What if Jesus came and find a Japanese or a Frenchman etc enacting a film about Jesus. Will Jesus be furious about it? ! A 13 year old child, who have read the Gospels, will laugh at this ridiculously simple question. Jesus is just not that type of a guy who cares about people's noses, ears, eyes, hairs or such............................................................................Someone came and said to Jesus, hey! Your brothers and sisters are looking for you. He answered like what! My brothers, mothers and sisters etc are these people hear standing and listening to the word of God! In other words 'looking like jesus' (being Jesus's brother) mean different thing to Jesus other than the ordinary looks. Therefore a Frenchman behaving occordingly 'looks like' Jesus for all relevant purposes, and so qualifies to enact Jesus's film! I mean he is Jesus's brother. How will Jesus say 'hey this one should not act the film because he doesn't look like me?'....................................................................................What if you went to a shop and then begin examining smartphones saying 'this is a white phone with thick buttons, round corners etc'. Then next you say 'no that is a black phone with large thin buttons etc'. You look silly isn't it? A smarter person will 'look' at the things inside the phone eg Android version etc. Yet what is inside a human being is far greater than what is inside a smartphone. What if you were looking at vehicles. Will you now say 'this is a green car with oval torches and thick side mirrors etc' will you now categories cars based on their colours and now group Isuzu alongside Volkswagen etc because both of them are white? Will you protest a black car appearing in a film instead of a white car? You won't, will you?...Yet what is inside a human being is far greater than what is inside a car!................................................................................Of what use is ending up grouping together Subaru alongside Ferrari by focusing on the shape of side mirrors, torches, number blades etc ? Of what use is grouping together wise men alongside fools, righteous ones alongside sinners, starseeds incarnates alongside reptilian incarnates, Jesus in flesh alongside a devil in flesh etc by focusing on the shapes of their noses, ears, hair, lips etc? Yet the spirit of Jesus is creater than the engine of Toyota, isn't it? We must then be careful not to mischaracterize Jesus by focusing on the body than being careful not to mischaracterize Toyota by focusing on the cover, musn't we?......................................................................So then should spiritual people then get preoccupied with grouping people based on their noses, lips, eyes, hair etc, saying 'this one with blue eyes should not do this, should not act this film, should not walk through this street' etc or should they leave such apparent 'dance to the tune of the devil' to fools?

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  • your body is made of atoms/molecules-the atomic dust gathers about your spirit-spirits who come back from the spirit worlds to the 4th dim gather this dust and produce a physical body-we are spirits that morph to a different human form on reincarnation
  • Btw something FUNNY lol Drekx lol Something funny lol Besides when you take off your pants lol

    Again, I can say I’m happy to see you, but why lie lol As for YOU, if you don’t lie, you gonna run out of CONVERSATION lol
  • Well well well, if it ain’t Drekx lol The only dark cloud that never had a silver lining lol I can say I’m happy to see you Drekx, but why lie lol
  • Hahahaha...!! 🤣

  • I mean obviously you're not your frickin body, because most people, their bodies are not Heavenly fit lol So when they get to Heaven, their body changes lol Into something very different lol

    I mean your next life, you might have a body completely different, in every way lol Including gender. Yet people think you're just the frickin body, and ohh you don't feel you're the gender of your physical body lol You got MENTAL issues, I mean excuse me lol

    Again it will surprise folks to learn lol That like Angels lol Do not have genders lol The way humans understand genders. So Angels don't really have specific genders lol So where is the line, given all this lol

    So when you see young folks today lol Talking about, well I don't feel I'm the same gender as my physical body lol I think what you outta do, is SHUT UP AND LISTEN lol Instead of think you somehow know wtf you talking about lol And put them in some little box of norms, so you can feel SAFE lol

    But again, hold diametrically opposed views, at the same time lol Like you're just a man or a woman because that's your body lol Yet you're not really your body, you're a soul IN a body lol
  • I mean it's like people who say, well I believe in ghosts lol But whether you move on after you die, I DUNNO lol I mean EXCUSE ME lol

    I mean don't you understand lol How those are diametrically opposite thoughts lol Like you believe in ghosts, yet don't know whether you live on after death lol I mean and people don't even understand lol How those are OPPOSING thoughts lol

    It's like saying well I believe in apples, but I don't know if apples exist lol I mean excuse me lol Either you believe in apples, or you DON'T lol
  • I mean don't you folks THINK at all lol Like you understand you holding two diametrically opposed thoughts lol At the same time lol

    Like people say, ohh you're just the body lol You the BODY. You can't just change your "gender", because you're the BODY lol That's you, and nothing else lol In one frickin breath.

    And then the NEXT breath lol Are like, well you're not actually the body lol You're a soul in a body lol And that soul has lived many lifetimes, as both man and woman, and ET, and all this lol

    So you're not actually the body, you're a soul in a body, yet YOU ARE THE BODY lol Because you feel you're the wrong gender for your physical body lol And you can't DO THAT lol I mean don't you understand how those are diametrically opposite views lol
  • Nooo lol You're just the frickin body lol And btw, you're either a MAN OR A WOMAN lol Because that's your BODY lol That's BIOLOGY lol You are the body, nothing else lol
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