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To all my brothers and sisters of the light, this is a special message that you need to be aware of.  This message will be repeated many times so that it may reach as many people as possible, so PLEASE do your utmost to post this message on as many websites as you can!  Email or call your friends because we need to get the word out on this matter too as many people as possible!


The objective of this message is NOT to spread fear or hysteria, but more to increase AWARENESS of a possible move by the forces of darkness aka the Black Hats or as some would call them the N.W.O. to perpetuate a grand deception and possibly ensnare the entire world in a mass deception slated for 12-21-12.  Do to the increased significance of this very special date; a possible mass deception may be perpetrated on this date to ensnare the world into the GRANDEST DECEPTION ever perpetrated upon the masses!


This is NOT a joke or a hoax, this technology exists and is for real and could be used on a worldwide scale to ensnare you into their diabolical machinations!


I know that many of you are busy spreading LIGHT and LOVE and increasing your vibrational frequencies which is a GREAT THING.  But PLEASE take a moment and read this webpage and then post it on one of your favorite sites, for the objective of this message is to INCREASE AWARENESS and prevent the diabolical plans of the Black Hats from ensnaring anyone.


Thank you and God Bless.






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  • I've got a really bad feeling about all of this and it just HIT ME like a friggin' ton of bricks, what better time to perputrate a GRAND DECEPTION then on 12-21-12 when EVERYONE is looking for some kind of COSMIC SHOW whether it be GOOD, BAD or INDIFFERENT!? 


    My friends and fellow light workers, do NOT lull yourself into complacency.

    Verify channeled info, read books relevant to the info, talk with others on the net or in a close knit of friends, research info on the net, go out and LOOK physically if able, check astrally if able, then see the info for what it is, if it doesn't fit easily into the puzzle, it COULD be deception.  I wouldn't toos it but put it in a safe place for further analysis.


    I myslef have channled info and can channel specific sources I also do automatic writing, as it says in the Bible (Test the Spirits)!?  Usually I'll take the channeled info and set it aside and (like if it's a prediction I'll see if it comes to pass) but I'm still VERRRRRRY VERY PROTTECTIVE of the info and I only share with a chossen few.  Why?  Because if the entity being channled is a harmful or deceptive force I don't want to do anything to bring harm to anyone on the planet, that's NOT what I'm here for, to hurt you!? Make Sense?  I trust my automatic writings more than my channled info.


    Tom (don't take this the WRONG WAY), BUT, they meaning the BLACK HATS want to disarm everyone from their religions that they grew up with and force something AKIN to the new age religion down their throats!! Now I don't mean that New Agers are "bad guys" NO, it's just there are certain aspects of the New Age that I don't agree with, but I won't go into that here!?


    It's just like when soemone asks me "Are you a Christian?" NOT in the fundamental way, because many of the Christian churches I have gone to they don't accept me for who and/or what I am, calling me a "FREE FORM" Christian is acceptable but I prefer I'm into SPIRITUALITY, that seems more acceptable and politically correct, LOL!?^_^


    More later....^_^

  • Hi guys, even if you think you know what Blue Beam is all about...take a  moment and read the webpage just to refresh your memory and then post this message on one of your favorite websites, let's get the word out!!  I'm like you guys, my mind is focused on the Ascension, but this whole thing has been nagging at me and a couple of confidential sources hit me with this stuff and ever since then it's been nagging me to death, LOL!?  I just want you guys to be AWARE of this stuff...just in case, it's like having a back up plan for your back up plan, LOL!?^_^



    • Thanks so much for this posting, I had not thought about Bluebeam in a long time, and never really read about exactly what it was and what the purpose was.  The information is sobering as it is now many years later and in many ways it seems icindeed. When I thought about manufactured earthquakes I immediatly thought of Haap weather control.  The sky being a giant projector screen for deception I immediately wondered if all the chem spraying is laying chemicals in the air for the "great show of shows"?  I also was struck really hard over the head about the channeling mention.  Here is the quote I refer to:

      "Anyone investigating so-called 'channelling' phenomena right now would be
      wise to take this area of research into consideration
      . It will be noted that
      those who think of themselves as 'channellers' has escalated rapidly since this
      type of research was conducted. It is uncanny how similar their messages are,
      despite which entity they claim to be their source of divine guidance. It would
      suggest any individual considering the credibility of channelled information
      should be discerning and critically evaluate where the message they are
      receiving originates, and if the messages are specifically beneficial to the new
      world order." 

      Amen to that!  We lately have been discussing channeling messages from certain channelers that seem so off , and reading this maybe it good to use extra discernment when it comes to those messages.  I read channelings but many of them give me the creepiest feelings in my gut, and maybe there is a reason for that.  I think in MHO that many lightworkers are very open to believing things that may not be right.  It frightens me for those who live their lives according to those channeled messages believing without questioning....sometimes the whole thing seems off.  I will leave it at that because it is not my purpose to lower people vibrations, but I would worry very much if messages came into my mind out of the blue and that I felt compelled to relate them.  I would be worried very much for myself and for others.  That is all I am saying on that, as I do not want to upset anyone and certainly don't want those with big clubs gunning my way, lol.  I think now it is sooo crucial to be very very careful....

      Thanks for sharing this information, it has served as a basis for some questioning of my own beliefs.  I do not believe the information is the product of someone who has screws lose.  I find this information credible especially now.  It made me think about the new "smart meters" that emit microwaves that are being thrust upon people whether they want it or not, and even though they cause health concerns for many, sometimes grave health issues, it is a program that is being pushed down peoples throats against their will.  I know I just had a battle with the power company because they installed one without my permission while I was in the hospital for a month.  Since then I have lost all appetite, and am unable to sleep for more than three or four hours a night.  I cannot prove that it is the smart meter, but am not even given the option to have it taken off my house....that is just not right and smacks of NWO agenda to me and is inline with the bluebeam project information....I am seeing a picture forming and it is not pretty and I will not stick my head in the sand as it seems we are being so encouraged to do. 

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