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August 2

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Retired female with variety of experience in various arenas, living in hometown of the city of Charlotte NC while children & grandchildren live elsewhere. Interests include Science, Spirituality, Picture & Written Arts & combinations thereof, Health of Nature's Flora Plant Resources & Humans too, Resonance experience as victim & contact with Tesla users, hopes for more awakenings en mass.

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Protestant & New Age variety, no person currently.

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  • Miki, sounds like you have a lot of interests.  I like the plants & healing arts also.  Currently (slowly) learning about healing and energy.  A lot to learn.  Send a msg if you want, Dave.

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Miki49 commented on Yessica's blog post Alien Message to Mankind: “Do You Wish That We Show Up?”
"Yes thank you humanity needs your help"
Jul 28, 2015
Miki49 commented on Will's blog post A Message To Those Who Read Channelings And The Channelers Themselves
"It is my opinion that most Talents are doing some Channeling of their various Arts.  Tesla Channeled Science.  Channeling is how Incarnates Operate from Higher Dimensions & Realms.  Becoming a purer Channeler is a much valued goal & there are…"
Nov 13, 2014
Miki49 commented on Meindert Arends's blog post Akina of the Pleiades: Spiritual Metamorphosis, channeled by Natalie Glasson
"Saw deep intense pink in the middle with beautiful cerulean blue-green around the outside of the circle of deep pink.  THANK YOU for telling me who/what it was!  It was shinning everwhere I looked until I slid it amongst some photographs of my…"
Feb 8, 2014
Miki49 commented on rev.joshua skirvin's blog post Physicists Say They May Have Evidence That The Universe Is A Computer Simulation
"It might not be a popular concept since it seems so real, but in my memory it is a SIM.  What gets ugly are the SIMS inside of SIMS on into infinity.  Lost Babushkas - some of them.
Love & Light & Gratitude for your Brave Truth"
Sep 11, 2013

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"The lie that viruses don't kill the host because it needs it to survive does not come from any studies of viruses but from reasonings with Darwinism in mind! Darwinism says that 'it x doesn't foster the survival of organism y, then x cannot happen…"
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"To be honest, I am very outraged that the Reptilians conquered Shan (Earth), or indeed wanted to. Shan (earth) originally comes from the Pleiades star system and was made available to the Galactic Federation after the Phaton catastrophe so that the…"
2 hours ago
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"Sorry it's so long...

The corona virus is definitely a synthetically produced virus. this is definitely not the first time something like this has happened. Normally, a virus does not kill its host, since it needs it to survive. Whether the numbers…"
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"Afghanistan may begin a war or terror tactics with Russia-ISIL and Al Quieda are being aloud into Afghana-banana-stan -being issued passports by the Taliban 'government'-going to be a living hell, even worse then it is-future contraband capital of…"
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"I have been pointing out that when withdrawing from Afghanistan, Biden left tonnes of weapons in the hands of the corrupt government they were propping up there. They thought that as long as that government had plenty of weapons, they will always…"
3 hours ago
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26 m ago August 08, 2022Message 123 - August 6, 2022.More information about the rescue that will come between the First Bomb and the BangGood morning, dear all,Good morning, Rio Grande do Sul – the Land of the Sower of the Gospel,Good morning Planet…
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