Hello dear brothers and sisters of the light, I am Archangel Metatron. I would like to talk about the Future of Humanity and the Divine Plan for ALL the Cosmos as through the active guidance of the many Ground Crew here reflecting these TRUTHS of BEING here for ALL Humanity alike, working as living examples of the full spectrum nature that we all are GOD, experiencing ITSELF as ITSELF. 

I have been working in collaboration with or Lord Sananda along with many other of my Star Brothers and Sisters in research of ALL THAT IS essentially out of balance here in our local section of the cosmos and we are truly once and for all solving all those loopholes in which the dark ones have been allowed to infiltrate on us so easily. And I would like to express that this research is now complete! All that was left was to give my full report along with several others to our Lord so he and Archangel Michael and those others within the High Councils of Light could decide just how and when to implement whichever of many suggestions that had been made. We are indeed ridding those dark ones from ALL the Cosmos, however this will be a gradual process of dissolution as these aspects of the cosmos slowly dissolve back into the light, and so will ALL those remaining ones actively choosing to live in separation of their GOD SELVES also dissolve back into the light. And I will discuss the significance of this.

In my previous article, disclosing the Grand War within Heaven being waged across two whole grand universes between the Domain and their local supporting Anchara Alliance against our Paa-Tal Warriors of light leading the charge, so very much has come to a resolve already. These dark ones infiltrating our universe were offered three options as an ultimatum carrying the FULL AUTHORITY OF THE ALMIGHTY. The 1st of these was always the option to return to the love and light that they actively deny within them as their HIGHEST GOD SELVES, asking forgiveness for all they have done. The 2nd option was to cease and desist all infiltrations and manipulations of other innocent souls of the light and to remain there in their own Grand Universe. The 3rd option was that these ones would be cut down by the “SWORD OF DAIOMO” and be unmade as beings completely just as was fully sanctioned to be done with the one true “Devil” earlier this year. The significance of the use of this SWORD OF DAIOMO is that the very individuality and personality of any one being that is struck down, is then erased absolutely and completely, unmade and all that remains is the purity within the light and energy of that SOUL itself.

Upon Divine authority of this ultimatum, after being chased by our Paa-Tal Warriors of Light all the way back into their own neighboring grand universe, approximately 260 trillion souls chose the 3rd option to be cut down and were erased from all that is their individualized selves. Multiple Millions have since been arrested of this Domain and were then brought before THE ALMIGHTY to face judgment by their own GOD SELVES. The remaining dark ones there then chose to remain in their own Grand Universe as it gradually fades, in entirety back into the Love and Light that is the Central Son. Accepting the 2nd option, these dark ones signed a formal declaration of non-engagement henceforth to ever interfere in the FREE WILL of other innocent worlds. The significance of this immense victory may not be so obviously perceivable to the many Ground Crew seeking change in this world, but as I will continue to disclose, the real problem is not isolated to this world alone and is in fact a wide spread infestation throughout the Cosmos. However, all their portals were completely destroyed, cutting off all Domain support from their own dying Universe to their Anchara Alliance here locally of which are all now currently undergoing the same process of Divine Intervention. The “dark seed” has run its course and those fallen / dark ones within this local section of the Cosmos have all also received the very same 3 options as their Domain counterparts. The Draconian, Orion Grays and Zeta Grays have all made their choices and those remaining have since signed their respective declarations of non-engagement. All, but the Annunaki remain among the many stragglers that will soon be rounded up, clearing the way for Humanity’s ascension. Due to the vigilance of the many incarnations of the Ground Crew researching these fallen dark ones from within, we are truly getting it right once and for all. No longer is such blatant deviance and infringement of our FREE WILL being tolerated! Divine Intervention is well underway! And I will expand on this further, as ALL Humanity is part of Mother/Father GOD’s plan for Cosmic Evolution.  

Upon the arrests of the dark ones, whenever these souls are brought before THE ALMIGHTY ONE, it is their own GOD SELVES that are judging them in this way which has it always been the original plan for judgment and forgiveness to be sought out and received within each our own respective Highest Aspect of BEING; our GOD SELVES. I may not have always understood GOD’S PLAN, but Our Mother/Father is a clever one. And through these recent several years of research, I’ve discovered that I am able to see and feel ABSOLUTE TRUTH no matter what or how or where any source is presenting their claims of TRUTH, no matter if they’re simply lying to themselves, or intentionally engaging in a manipulative deception, I simply perceive and receive TRUTH, absolutely and completely. It is the 1st Ray, or the GOD RAY which allows me to see straight through deception so completely without possibility of corruption. I am not alone in this. There are a great many of souls participating in this research among the Ground Crew. But in this HONESTY of communication, one can not only to sense that truth, absolutely and completely, just as if we were to stand before THE ALMIGHTY, but we can also SHARE this truth, absolutely and completely, all the same as through the UNITY of our Higher SOUL Self Expression. However, I will continue to explain that it is not through the FEELING of our SOUL Selves that ABSOLUTE TRUTH exists, but the KNOWING of our Highest GOD Selves.

Just as with many of my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the Ground Crew, I’ve continued to embody more and more of my Higher SOUL Self and all the while retaining the GOD RAY, I’ve examined the spiritual structures of our BEING in great detail, of which there are 7 aspects of our beings that I will reference in greater detail below. I use this structuring as a basis for ALL my own inner seeking, discernment or validation of TRUTH as well as base my entire “Living Trinity Meditation” on this spiritual structure. What I had long since suspected and confirmed over the past years is that most people, even in great numbers are those in the ascended planes of Heaven who are resonating solely from their Higher SOUL Selves rather than including their Highest GOD Selves. Take note in the previous statement as that separation between the GOD SELF and the SOUL SELF has been the very cause for all that was corrupt in Heaven and so had made its way manifest upon our physical incarnate experience. This falling away from ABSOLUTE TRUTH is what I am referring to here. And as much as all that was discovered in this research had lead to my broken heart, it also lead to the resolving of ALL THAT IS and to the removal of ANY SOULS in Heaven that had fallen corrupt to the virus of separation. This is what we as the Ground Crew must return to as part of our Divine Plan towards a Living Ascension and to become living shining examples for ALL Humanity to follow in the joy and spender of the Full Spectrum Cosmic Nature that WE ALL TRULY ARE. It must be understood that WE ARE ALL much more than just our HIGHER SOUL SELVES. We are also our HIGHEST GOD SELVES and equally so, each and every one of us as I stated above, are individual expressions of GOD, experiencing ITSELF as ITSELF.

8110583290?profile=originalLet me pause briefly to explain how ABSOLUTE TRUTH really is received within our incarnate experience by painting a simplified picture of how we are structured as spiritual BEINGS. The KNOWING of ABSOLUTE TRUTH exists within our Highest GOD Selves. This TRUTH is then freely accessed and expressed by the FEELING nature of our Higher SOUL Self Expression. Our Higher SOUL Self then sends that FEELING message down through your lower bodies creating a spark of thought within the Magnetic Resonance of both your Mental Body as well as the Causal Self as it then begins to manifest an even more “formal” state based upon that thought. These “Thought Forms” then grow in nature by further carrying your TRUTH additionally into the “Light Form” or energetic aspect of your Astral Self. That energy or light becomes even more tangible yet within your Ethereal Body and manifests itself as an (E)Motion and then of course that Energy In Motion is (E)Motionally played out within your Physical Body. Just remember the importance here of what results by relying solely on the Higher SOUL Self alone, as doing so only serves to provide an intuitive confirmation of one’s FEELINGS alone, if not truly aligning with the WISDOM of one’s Highest GOD Self as well.

To achieve such Spiritual Awareness of one’s Highest GOD Self is so very far from any arrogant expression or claim to BE “all powerful” as it is much more closely aligned to “BEING” in Humility before ALL THAT IS. And in this “BEING” in HUMILITY, one can find ABSOLUTE HONESTLY IN ONE’S INDIVIDUAL SELF EXPRESSION. And it is in that Honesty and acceptance of one’s Full Spectrum Nature that ABSOLUTE TRUTH can then truly Manifest as TRUE WISDOM through the experience of “BEING” …BEING in Humility before ALL THAT IS …BEING an Honest expression of one’s SELF … KNOWING … FEELING … BEING … absolutely and completely … a Living Manifestation of the Holy Trinity.

UNITY exists within the “FEELING” of our Higher SOUL Selves which is precisely why, what and how all those fallen dark ones began infiltrating Heaven by building a rapport within the Angelic Hierarchy as through favors, this Domain had gained a foothold into this universe effecting ALL of Heaven with their DISEASE OF SEPARATION from ALL THAT IS Love and Light and ALL THAT IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH. And what happened so very gradually over many eons was a falling away from our GOD SELVES. This is how the GFL was so easily infiltrated with spies from the Anchara Alliance, because all of those officers had developed poor habits of relying SOLELY on the FEELING nature of their Higher SOUL Selves, but unfortunately our SOUL’S FEELINGS are only verification of what we FEEL is TRUTH, all the while our Highest GOD SELVES are what contain the KNOWING of ABSOLUTE TRUTH and that is the Divine Plan for ALL Humanity to return to the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, Love and Light that is GOD WITHIN US ALL.

It must be understood that the fallen dark ones live by means of their Magnetic Nature. They all consider their Mental Selves as their Highest Aspect of their BEINGS, but in TRUTH, TRUE POWER is within the Love and Light that is our SOUL Selves and our GOD Selves and this is everything that the dark ones remain actively in denial of and this is why they truly have no power over any Full Spectrum Enlightened BEING. So if we can learn to truly "BE" ALL THAT WE ARE, this must include the ALL KNOWING of GOD within us, NOT JUST our SOULS FEELING as a confirmation tool of what is right or wrong, or who has the highest good intentions for us at any given moment. See, and I will say this once more, because the confirmation of FEELING one’s own SOUL is only confirmation of what is right for one's individualized SOUL self and NOT AT ALL any TRUE confirmation of ABSOLUTE TRUTH. As part of our evolution, we must get back into living incarnate as not only our Higher SOUL Selves, but as our Highest GOD Selves and through this seeking within, you will discover your infinite potential and no longer ever be susceptible to any of those fallen/dark ones. Simply put, they cannot hold a candle to the living shining star that we all truly are.

Just as each and every one of us holds that GOD SEED ATOM within our Sacred Heart, we bring ALL THAT IS into ALL THAT WE ARE, so is it the Divine Plan that each of us here as the Ground Crew will “BE” that living incarnate GOD SPARK as Cosmic Beings, illuminating ALL THE COSMOS as individual expressions of GOD. And equally as such, so will in turn ALL Humanity alike, so long as they too are aspiring to ascend also “BE” among the wisest of souls in that we’ve ALL truly “been there, done that” here on the real “proving grounds” that has been Earth, whereas countless fallen souls within the Angelic Hierarchy have now since been removed from their jobs, brought before THE ALMIGHTY ONE, faced judgment by their own GOD SELVES, found guilty for their crimes and sent to incarnate on other 3D worlds in order to truly “get it right” once and for all. Those ones removed from their posts include even those angels in Karmic Boards as well as a staggering amount of souls that were failing as Humanity’s Guides; all of which were actively working against the ascension of Humanity. So it was decided that in order to hold any positions of influence within the Angelic Hierarchy, that they would be required to also have a “Living Incarnate Thought Adjuster” in order to keep them all grounded and making decision based on TRUE WISDOM. All those positions have since been filled by hand-picked Angels of Light and the purity of Heaven is truly being restored once again.

The significance of what is occurring here with Gaia and ALL Humanity goes far beyond just our planet and solar system alone as we are ALL part of GOD’S PLAN in changing the process of ascension for ALL the Cosmos. No longer is it necessary to learn through strife as it has been proven many times over that all lessons can be learnt through joy. It was decided long ago that GOD would no longer be creating Angels. And here we are, the Ground Crew, leading ALL humanity along into their ascension as they ALL have the very same potential to become Master Michael Creator Beings, just as Yeshua taught us all 2000 years ago. So long as any soul has that aspiration to become ever greater, so will those highest positions eventually be made available to them. It is no longer necessary to be born an Angel in order to achieve these forms of greatness as it has always been GOD’S PLAN that “GREATNESS” truly “BE” part of the experience of ALL SOULS! It is no longer necessary for souls incarnate on an ascending planet to experience death in order to ascend. All Humanity is part of this Living Ascension and so long as they aspire to do so, so can they also earn their wings.

ABSOLUTE TRUTH exists within ALL BEINGS as the Highest Aspect of their GOD SELVES. The Holy Trinity of BEING had long since been broken and it is the Future of ALL Humanity to serve as that DIVINE TEMPLATE once more, each and every one of us! So long as you are aspirating to ascend, you will each become GOD SPARK BEINGS, shining as Full Spectrum Cosmic Beings as it always was the original design and Divine Template to becoming ALL THAT WE ARE, evermore evolving into immortality and beyond. And as Humanity clears its Karma, each SOUL at some point through their ascension process, will begin to attract their TWIN FLAMES which is a very Sacred Love that is far more powerful than any other source in the Cosmos, as it is ONLY with our TWIN FLAMES that we can truly experience the FULL SPECTRUM UNITY and TOGETHERNESS of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE including ALL 7 Aspects of our Spiritual BEINGS, from the Physical, Emotional, Astral, Causal, Mental aspects of our BEINGS, all the way through the SOUL SELF and the GOD SELF. As the TWIN FLAME reunions begin to develop, there will BE a FULL SPECTRUM UNITY that shares the ALL KNOWING WISDOM and the ALL FEELING EXPRESSION and the LIVING INCARNATE MANIFEST EXPERIENCE of “BEING” that is the return of the Living Holy Trinity within all SOULS here on the planet, whereas UNITY is only experienced between others at the SOUL level and below. This is the Future of Humanity. This is the Future of the Cosmos. “Is GOD Real?” Yes Beloveds, THE ALMIGHTY ONE is indeed an awareness in on its own, but so are all souls born from our Mother/Father GOD and in this way, we too ARE GOD, each of us, individual incarnate expressions of our Mother/Father GOD’S Living SPIRIT creating an expansion of ALL THAT IS infinitely and eternally.

I mentioned above about the research I’ve done within the ascended planes in regards to communicating. It became quite clear that the GOD RAY IS the missing piece that has lead to the habitual system of communication so many are stuck in. This was always GOD’S ORIGINAL DESIGN of truly BEING ALL THAT WE ARE. It just got lost somewhere along the way somehow. It has been said that “duality” only exists in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, but "duality" really DOES exist in the ascended planes. However, it is not the duality that separates one’s Physical/Emotional Nature from their Energetic/Magnetic Nature and ultimately their Higher SOUL Self as Humanity has fully grown accustomed to understand “duality” in that way by definition. There is a duality of a different sort in which the vast majority of HEAVEN’S SOULS have grown apart from their Highest GOD Selves. How else could have those evil ones succeeded as spies and infiltrate the GFL for so long if all the officers of light there within their fleets were all truly embodying the Full Spectrum Cosmic Nature of ALL THAT THEY ARE? How did this all happen?! What if the GFL were not solely relying on the FEELING Nature of their Higher SOUL Selves and instead were relying on the TRULY ALL-KNOWING Highest Aspects of their GOD Selves to verify their suspicions? That WISDOM is all pervading, yet the greater vast majority of souls slowly fell away from their Highest GOD Aspect as they all got so caught up in the very excitement of “BEING” an individualized expression of ALL THAT IS rather than retaining that ALL-IMPORTANT, ALL-KNOWING, ABSOLUTE TRUTH, which is our Highest GOD Self. But rest assured, as this has all been part of the perfectly natural progression and evolution of ALL THAT IS “GOD” See, as GOD, we had been experiencing that ABSOLUTE TRUTH as our eternal existence and so when we emerged as Angels and/or new Souls, we then left behind that comfort of knowing how ABSOLUTE TRUTH never changes as it only grows, or expands evermore. For the very purpose of creating Angels and/or Souls, we knew that it would be the very SOUL Self Expression of “BEING” that would bring forth the EXPANSION OF ALL THAT IS. We are all Individual Expressions of GOD, experiencing ITSELF as ITSELF. We simply got CAUGHT IN THE EXCITEMENT of “BEING” within the UNITY and EXPRESSION OF THE SOUL SELF. In all actuality, it took these final 200,000 years of seeding this world under infiltration of the dark ones that we finally figured it all out once and for all through the many incarnations of the Ground Crew, bringing forth ALL Humanity to dissolve this virus of separation that exists and permeates so much of the Cosmos.  

The gift of BEING GOD is offered to ALL Humanity alike and this gift had always been there within us all, but this gift of BEING ALL THAT WE ARE is not simply awarded as through faith alone. This gift comes by way of seeking within and THAT IS THE ASCENSION PROCESS, SIMPLIFIED. Those of you that are waiting for disclosure, may not ever truly experience this as you may have come to expect. Those of you that are not seeking within, may not be creating the future they have aspired to achieve as “Waiting is NOT creating anything other than the stagnation of the status quo!” Such a statement is not made to be frightening. On the contrary, the simplicity of ascension was always the intention of our Mother/Father GOD. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within you” was as simply stated by our Lord as it gets. This eliminates all the corrupt falsehoods that have been channeling in throughout this world over the past approximate 13,000 years. This simple quote eliminates all the technical jargon that is only out there to confuse and to discourage you all. In TRUTH, if ALL the Ground Crew simply began seeking within each their own Sacred Heart/Mind, they would discover far more than simply meeting their Higher SOUL Selves. They would indeed discover ABSOLUTE TRUTH as through the WISDOM of EXPERIENCE within each their own Highest GOD SELVES. And not only is this the very simple process of ascension, but this humility of inner seeking within one’s self will bring forth an open and Honest Expression of each and everyone’s Highest GOD Selves. It truly IS that open and Honest Expression of Self that WILL INDEED bring forth the Disclosure so many are waiting for, but that is the message here, you must 1st become ALL THAT YOU ARE, your Highest GOD Selves in order to Disclose ABSOLUTE TRUTH within you. ONLY THEN, will ABSOLUTE TRUTH manifest or “BE” Disclosed within your own manifest experience. Do you aspire to Ascend? Do you wish to be disclosed ABSOLUTE TRUTH? The GIFT of Ascending Mastery DOES NOT manifest by way of waiting. ONLY YOU have the power to claim the GIFT OF GOD, as YOU ARE GOD, each and every one of us all, experiencing ITSELF as ITSELF. Seek within, Beloved Brothers and Sisters.. Discover the Honest FEELING expression of UNITY within you.. Disclose the WISDOM of ABSOLUTE TRUTH within you.. Become ALL THAT YOU ARE, each and every one of you, individual GOD SPARKS reflecting Cosmic Truth as shining examples upon all the Cosmos.

This GIFT is the most Sacred aspect of your “BEING” Ascension is not found or about anything outside of you, and so it is becoming more and more important to discern what is ABSOLUTE TRUTH as there is a great farce of half and partial truths that has been made available to you all, such as the Urantia Book, for example, recently confirmed by Archangel Michael through several sources as only containing 10% TRUTH and is 90% FALSE. It is meant to discourage and confuse and to detour you from your ascension. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Ascension is meant to be a simple and beautiful process. All that you need Is your “Divine Willpower”, your “Deliberate Intent” and an active “SEEKING WITHIN” through daily Meditation/Prayer. Those three things are quite simply put, “The Living Trinity Meditation” that I have structured and made FREELY available to any who truly are aspiring to seek within. I AM Archangel Metatron. I love you and I am with you ALL as through your Hearts, and so is, ALL THAT IS, TRUTH, already there within you.


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  • Hi my dear brother!

    The meditations guided by you are beautiful. It's great when I get back home, when I finally get in touch with my soul family. Anyway you were always present in my heart.
    With Love and Light

    • Thank you! And yes you will find me there. as will you find all that you are dear heart. Blessings and gratitude. :) <3
  • Bless you brother Sam.. Truly, you are the one most courageous of all Archangels working FULL ON now from birth, here incarnate to discover all that you have and to become fully empowered.. all the work you've done these past several months will be known far and wide and remembered eternally by all. The highest respect you are owed, dear brother Archangel Samual.. I've got the greatest love and admiration for your recent accomplishments and victories!

    And yes.. won't it be something else when most all humanity also sees just what has gone on as it is becoming more fully disclosed.. So far into darkness, yet so much more higher we will all shine as cosmic beings.. from the fallen ones, the the brightest of us.. from the slain ones to those of us with unwavering faith.. all souls return to the love and light of a new divine dispensation.

    Blessings and Gratitude, bro.. Jacob / Sean Michael / AA Metatron

  • Thanks Clifford. I got that handled for sure. Always been a favorite habit of mine; video/audio/graphic editing. Very kind offer though! <3

  • Wow thanks so much guys! Okay, I've actually been told I should be putting all my articles into video for a very long time, but only did certain major ones. That really does sound like a good idea. It would be very easy to do too, because my writings are written exactly as I would be "speaking" anyways. 

    Sometimes I forget you have a hard time with that Sam. Also, they are quite technical and "Long Winded" as CM calls it. haha ..so many people I felt read and get lost in the article and the energy rather than actually finishing the whole thing. This video/audio recording would help get that truth out a lot better. Thanks again guys. :) 

  • BTW.. Formally dear brother.. congratulations on getting your FULL ON AA Badge, sword and sheild!!! One of the few and 1st to become fully empowered! All that you've done this year is so invaluable! Love you brother! We'll see you soon over there! 

    Never thought of sending these to friends list. I'm sure most have seen it, but I'll do so now. <3 

  • Happy and joyous that you are back at the helm of your ship .

    • <3 Close... just a bit more clearing to do personally yet from what all these Annunaki have done to nearly halt everything and they almost did completely this year as everyone has noticed!

      However there are a few of us such as AA Samuel Michael that are FULLY EMPOWERED now. Myself, and my dear brother Archangel Sandalphon(St Germain) will be joining there with them to clear and heal the remainder of this mess from us in the next weeks, if not days. 

      Truly, what has happened just in the past few days is staggering. Once we provided PROOF to THE ALMIGHTY ONE, it has been FULL ON as ordered, a vast clearing of those evil Annunaki to be cut down and/or arrested on sight once and for all!

      Blessing dear brother.. <3 Jacob/AA Metatron

  • The Annunaki Agenda is truly reaching far beyond anything we had ever expected, but all their evil deeds are being cleared up now, dealt with thoroughly and swiftly. I'll be disclosing a full report on what we are dealing with in the next days or so once I get the go-ahead from our Lord.

    Bless you ALL, my dear Brothers and Sisters. Are you not feeling and seeing much more clearly this week?! Have FAITH and all that we all came here to do will fall into Divine Will soon enough. Thank you for all that you do! I AM Archangel Metatron

    • Yes, Dear Archangel Metatron, I'm feeling and seeing more clearly this week, the last minute evil schemes that are being propogated by the dark ones. Yet I'm at ease for I know that the Lord is at work to enable us all to complete the jobs we came to do. Waiting eagerly for your report. In God's unending Light & Love, Darryl 

This reply was deleted.

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