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  • The Raelians have been seduced by the concept of cloning, to achieve "immortality." However, the race known to us as Zetas (from Reticulum) are and were, (while still of the cloning practice, through sad necessity,) perfect examples of WHAT NOT TO DO......

    These beings not only recognise their mistakes, they also made corrections to them, with the help of Earth human genetics, to hybridize all of their people....And because of this, they are no longer sterile, have more obvious distinctions between males and females, can absorb nutrients in their food more effectively, can secrete and excrete more usefully and healthily, can enjoy more effective immune systems, can observe normal day light without suffering blindness, AND MANY MORE MEDICAL CORRECTIONS.....

    So, the moral of the story is...DON'T CLONE HUMANITY.......It fails and leads to much suffering....

    Here is a genuine example of a Zeta, scientists called EBE1, from the Roswell crash.....His health problems were multiple and he died in captivity...Notice his narrow shoulders and he was a "male" of sorts, but just barely recognisable as such, for his small and weak stature....Note that Zetas possess long arms and hands, compared to Earth humans and that is still the case, even among the healthy hybrids...This is a natural trait, not unlike the one possessed also, by Arcturians and thus, I suspect, why Arcturians are often confused as Zeta greys...In fact the Arcturians have horse-like faces, and taller bodies, but with the same elongated arms and hands, legs and feet...

  • Thanks friend, that concurs with our understanding of Light....
  • Speed of light varies from medium to medium. It goes faster as it get from glass to water, to air etc. But the 'vacuum' is also a medium in the sense that the 'matter-antimatter potential' is closely similar to the molecules of glass etc. For instance it can undergo what they call 'vacuum polarization'. So another medium, perharps made of less denser 'matter-antimatter' combinations can have its speed of light propagate faster in it in much the same way it is faster in air than in water.

    The speed of light also probably vary from place to place even within our plane. This is captured in what is called 'variable fine structure constant'. Notice that this constant is fine tuned to allow life on earth. Therefore if we were to explain fine tuning of the universe by assuming many universes, these universes will differ by their value of fine structure constant, hence by the speed of light.
  • Yes, it’s also a shame that the Mintakan renegade’s name was completely unpronounceable...lol. Due to the law of return...He (and unfortunately the innocent humans) will remain in the DAL, where they lost their physical lives... Similar to what happened to Ashtar Sheran in the Timar system. We thank Val Thor’s black eagle fleet (UPG) for assisting the GFL in searching for the renegade. It was a such shame that he destroyed the ship before the team had the chance to rescue the prisoners on board..
  • Dear readers: The speed of light is considerably faster on the Buddhic plane..
  • Shame about the human abductees, who were also stuck (energetically) within the DAL...Their souls having to reincarnate as DAL humanoids...There are DAL 3D humans in systems outside the Isygar system, which comprises only animal species...The system in which their lives were lost (physically.)

    On a brighter, though nefarious note... The Amphibian scientist renegade (from his clan,) did not use a standard Mintakan scout ship, nor mothership, but hid himself in a Bellatrixian scout. The type with eight positron beam emitters, which travels extremely well within the forth cosmic aether (Buddhic plane.) So unique for a scout ship...
  • Love this info!! This reminded me of that Amphibian Mintakan renegade from the Orion system who went missing in the DAL universe. He was abducting human beings from Earth. We suspect that he was trying to create a hybrid race between humans and Amphibians, which has not been done before. The renegade self destructed before his cloaked ship was found by the GFL, all of the beings on there sadly too. When asked, his fellow geneticists couldn’t figure out his motives as he escaped to carry out this experiment independently. As far as we are aware this programme has ended and a karmic debt will be repayed in his next incarnation...Stuck in the DAL universe. Anyway... Let’s brighten the mood shall we! I find the beings of the universe to be full of variety, most of them are of the light or neutral. There is so much for us to discover! :)
  • On to the next topic.....The Plejarens have made an extensive study of cosmic species...What do you think, Movella...???
  • Marvellous summary for those who may require convincing, anent the Meier case [as some call it.] For my part I 100% know the Plejares to be a fine cosmic civilization, a spiritual people orientated to the service of others, including Earth.....They also have a passion for time-travel and Earth history, which I share....;-] Drekx x

  • Billy Meier and the Plejaren for Skeptics

    - The Plejaren are focused on FACTS.
    - They intend to be as accurate as possible.
    - They will correct and update known data when necessary.
    - They have a great understanding of the history of this planet.
    - They are very aware of the meaning of words.
    - They have a great understanding of several languages spoken on this planet. 
    - They speak fluently German.
    - They want to EDUCATE humanity. 
    - They want humanity to feel responsible for their personal lives, spiritual development and this planet.
    - They want humanity to take take this responsibility seriously and are willing to help us with this.
    - They are not religious and they don't bring any religion to this planet. 
    - Their spiritual practices are based on knowledge and science, not on a religious belief system. 
    - Their spiritual practices have a purpose, it's not meant to please non-existing Gods. 
    - They are hard workers and think that we are a lazy and undisciplined bunch ;) 
    - They care about this planet and they care about us. 
    - They appreciate some of the things we have here, like cars and a good bottle of wine.
    - They do have a sense of humor, they are human after all :) 

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