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BASIC ASTROLOGY: JUSSIE SMOLLETT'S RACIST CRIME SCANDAL - He Got Caught Creating A Trump Racist Attack On Himself By Paying Two Black Men To Wear "MAGA" Hats & Then Get Beaten Up By Them

This will go down as one of the most hilarious attempts at attempting to create a Trump hate crime. The most outrageous aspect of this scandal was the fact that gay actor Jussie Smollett paid two Nigerian men $3500 BY A BANK CHECK to do this dirty deed (how stupid can you get?) The two Nigerian men told the Chicago police the entire story of Jussie's scam in which they pretended to be two Trump supporters (wearing "Make America Great Again" hats) who attacked and beat up Jussie at 2:00 AM, January 29, 2019 in -10 F degree weather in Chicago. Jussie now faces possible jail time and a fine of $400,000.00 (which is the estimated cost of the investigation of this fake crime by the Chicago police). NOW ONTO THE ASTROLOGY CHALLENGE. The birth time of Jussie Smollett is unknown, and he was born during a New Moon at Summer Solstice in 1982. The big question is this: is his Sun placement a Gemini or a Cancer? This is a very hard call; statistics show that these two Sun signs are very prominent with gay men. My analysis of gay men indicates that Gemini gay men (for the most part) tend to be more aggressive, while Cancer gay men tend to be more submissive, relaxed, and "laid back." Hence, I pick Gemini for the Sun sign of Jussie Smollett; this scam was an outrageous risk for someone to take. And we will ignore house considerations of the horoscope. Below is an equal 12 house chart with zero degrees Aries as the 1st House cusp.

CHALLENGE QUESTION: what aspects of Jussie Smollett's chart really stick out relative to his fake hate crime? The real conflict of the chart is the lucky aspect of the New Moon forming a hard Trine with Jupiter in Scorpio. This strongly indicates much luck and success, and actor Jussie Smollett was making $60,000.00 an episode with the "Empire" drama series. But also note that this New Moon is in a hard Opposition with the Black Moon (near the world points at 0 degrees Capricorn), and this may indicate a strong need for temptation with doing something "forbidden" in nature (with some possible impact on the world in some way). This Black Moon aspect with the New Moon thus enhances hazards and possibilities of danger, especially since Saturn forms a T-square with the Nodal Plane. This T-square indicates that Jussie shouldn't challenge authority figures or the government; the odds are that he will have conflict as opposed to harmony. Finally, Jussie has Sun Quincunx Uranus. This may indicate slight tension due to a need to express himself in an unusual manner. This may be advantageous in acting and drama, but it is possibly disadvantageous if one has to come across as being trustworthy and realistic in real life situations with real people. Now lets look at the chart of Jussie's fake racist attack, in which he paid two black men $3500 to beat him up.

CHALLENGE QUESTION: what aspects of Jussie Smollett's "Fake Racist Attack" chart really stick out relative to his natal chart?  The transit of Saturn Square Saturn (with Saturn crossing over the natal Nodal Plane) is the big hazard. Saturn Square Saturn is less than one degree from being exact, and Jussie obviously wasn't consulting his astrologer on this one. This defines "possible conflict with authority or the government." Also note that Neptune Quincunx Saturn is also less than one degree from being exact. This defines "slight tension due to disappointment or deception with authority or government." And yes, Chiron is forming a hard Square with the natal Black Moon, and the midpoint of this Neptune Quincunx Saturn transit EQUALS the Black Moon. Jussie was really asking for trouble with this combination in lieu of his act of deception that would involve authority and government. Now onto the chart whereby the Chicago police announce that Jussie Smollett faked his hate crime.

CHALLENGE QUESTION: what aspects of Jussie Smollett's "Getting Busted" chart really stick out relative to his natal chart?The Full Moon forms a hard T-square with Jussie's natal Uranus, and Uranus rules "shocks and surprises." Also note that the transiting Nodal Plane is forming a hard T-square with Jussie's natal Pluto, and Pluto rules "crisis and transformation." And yes, Saturn just finished the Saturn Square Saturn transit (which may indicate "conflict among authorities;" members of the Chicago police were reportedly in hot debate and angry with the Chicago police higher-ups who wanted to give Jussie Smollett a "slap on the wrist" for his crime). IS JUSSIE IN TROUBLE? I say absolutely. His stunt almost triggered a race war in the U.S.A. And the U.S.A. is currently under tremendous media and politically pushed propaganda at this time involving racism, of which many claim is politically motivated lies. And the Jussie Smollett fake hate racism crime is proof of this; a fake hate crime involving racism (based on association with Trump) is not needed unless such events were actually happening that involved Trump supporters.

Below is a collection of my own notes regarding this incident.

Thanks for reading.

Love to all.


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did the dnc,obama, put him up to this false flag?

PET ROCK: the word is that the Democratic Party of Chicago may have played a role with Jussie's fake hate crime, and the F.B.I. is reportedly investigating this.....I actually sent out a Facebook Memo to Jussie that told him that if the Democratic Party of Chicago had anything to do with your fake crime, DO THE TIME AND SAY NOTHING......THOSE PEOPLE WILL KILL YOU.......... Bill & Hillary's body count is now up to 109......

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in 'blue' state nj my neighbor put a trump for pres sigh out and someone stole it-I don't wear a maga hat around simply because I'm self employed, and I'd get into confrontations all the time-i have an infowars sticker on the bumper and a******* swerve around me real close and one scumbag gave me the finger-all while these fithy dirtbags are enjoying a growing economy -the f ing media needs to be dismantled-they are the biggest problem

I CAN RELATE WITH YOU, PET ROCK...Santa Fe is the limousine liberal capital outside of Hollywood, and it attracts all kinds of limousine liberals...... retired left wing CIA, retired ivy league liberals, and professional left wing activists.....Hollywood knee jerk liberals that reside here are the worst. Gene Hackman lives here (he is vice president of the Santa Fe opera), Jane Fonda has a house here, Val Kilmer lives here, Julia Roberts lives here, Billy Bob Thorton has a house here, and Shirley MacLaine has a house here.....these limousine liberals gravitate to this place, and everyone asks me "why the hell do your live here?"....ANSWER......because I used to live in New Mexico a long time ago......I lived here, loved here, murdered men (who were scumbags) here, and died here..... AND I AINT LEAVING......AND I AM SMOKING EVERY ASTROLOGER, EVERY RETIRED CIA HARVARD WHITE SHOE D!CKHEAD HERE,  AND EVERY PSYCHIC HERE IN TERMS OF FUTURE PREDICTIONS...... AND THEY CAN'T STAND IT BECAUSE I'M A advice to you d!ckheads reading this........learn to admit when you are: (A)  wrong about your political philosophy (B) wrong about your perspective on how the world should be (C) wrong about Trump not completing his first term as a U.S. president......... and if you can't admit you are wrong, here's a desert treat for you.......and please be a good little b!tch and lick the ice cream first before you work on the banana....

yikes!  I'll pass on desert- libs/progressives are part of an unseen network of spirits who desire power? probably mentally generated energy-it's like a hive mind for control by using chaos-nuts

WRONG PET....liberalism is a basic mental illness.... and most of these people in the Democratic Party are mentally ill, and those who are elected U.S. representatives and elected U.S. senators are simply mentally ill people with a lot of power.... and this 2019 nonsense Trump is pulling by trying to prove that he can negotiate with these people is hurting him badly.....and I suspect it is Trump's son-in-law who is pushing this horse sh!t that these mentally ill people (called Democrats) can actually be negotiated with...... I SAY FVCK THEM..... tell them to take antipsychotic medications Haldol and Zyprexa. This is because the Democratic Party contains mentally ill people. And these psychopaths have probably convinced Trump's son-in-law at D.C. cocktail parties that they are legit D.C. politicians capable of negotiation. The dirty hidden truth is that the new Democratic party is a party of subversive Marxists (with mental illness) who want to destroy the U.S.A. via the race card and via Saul Alinsky methods in his book "Rules For Radicals," which was dedicated to Lucifer.

Malcom:  So, you killed people?  Gee, I'm not going to mess with YOU!  Anyway, about Liberals:  One of them I know thinks that there are TWO DIFFERENT REALITIES!  No kidding!  True story!  (I guess I'm living in the WRONG ONE!)

IN MY PAST LIFE IN NEW MEXICO (in the 1800's), I WAS A REAL S.O.B. HERE WHO MURDERED MANY MEN (and one of these victims I murdered was someone I should have never killed, he was a good man. The others who I killed more than earned it; they were really very, very bad men). AND I AM CURRENTLY TRYING TO CORRECT MY KARMA FOR THIS DILEMMA. There was nothing glamorous about what I did in the past life.......NOTE: I have never killed anyone or any animal in this lifetime, and as an RN, nobody has ever died on me unless they had DNAR status with no comfort measures......sorry for the miscommunication....

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LOL, oh, OK, glad for the clarification! 

ooohh got it.  can you still get arrested for that or no? there is probably a statue of limitations right?

your correct Malcolm, the libtards are hell bent on destroying the USA



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