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Author Aurelia Louise Jones on the Telosian People of Lemuria...HIGHLY RECOMMEND


Aurelia Louise Jones was born in Montreal in a French Canadian family in the early 1940’s. She graduated as a nurse in the early part of her working career. However, Aurelia worked most of her adult life as a Spiritual and Health Counselor and held certification both as a Naturopath and also as a Homeopath. Nutrition, homeopathy and flower essences were among the many natural healing modalities she used. In addition, Aurelia also included holistic animal care and consulting. Animals and especially her cats, were a big part of her life. (See Books: Angelo's Message).She left Canada and moved to the U.S. in 1989.

Under the sponsorship of the Brotherhood of Light and the Order of Melchizedek, Aurelia was ordained as a minister in 1998, and devoted a great deal of her time to her spiritual ministry. She was a devoted spiritual teacher of higher consciousness principles leading to the Ascension process.

While living in Montana in 1997, she received guidance from Adama, and the Lemurian Council of Light of Telos to move to Mount Shasta to be prepared for a mission with them that would eventually become the major aspect of her life’s work. She moved to Mount Shasta one year later in June, 1998 and lived the next 11 years immersed in the passion of her mission.

Aurelia Louise founded and owned Mount Shasta Light Publishing and “The Lemurian Connection Newsletter. During this time, at the request of Lady Quan Yin, she channeled through her cat Angelo a touching message from the animal kingdom, now in a book called: “Angelo’s Message to the World”. Angelo was her favorite cat who incarnated to be with her again in order to bring his message on behalf of the animal kingdom, regarding the treatment of animals on this planet.

Aurelia Louise Jones published books about Telos and the Lemurian teachings that are now published in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Romanian, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Italian, Estonian, Slovenian and Greek. (Telos Vol. 1, 2, and 3 and The Seven Sacred Flames (Dutch, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian)

Especially at this time, these books are important tools, opening us up to possibilities of how our present reality can change and become a far better world, supporting the raising of consciousness of an enlightened civilization. The information gives us pause to contemplate a perspective of how life was really meant to be lived here on earth,

Aurelia Louise channeled Adama, the high priest of the Lemurian city of Telos as well as other spiritual masters of Light as part of her mission. She held Lemurian events in the Mount Shasta area once or twice a year, and facilitated initiatic journeys there in the summer time. As early as 2002, Aurelia held conferences and workshops in various countries of the world including Canada, especially in Quebec, France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain. In addition she traveled to the French Polynesian Islands, Peru and Hawaii.

Aurelia made her transition in July of 2009 and has left a rich legacy of Adama and Ascended Master teachings through the Telos Book Series and The Seven Sacred Flames. Her deepest desire was that humanity awaken to their divinity and together ascend with beloved Mother Earth into the New Golden Age.



Adama is the High Priest — the spiritual leader in the sacred Lemurian city of Light called Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. He is the head of the Lemurian Council of Light in Telos. Also an ambassador and diplomat for Galactic contacts with our Star Brothers and Sisters, on behalf of humanity within and on the surface of the globe.

Adama, along with his Lemurian team are also in charge of the creation and maintenance of a very important crystalline grid around this planet. He is working with many members of various galactic and interplanetary beings on this important project.

Adama is a Blue Ray ascended master of universal level, a master of Love and Compassion, assisting humanity and the planet with the ascension project. Telos has now become the main headquarters for ascension on this planet, and Adama is one of the main leaders, along with the planetary Christ, Lord Maitreya, Lord Sananda, Lord Buddha, Sanat Kumara, and so many others.

Adama embodies the “Heart of Lemuria” which is nothing less than the heart of love and compassion and the heart of the Divine Mother, the return of the Christ consciousness on this planet with all its wondrous magnificence.

Adama’s time to be known and heard on the surface of this planet has now come. His spiritual presence among us, and the spiritual presence of our former Lemurian family is a great blessing for us all and for the planet. Let’s open our hearts to Adama and to the members of our Lemurian family who are assisting us in our evolutionary pathway, waiting to reconnect with us in a more physical manner in the years to come.

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One of the best for awakening and ascension of Planet Earth 

Hi Krishna, thanks for this post...I love the Seven Sacred Flames of the days and have meditated with them for many years... and have also condensed them into a simple daily focus on this page, for anyone interested:

The Seven Sacred Flames Meditations

...which has the addition of the Silver Flame, which I've personally found wonderful as an 'assisting vibration' to each of the Flames.

Blessings, Joanna. 

Hi Joanna ThankYou for the link The Seven Sacred Flames Meditations. It is wonderful and amazing and I hope more people tune into it. I have in book form plus all the telos books which you can either download or buy @

i like Aurelia Louise Jones as she is disclosing and informing people about the City Of Telos and it’s inhabitants.

Adama head priest of Telos is amazing and one can connect with him as he is telepathic and knows your intentions and ready to help.

Any more Info you have PLEASE ADD..for the benefit of all.

Love & Light 


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