Hello all,

Over three weeks ago I applied to join United Starseeds. I was a bit puzzled by the questions on the membership application which did ask if I was a member of Ashtar Command and to give my profile address to them. I at the time had not yet joined this network. I really didnt tell them allot but I was asked which star system I was from and so I put the Pleiades.

To my surprise I was not allowed to join this network, no approval has come and I cant log in. I wondered if it was the Reiki that had caused them to reject my membership (They asked if I had any attunements and to state them?...) but I was just having a look again last night and I saw something posted by the founder Darshana about how Pleiadians are of a lower vibration and that any Pleiadian channeled information should not be trusted!? Ashayana Deane (Many say a cult leader) is quoted and lists all false 'distorted' teachings and 'bad' groups including Shamanism, Ashtar Command, GFL, the Pleiadians, Archangel Michael and even Wiccans! She lists these along with Satanism!?

Here is the link with the Intruder list as she calls it:


Am I a bad person because im from the Pleiades and has anyone else been discriminated against for mentioning the crime of being a Reiki practitioner or a Pleiadian starseed?

Confused & disappointed,

Pleiadian Sapphire

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  • Wow, well that's a bit silly if you ask me. Not you or your post, Sapphire lol It's a bit silly to me, why ''she'' would refuse you or anybody, for any reason. If I was her, I would let anybody join, even Satanists lol I think dialogue between opposing views is important, as long as it's done in a diplomatic way. Clearly ''she'' is not too enlightened if she still has control issues, or resentment issues, or prejudice issues. And this is her issue, not yours, so try not to feel bad about it. Obviously, you're not a bad person if you have a good heart. Forget her and her site. You're better off here, so welcome!
  • What a shame Sapphire !!!

       Any site, person or group that promotes fear, disharmony and or disunity should raise a red flag as unconditional acceptance, free will and choice within the one heart one mind of the mighty victorious presence of God is what living in loving co-creation is all about. I send you light and love, blessing and accepting you for we are love, we are love, we are love...........  

    • thats the worse bs Ive ever heard, the pleiadians are one of the peacefull planets in the universes and filled of lighted beings. Im one!  what they said to you is just bs. www.phoenixsourcedistributors. com    

      at pleiades if youre not adhering to the laws of balance of Creation, which is rare,but can happen, youre totally singled out and put elsewhere. Could be thats some of them there.. 

      thats the worse bs man!

        if you want a pleiadian friend you can always friend me
  • In no way shape or form a bad person due to your galatic heratige please remember you are a tough loving spiritual warrior hold your head up and open your heart personlay i would question deeply the frequency signature of  that group  if you belong,

    as a starseed myself i know first hand that it  can be a very lonely hard road while batteling home sickness due to being on the earth in human form but not of the earth.

    yes i do belive a few pleadians did come to earth with less that honurable purposes ie the tall whites the nordic master race of the third reich but i feel it would be unwise to paint all pleadians and pleadian star seeds with the same brush sadely some still do hence why they falsely claim that the pleadians are of lower vibration which in nature is obviously not true please stay stong live and serve as a warrior of light that you are namaste

  • I was banned because i join ashtar.

    I read a post darshana left one day about ashtar being a reptilian energy owner,which i find funny as i have been the victim

    of negitiv energy and slander on her site.

    Not to mention  the fear based blogs.

    Anytime i helped anyone new id be called a liyer or shut out all i was doing was talking about the pleidian teachings

    and for that i was shunned.

    I did have friends duo when i tryed to go back to them on the site i couldnt even get the page up.

    I cant even go into the link you provided.

    She openly slanders ashtar and scorns does who mention it.

    Im sure the latest rant is du to my turning my back on her site

    after all im pleiadian and also follow shamanism.

    Anyway i dont regret  joining ashtar as iv been feeling great here

    and not fearful like i did on her site.

    All i can say is its ego based dont think bad bout it,

    just dont think about it at all.

    lots of love semjase.

  • Greetings Pleiadian Sapphire,

     No you are not a bad person because of what you are attuned to and where or part of you originates from.

    I have stopped telling people what i do for a living because they automatically put me and my colleagues in with the head wreckers and satanists. I am a Reiki Master teacher of 3 disciplines a holistic intuitive and psychologist. I use all my skills in the work i do, however we do get stick from others at times. I have to ignore it as it would not do anyone or myself any good. My hubby is  Pleiadian  and i am an angelic human, most of our friends and colleagues are finding out where they originate from but also keep it to a select few because of narrow minded bigots that have nothing better to do than to reduce a loving vibration that is Soooo needed on the planet at this time.

     You are where you need to be, if those sites do not want your loving vibrations then sod em, you are always where you are meant to be, the universe always sees to that.

    We love you and value your input, Love is for all, you are love be blessed,

    In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-)


    • thanks for that post, tab! =) A++++!!!!
  • Discernment. Another example. Follow the vibration, not the words. If you feel separated and put down...go somewhere else. Look for Love. PS We Love you and thank you for being a Pleiadian, we need more Pleiadians here to brighten our world. ~

    Love and Blessings,

    Qan Dek

  • Truthfully I think you were barking up the wrong website... The GFL that I have read do not dis on any other star system that I have heard of .  How could they call themselves "Star" or "United" anything and reject all those others that are here in love and service?  I quite believe you got onto a Reptilian site also.  Forget them.  They are the ones who keep humans separated from each other with hate for "anyone different" so know that you are a gleaming "Star" and try and forgive those who try and suppress you.  They don't really know they are losing, even at this point.  Stick with the real "Star People" who are mostly on this site.   Love yourself  as that translates into loving all, as we all are One.    Love and Light to you and all!
  • do not worry my brother will come across groups that passes for true esoteric groups, but only use it for other purposes. follow what your heart says if you are a Pleiadian congratulations you are happy and bright. adimiro you. is that the Pleiades is the most enlightened hirarquia the galaxy. see this message be an incarnate of the Pleiads "Alaje..




                on topic                           "MESSAGE Pleiadians"
                                          Message Alaje of the Extraterrestrial Pléyade

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