For anybody interested this discussion will be all about Billy Meier who has been in contact for almost all of his life with a Human civilization from the Pleiades known as the Plejaren or as others call them the Pleiadians. Billy has written many books and has been in documentaries which has provided tons of information about who the Plejaren are, where they come from, and all they have taught him which will be posted here. Feel free to post anything about Billy and the Plejaren here in this discussion.

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    • Thanks for that Drekx. Great info provided here. I also found this one not too long ago that was made by you as well that is almost the same as what you posted, but does not have a video. Ill post it right here for all to check out. Definitely a gold mine of info :)
      Plejarens Provide ET Sentient Species Data - Srut Ptaah Endorsed and Listed
      Dear friends, It has been accurately stated, by our associates within the Plejaren Federation, that for the purposes of clarity, they have quantifie…
      • Ah yes, that link is the source material for the video, which I provided to my friends at "Family of Light" to post, on my behalf, on YouTube, back in 2015...If you look on the cover image, it has both my logo, as well as that of FOL......Those guys are fab...;-)
  • Quotes from Billy Meier about living life from his book A Modicum of knowledge, sense, and wisdom.
  • For anybody who wants to know more about Billy Meier.
  • Billy Meier certainly knows about the three basic technology types, for teleporting personnel, from and to, beamships/scoutships...

    And yes, the "Star Trek" style of "energising," in which molecules are disassembled and reassembled, can be blocked, if the human astral body is polarised by fear, uncertainty, worry, or alarm....If the Earth human astral body is calm and happy, it works very well....I do mean a physical transit though, which includes the astral aspect. So not always easy to achieve and note that Earth humans have astral bodies, where as ascended beings, which we will become, have buddhic bodies.....A higher correspondent energy field for higher "emotions."


    He is absolutely correct about the, "elevator" style of transport, in which a tubular field is projected from the ship, to the target....The person is surrounded by it and RAPIDLY (emphasis) moves up, or down, or sideways, etc....This does require a person to be in the fasted state and not prone to vertigo, nor motion sickness....

    The third type of teleportation is designed for anyone, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, who requires to be lifted, gently, in a zero-gravity field, which again is a tubular beam projection, not unlike the "Star Trek" tractor beam, in which a person can rise slowly, gently and precisely....Within the field, the person actually experiences weightlessness and I have attempted to close myself up, like a ball, and found myself spinning, over and over, as I rise....(I'm a big kid, really...;-)
    This method is aimed at emergency extractions of an injured party..Or someone who is asleep, or in trance....

    Kind regards, Colonel Omega
  • Another cool documentary about Billy Meier and his contacts and experiences with the Plejaren
  • Really cool documentary about Billy Meier and the Pleiadians here. Billy's experiences and contacts are talked about here and we get to learn some wise teachings from our Pleiadian brothers and sisters as well.
  • Getting into who the Plejaren or Pleiadians as they are often called are. How they live, where they are from, and more are discussed in this video.
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