Hi everyone,


Warmest greetings to you all.


I'm Daniel, I've just joined Ashtar Command.  I have a query, I wonder if anyone can offer their advice and guidance on.


For some years I have at times heard a voice or two, which appears trying to engage with me, however, what complicates the experience is that I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia twelve years ago - I have been on medication for many years now and am a lot better, I have learned to cope with the illness and recognise the symptoms, I did hear voices when I was very unwell, but I can recognize what they sound like, they are mostly fluid, trancelike, muffled and sometimes negative.  However, this other voice, is clear, positive and not negative, it appears simply that someone or something is trying to communicate with me. 


Before you think of this as illness, I will describe the possible telepathy: Firstly, I am not experiencing delusion, I am stable and sensible in my thoughts, what bemuses me is how I hear the voice, which makes me question the experience.  I hear it often through a wall, like there is someone playing the radio or TV in a next room, and then I pick up phrases from the voice, I am not however able to understand everything the voice is saying, as it is talking and I simply can't hear all the words etc.  I still don't know who the voice is, if it is simply a manifestation of my condition, or even my immagination.


If anyone has any input on this I'd be very grateful,


Thank you,

Daniel :)



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  • From Personal Experience I have discovered that if I FEEL the words clearly (not hear them) then I know its real. I have to say..that in a way..its like my senses are irrelevent in regards to Spiritual Contact.

    Even if you ARE experiencing delusion, then it is still possible to make contact, and I still wouldn't rule out the possibility of making contact with a spiritual guide, eventually.

    If I were you, I'd avoid giving any voice I'd hear any relevance by knowing it as a person or a who or anything substantial or relevent.. you are your own being, therefore I'd avoid giving over more essential life by aknowleging it.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Hi Seven Sister :)

    Thank you for that.

    It seems a lot of people hear the telepathy in their head?  If so, it might be interesting for me to ask, having heard voices further away from me, has anyone heard voices like I have?  Such as hearing a radio or the TV next door and catching certain phrases?


    Thanks to everyone who replied to my post by the way, it's been really helpful.


    Dan :)

  • Hi Sarah,

    I'm seeing my doctor tuesday morning, I will let him know I've heard this voice at times, it does come from the distance or the next room, as I said usually if someone is playing the radio or TV and I can pick out phrases.

  • Love & light to you too :)

  • hello, you are what i call a "sensiitive"...i am one too...we somehow see, hear, feel the dimention others can not...sometimes this is good and other times it is not...you have control...some come that are lost do what you can to lead them along...stay connected with Divine Source and you will know what to do...when you feel uncomfortable claim your space out loud and remove anything negative that comes to you....take every thought captive...stay in the positive...laugh everyday...sit in nature everyday...much love

  • Hi Daniel -Welcome! I think the veil is thinning and you are actually hearing a voice. Just be careful - stay centered and aware and surround yourself with love and light in prayer. You do not sound mentally ill and as long as this voice is positive and loving - engage.  Stay connected and share your thoughts here now and then so you can check to make sure all is well.

    • thank you tleespirit, I really appreciate those sentiments, thank you.  You're right, actually posting on here can help as it shows others my thought process and what I'm experiencing so you can judge and ascertain on a basic level if it is a good thing.

  • Hello Daniel, you are in good enough shape to recognize the difference in auditory hallucinations & hearing someone trying to involve you in conversation.  You even described the strange effects that are part of the 'microwave hearing' experience that is a false schizophrenia & sometimes misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.  There are devices being used by people for different agendas in contacting people using the binaural silent subliminal sound methods.  Some of it pretty easy to hear, sometimes it is even hearable by everybody in the area of the speaker beam or broadcast.  Many deaf handicapped people have gotten involved in the use of the 'silent sound' speaker methods because even deaf people can hear it since it uses resonance which actually bypasses the ears.  They are not usually going to have a good intention in trying to get you involved since they have the advantage in the contact.  They have to use laser scatter back bounce to hear if you respond or use some other surveillance method to hear you.  That adds illegal activity to their activities.  So be careful & don't become victimized by some creeps.  Many people have been through that, including myself.  God Bless you & I hope it turns out well for you.  

    • Thank you Miki49.  You have a really good understanding of how I should be careful of my condition.  You're right, even if you see the experience as pychiatric and chemical, it is still quite dark and demonic, it is a nature of the experiences of people with schizophrenia to be dark.  Indigio had a very valid point though, essentially no one can fully answer my experience as either mental or real, infact even if you all met me and talked with me there would always be the possibility that it could be my brain, or, of course, although without any proof, it could also actually be telepathic.


      With my illness, though to explain further, while I'm going from day to day, week to week, on medication, my condition obviously fluctuates due to things that happen in life, maybe sometimes I feel unwell, however the hopeful thing about modern pychiatry is that I don't become so unwell that I become overly delusional or my thoughts disorganised etc, this has only ever happened to me in a 'pychotic episode', which to explain, was when I was not taking medication some years ago, I was stressed and I was clearly not thinking straight - if I was very unwell and conversing with you all now, you would most likely be able to pick up that I wasn't well, simply because my understanding would seem distorted or a bit far out, or lacking any supportive arguments.


      The problem with armchair pychology or pychiatry by anyone is that it can regard the facts in a misinformed and distorted way, it can be alarmist or even sensational, whereas, if you actually talk with most trained pychiatrists, they are down to earth, approachable and mostly conservative in their understanding, they will have an aware and serious response to the illness, but also positive and encouraging.  That has been my experience with the medical establisment, it has only been when talking with, hopefully without causing any offence, to a laymen's understanding of the illness, people can be quite worried or shocked if I am hearing voices or experiencing symptoms and then become heavy handed in their response, they don't have the insight to accept that yes this person is ill but that doesn't mean they're a raving lunatic lol.  If you actually understand the illness, it's not actually the condition that will cause someone to be aggressive or violent, although I was always placid when ill, though not thinking clearly, I was mostly withdrawn and quiet, people respond to the illness differently, so for instance, the danger is that someone who is prone to lose their temper or be aggressive normally may react badly to the symptoms.  When I was ill, my problem was that when I was hearing this 'microwave' type like voices, I thought they were real, I didn't see it was an illusion and negative, whereas now, I can see that if a telepathic voice was communicating with me, then it is positive and good.


      Anyway, thank you so much for all your input, I'm finding the posts really interesting.


      Dan :)  

  • Thank you to everyone for the mostly constructive advice, it has been appreciated.  I haven't been aware of a 'higher self' idea before, so that is interesting.  Personally, the jury is out on whether my experience is real or not, I simply don't know, and may never know, however, I often wonder, which fortunately as I've been well enough to percieve the experience for some years now, I can recognise to ignore negative voices and delusions, and also if I hear phrases that do jump out from a voice from somewhere, I'll remember to stay centred, fighting it makes it worse, so it seems being open to possibilities isn't a bad thing to do.


    Thank you all,


    Dan :)

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