor people? ANYTHING -

      where you see LOVE ??? where ....


      grazie   ciao    BUON   2016   ciao

      • I know dearest, it's hard and a parent never stops worrying about their children my daughter is grown and left the nest and i still worry Noone can take care of her like mamma, it seems bleak but it will get better and dearest anytime you need to talk I'm here for you...

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          Thank you, bye

    • ...Hey j......We All Feel This Way At Times.....If You Focus On The Negative Aspects......+ I Know What Your Saying......Its A Weird World Out There...................Then Down..........Your Gonna Feel......We Stick Together.....+ You Are An Important Piece Of This......Maybe Take Some Time Out.......Enjoy Your Life.......For YOU.......Then The Impact Aint So Bad.....When Being There For Others........Love You Always Mr......:).......<3<3.......

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        hello   Sky , Today morning I went to the market of the things used to CIVIDALE of Friuli and I met many people who know me and me told things are suffering, know that I have created much difficulty ' I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO RESPOND! and 'curious how many people today have spoken to me of suffering - when will 'over ?? I salute you and thank you for your words always comforting and kind - Thank you, bye


        grazie   BUON  2016  ciao



    I am committed to helping stray animals, to help the poor, to help elderly in trouble 'without asking anything in return, hoping that the world become better, but I was wrong, the world deteriorates more and more '. I see that the poor are more and more 'rich and poor more and more' rich - I decided then that I let go of the world go as he goes happy Their everyone happy. Yes we can delude ourselves that we can hope but WHAT CHANGES? ANYTHING ! we are constantly deceived throughout -

    ciao  e  GRAZIE  buon  2016  ciao

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    bravo   EROS  RAMAZZOTTI ,

    piu'  o  meno  e'   cantata   la  mia  realta'  ,  forse   un  po'  piu'   modesta , io  vivo   in  un'appartamento   di

    70  metri  quadri   in  casa  popolare   vecchia  di  50  anni   con  molti  clandestini  e  extracomunitari  poveri

    non  vivo  in  un  castello  ,   ma  posso   molte  ore  chiuso  in  casa   perche'  preferisco  stare  solo   che

    ascoltare  solo  brutte  storie  :  senza  lavoro , figli   poveri ,  malattie ,  incidenti  ,   soldi  rubati , a  sono  stanco

    io  non  ho  paura  di  niente   e  neanche   piu'  niente   mi  interessa  veramente --


    EROS  RAMAZZOTTI  , good , More 'or less and' sung my reality ', maybe a little' more 'modest, I live in an apartment of 70 square meters in public housing 50 years old with many illegal immigrants and poor I do not live in a castle, but I can many hours locked up at home 'cause I prefer to be just that only hear bad stories: jobless, poor children, diseases, accidents, stolen money, to be tired I'm not afraid of anything or even 'nothing really interests me -


    GRAZIE   ciao  buon  2016

  • Give up from attempting what?
    • CIAO  RAMA ,

      I tried them all! it's impossible ...........

      the strength, the study, the will ', commitment ...

      the immense forces dominate the Universe

      They are powerful 

      and definitely NO ONE helps us

      the status of 'UNIVERSE and' worse than us We believe

      GIORDANO BRUNO remember what he wrote: AS ABOVE SO 'BELOW!

      The universe and 'MUCH WORSE OF WHAT WE BELIEVE..........................

      8116090852?profile=originalciao  BUON  2016 ciao

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