Are You Losing it Too?

Ok, Ok...I feel like I am completely, totally and uterally losing my mental faculties :)  Well, the mental faculties that serve me in my day-to-day affairs.


I've been feeling more "magnetized", and have had weird spells of crying for no apparent reason (and I do mean no reason...not sad or happy about anything, but it's like energies in me are aligning to make me wanna cry, kind of the way you feel when you feel a sneeze coming on), feeling light-headed to the point of almost falling over, intense headaches in my third-eye, shifting in and out of consciousness...this is weird.  Oh, and I've been obsessed with the ongoings "out there", time, the cosmos, staying up at night trying to do ridiculous things like decipher the Philosopher's Stone.  Really, really weird.  And I haven't heard much about anyone experiencing these things, so I thought I'd ask. 


Does anyone else feel like there is something impending soon?  Like you are wanting to carry on with business as usual--but something inside you saying "wait, not yet...something is going to change".  Have you been feeling more clairevoyant?  Feeling more/less contact from guides/higher self?


Please do share if you are feeling paranoid, anxious, and just plain feeling like things ARE NOT business as usual.  It would be greatly appreciated...I would feel less crazy :)  And what about all this weird solar activity?  I can't help but think if what I'm feeling and these events aren't related. 


Thanks for the emotional update :)



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  • Yes yes and oh....... Yes! Love love love
  • OMG...thank you so much for posting this as i now feel much better to know it is not only me. i too have been bursting out in fits of tears, fainting spells and dizziness as well as having the feeling of leaving my body. i have also had a few visions i guess you would call them. i seemed to have distanced myself from nearly everyone i know and have been spending much time alone and i too have been researching more and more about space, ancient text, biology, the unknown, quantum physics, life and death etc. i cant seem to get enough of it. everything else is left for 'later or never' and these other things seem to have taken over my daily life. i have also been seeing the numbers 1 and 4 a lot, in various combinations.  for example this morning i woke up at 1:11am, which is why i am sitting here typing this now. i cant get back to sleep although for the past few years i have been waking up at 4:14 or 4:04 or 4:01 or 4:44am and so on. on the odd occasion i have been waking at 1:11 or 1:04 or 1:14 etc. i have tried to look the meaning of these numbers up and find it interesting to read what some say they represent but none say the same thing so i do not pay too much attention to them as they do not correspond. i have also been seeing orbs. mainly red ones as big as my head at times. i see them with my naked eye but do not understand the meaning of this. is it our star family trying to communicate or is it some type of spirit or what??? i know for a fact it is not just in my head. i have also taken photos of these orbs as well as other spirits or whatever they are??? although lately i have been seeing red orbs usually with golden outline like the sun, i usually see purple and blue ones. i do see other colors as well but these are the most common. i really feel very happy for no reason when i see these beautiful purple and blue ones.  i cant explain why. at first i thought it was the spirits of my loved ones that had passed over. there is one that would visit constantly who i thought was my sons spirit. whatever the case may be, i sure would love to know more so if anyone has knowledge on these things, please let me know.

    again, *somesayimnot* i would like to thank you for sharing.

    much love 'n' light to you,



    • uh omg..I see 44 EVERYWHERE...I look at the clock at the :44's all the time.  Used to be the 11's, but now it's all about the 44's. :)  Hope its good news

    • 4 is the angel number an dif you are seeing orbs that's my bet. They are the angels surrounding
      • Bless you Brenda. I had that feeling but wasnt sure. how can i communicate back and understand what they are trying to tell me?

        love 'n' light, xxx

  • dear Somesayimnot, HappyKelly and others. Yes, i am also in the same club with you :)...i used to be very emotional as very young..then i "toughened up" a little, but in the last months it all seems to be coming back at me from my earlier breaking in tears and not knowing exactly Why...

  • Yes! i am really losing it too!!!

    I feel the same things like you, and i thought that it was somthing very wrong vith me!!

    I was afraid for my blodpressure and i could not understand?

    Thank you for lighting me up on this!

    Now i know

    Love/ Lise-Lott

  • I feel your pain Traxiss, for years I dealt with these processes too. I really feel now, though, that that clearing process is all but over. I've made peace with my past, and I'm in a very happy and peaceful state now. I feel very light.

    Like Bashar says, sometimes the quickest way to enlightenment is just to lighten up lol Don't be so heavy, and take things oh so seriously. The past is the past, it's done. We experience things to learn lessons, all we need to do is embrace the lesson and that's it. It really is that simple. We just make it complicated, that's all. Because there's always some resistance, you know what I mean, there's always some block that says, well maybe I have to suffer. Only if we choose to. It really is all about perspective.

    I have this saying that I use, change your mind and change your heart, and you'll change your life and have a fresh start. It's true. Just try to stay light, my friend. Light hearted, do things you enjoy, have fun. Connect with your inner child, be innocent again. That's what I've learned to do, and it's working out pretty well lol I wish you all the best, my friend....and no matter what always gets better. God bless!

  • dear Anita,you are spot on, but it is the energy coming from the etheric sun,which is directly behind the visible 3rd earth density sun,blessings eve.

  • ha ha, I came to this conclusion last night...lost the brow chakra unless I am wishing to use it at the time. :)  But I think sometimes when it kinda "lights up" or activate if you will, its my higher self/guides trying to tell me something.  So I go ahead and open up the chakra to let em on in so we can have some convos.  Other than that..keep that thing closed!   It can get real spacey sometimes if I don't

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